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    LS650 reacted to Dam the Man in Artefact   
    It will only work for the squad whose Marine activated the Terrain to pick up the Artefact.
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    LS650 reacted to voidreturn in Come join the "kinda bummed about the TIE Advanced fix" club!   
    For everything awesome FFG does, there is always someone unhappy about it.
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    LS650 reacted to VirMortalis in Rules Reference Guide   
    Sometimes it takes another way of describing something for it to make sense.
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    LS650 got a reaction from Blackjamm in Fixing ships in general   
    I agree with sc077y.  It's a game; let's just learn to fly with what's on the table, and enjoy the game, not constantly whine that this ship or that fighter doesn't play well and needs a fix.
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    LS650 got a reaction from voidreturn in Fixing ships in general   
    I agree with sc077y.  It's a game; let's just learn to fly with what's on the table, and enjoy the game, not constantly whine that this ship or that fighter doesn't play well and needs a fix.
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    LS650 got a reaction from Caliber42 in Fixing ships in general   
    I agree with sc077y.  It's a game; let's just learn to fly with what's on the table, and enjoy the game, not constantly whine that this ship or that fighter doesn't play well and needs a fix.
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    LS650 reacted to DraconPyrothayan in Intentionally stalling a game for time   
    I wouldn't actually call this stalling. This is the "Run" after a "Hit". It isn't my fault your fleet can't keep up, and I'm abusing that fact.
    Similarly, I wouldn't call Fortressing stalling either, for the same reason. 
    If I am abusing the amount of time it takes to perform a turn, then I'm stalling.
    If i'm executing a turn quickly with frustrating and game-lengthening tactics, that's not stalling anymore than running a Fat Han is.
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    LS650 reacted to sc077y in Fixing ships in general   
    im going to say this, and its going to make me sound like an jerk, the biggest jerk, but I'm going to say it anyway and please take it with the honest intention it is intended.
    I think so many people are looking at buffing/changing/modifying/fixing so many ships, and the reality is that while the advanced probably needs a fix, it should probably stop there or at the y wing, or somewhere close to that line in the sand.
    the reality is, that i think many people are calling for upgrades, or changes, or fixes to a particular ship because they feel they are underpowered, or that they need help, but i also cant help but wonder what or how does that person fly the ship and are they taking advantage of what it has to offer.  I think when we take a look at the card, its easy to feel underwhelmed with certain ships, but when you get them on the table, they are stronger than you think, or they fly really well.
    In miniature games, its very often to call for fixes or de-buffs to specific units, wh40k is a constant stream of these requests, warmachine is dealing with Bradigus Tier 4 at the moment, and x-wing is dealing with older ships getting a face.  The thing is, in most cases, the majority of people calling to fix the game typically dont play the units involved, but they dont play them when they are well enough and practiced to make an informed decision.
    I know that makes me sound like an ass, i get it.  Its not my intention, but i don't think X wings need a fix.  i dont think the shuttle needs a fix, or the fire-spray needs a fix, sure those options may be one or two points over, but theres probably some tech out there, or some awesome upgrade that will make them really good thats undercoated by a point or two and puts them back on the scene.
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    LS650 reacted to AdmiralThrawn in Fixing ships in general   
    Nice ideas, but I don't think the shuttle and HWK need a fix, both are ships you have to learn to use in order to take advantage of some really good effects. Plus the HWK will get some more love in the scum faction, and we just got a ton of new crew options for the shuttle with the decimator.
    Really the interceptor doesn't either, we already got imperial aces and auto thrusters will be coming soon.
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    LS650 reacted to TIE Pilot in Fixing ships in general   
    The peril of taking this approach with everything is sooner or later when you buy a ship blister you need not only that blister but also two ace packs and a huge ship to actually use it.
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    LS650 reacted to Corellian Corvette in Fixing ships in general   
    The problem is, if you fix the x-wing, pretty soon people will be calling for a b-wing fix, then an x-wing fix, then a b-wing fix...
    You get my drift?
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    LS650 reacted to ForceSensitive in The Raider II Project   
    Actually it does. That's called the right to peaceful assembly(protest), which only has narrow restrictions on time of day, volume of sound amplifying equipment used, and restricts it to the very broad idea of Public Space which includes on the property of government buildings so long as the assembly takes place on portions of the property that have been designated public, and does not actively or maliciously interfere with that buildings performance of duties, which is equally held as law over even to government that creates that law, by the Constitution. No law in the US may restrict the content of your speech in any way though. Period. So yeah we can say whatever we want in private assembly, and in public assembly so long as it's between like 6am and 9pm or whatever and on public property which is plentiful. Private property owners may give access to the public to engage in assembly under their own rules. In some cases permits may be required, but the lack of a permit is not grounds to break up a...y'know what...Educate yourself, here A good Resource
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    LS650 reacted to Hobojebus in Loose the game!   
    Loose vs Lose  
    The words loose and lose are mixed up in writing; for some reason, many people write loosewhen they really mean lose. But there’s no reason to ylose!--ezil12 --> -->lose your mind worrying about this, just lose the extra o!
    Loose is an adjective, the opposite of tight or contained.

    My shoes are loose
    I have a loose tooth
    There’s a dog running loose in the street
    Lose is a verb that means to suffer the loss of, to miss.

    I win! You lose!
    Don’t lose your keys
    I never lose bets
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    LS650 reacted to voidreturn in What's Your Christmas Loot?   
    Sadly, I'm at that age where people buy you practical things, like clothes, tools, etc.
    Good news is a few people were confused as to what I wanted and opted for the gift card!
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    LS650 reacted to heychadwick in Small card storage?   
    I know some people like to organize their stuff.  It brings them joy.  I'm on the other side of the spectrum, though.  Having a binder is a horrible idea to me.  Organizing them and finding them and re-arranging them.  Ugh.   I just rubber band the same types together and use the cardboard boxes from the store championships.  
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    LS650 reacted to Levi Porphyrogenitus in Welcome newbee players   
    Follow these rules and you'll do fine:
    1 - Fly casual.
    2 - Don't get cocky.
    3 - Let the Wookiee win.
    Good luck, have fun, and may the Force be with you, always.
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    LS650 reacted to Icareane in Ica repaints   
    Millenium falcon repaint tutorial on my blog:
    now with even moar weathering!

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    LS650 reacted to Baphomet69 in Ica repaints   
    The ship truly is stunning. Looks like a professionally done much larger scale model.
    But who gunked up his engines with Pepto Bismol?
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    LS650 reacted to Joe Boss Red Seven in Alright, FFG, how about a new flight path game for us?   
    Hel-Nah... FFG you just keep on working on glorious STAR WARS and also keep on ignoring these irrational fan-want topics dat pop up every once in a while.

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    LS650 reacted to barabelsftw in $100 budget what to get?   
    Get another core set. even if you only play rebels it's useful. I wouldn't try to get a, y, or the yt-1300 unless you're cool paying double list price online. As much as people hate on it, the e-wing has some good upgrades and pilots (corran, etahn adv sensor's, fletchette torps)
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    LS650 reacted to Dagonet in death star as horrible weapon?   
    Lies! Lies, statistics and lies!
    The Death Star is a mining platform intended to easily turn uninhabited planets and moons into their constituent components for ease of harvesting.
    Don't let that little mishap with Alderaan be misused by Rebel propaganda!
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    LS650 reacted to Bjorn Rockfist in 2015…will this game be around?   
    I think this game will be around for a long time.
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    LS650 reacted to Stormtrooper721 in 2015…will this game be around?   
    I'm sure it will survive for a few more years yet.
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    LS650 reacted to Pygon in Imperial Raider Preorder   
    I'm guessing this ship is worth 3 epic points and hence only 1 can be fielded in an epic game.  Hmm, I have to order $100 to get free shipping...
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    LS650 reacted to Hatemonger in Playing against wife   
    I second this.
    So my recommendation to the OP is: ask your wife!
    Ask what she likes and doesn't like, what she feels she needs/wants to learn more, whether she would like to try more ships or a different type, or a different mission goal, etc.
    If she's enjoying the game, she is likely to learn more from it, and even if she doesn't, she's enjoying the game. That's supposed to be the real point, isn't it?
    - H8
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