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    Sorcerious got a reaction from Supertoe in Finalist voting for hero re-skin contest! Please do not post here until poll is open.   
    I absolutely LOVE this version of Galadriel. While I really like the one they put in the LCG, the one that got submitted her here really takes the cake in terms of theme and playability. She would be a welcome addition to any deck, and pair her with a couple of resource-generating attachment (like Resourceful), she could become an absolute powerhouse where you're never short of that particular resource to pay for the game-winning card...
    She gets my vote
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    Sorcerious reacted to Supertoe in Finalist voting for hero re-skin contest! Please do not post here until poll is open.   
    I wanted a version of Galadriel that focused on her persona as a giver of gifts, while still retaining that feel of subtlety and power that we got with the official hero version.

    Like the official version, she influences from afar. She still cannot directly quest, attack, or defend, and in this way can still make full use of Nenya.

    In this version, I went a step further and prohibited Galadriel from spending resources. This was very important in curbing the power of her innate ability: Galadriel is considered to have the printed resource icons of all 4 major spheres.

    While she can't directly spend resources, her influence from all 4 main spheres still provides some advantages:
    - She can slot into any multi-sphere deck and still satisfy the requirements for mono-sphere cards.
    - She enables play of 0-cost cards, regardless of whether or not your other heroes have the appropriate resource match.

    Better still is that her resources don't go to waste. Once per turn, she can gift her resources (plus a bonus) to any other hero; after all, she will support heroes from all races, dwarves included! This ability not only lends itself to her gift-giving image, but also, like the official version, competes with the action provided by Nenya.

    With these abilities, she can pull off some amazing tricks:
    - Resource-smoothing when appropriate
    - Bulking up a hero for Gondorian Fire without the need for Steward of Gondor
    - Daeron's Runes without a lore hero; Dunedain Hunter without a tactics hero...

    One final design point: It was imperative that the resource icons be explicitly detailed in the card text, rather than being shown in the usual sphere slot; otherwise, encounter cards that blank hero text would have completely broken her!
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    Sorcerious got a reaction from Slothgodfather in So, are we getting any previews ever?   
    What? Two news articles posted and no salt added in this thread? I'm offended!
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    Sorcerious reacted to John Constantine in Flight of the Stormcaller   
    Salting the wound, are we?
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