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  1. I absolutely LOVE this version of Galadriel. While I really like the one they put in the LCG, the one that got submitted her here really takes the cake in terms of theme and playability. She would be a welcome addition to any deck, and pair her with a couple of resource-generating attachment (like Resourceful), she could become an absolute powerhouse where you're never short of that particular resource to pay for the game-winning card...


    She gets my vote :)

  2. It's bound to be something like that... If you're adding every card in the game, there are very few heroes who also haven't got an ally version (maybe if you combined Beravor, Eleanor and Brand son of Bain). I also encountered that today, when I tried to add Elrond ally to a deck with an Elrond hero... only caught my mistake after staring at it for about ten minutes!

  3. Hello fellow adventurers,


    I'm eagerly awaiting the next AP to arrive in the Dream Chaser cycle, however it's been On The Boat since 1/28.


    Does anybody know if this is normal? I've never seen anything this long on the boat with FFG (I don't check it that often though) and I thought the AP's were supposed to be released shortly after the Deluxe expansion.


    My local FLGS had it slated for a February release.


    What's going on? I'm quite curious.