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  1. Someone has posted a small fan expansion for SWOR in the variants forum for this game over at BoardGameGeek. It's based on the videogame Jedi: Fallen Order. I played Cal Kestis vs. Han Solo. Han won 10 to 9. It was neck and neck the whole game. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2363148/custom-jedi-fallen-order-expansion
  2. IMHO bounty hunter tend to win over smugglers. They take a while to rack up any fame, but once they get some weapons and ground armor they can really start to gain.
  3. I have been using option B, and shuffling all cards including the previous top reveal if it isn't the one I buy.
  4. I play it fairly often, maybe a couple or three times a week. I think it's a lot of fun 2-player, but it really shines as a solo game - and being fairly compact, it travels easily. Perfect for when you're sitting in a hotel room.
  5. I find an average solo game takes about 60 minutes.
  6. I notice now that it says "On the Boat", so you should be able to buy a new copy this fall.... I found one copy new in my FLGS for about $25 a few days ago and bought it. I really enjoy it as a solo game, though I think the instruction manual could be (a lot) better written.
  7. I have to say I've read through the Rules more than a few times, and I still find some wording to be fuzzy or even contradictory. I don't fault folks for getting confused at times.
  8. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_upcoming.asp This shows that a lot of the older wave ships are scheduled as "on the boat".
  9. I agree with sc077y. It's a game; let's just learn to fly with what's on the table, and enjoy the game, not constantly whine that this ship or that fighter doesn't play well and needs a fix.
  10. For the poster asking about solo rules, just Google 'solo x-wing rules'. You'll find them hosted by the Tynehead War games club. The rules aren't perfect but they work better than nothing.
  11. I play both rebels and imperial equally. I have no scum ships yet.
  12. I like the game the way it is. Maybe just more new ships - and some reprints of the old ones!
  13. I meet up with a friend every Sunday afternoon to play a round or two. We usually only play 60 points each, enough for a couple of loaded out fighters each. I have also found some solo rules that work well, so I might have a similar size 60 points game by myself through the week.
  14. I see folks recommending a YT-1300. Where can I find one for a reasonable price?
  15. I like the model itself - quite good-looking with nice detail. As a ship to play, it's... okay. I dunno. I find it is a lot of points to build one, for not all that much payout. I'd rather fly two or three well-equipped fighters.
  16. I agree that is a cool looking pack. I will hold off on any purchases until the Christmas bills are paid, though...
  17. I think it's great myself. A lot better than dragging along a bunch of tokens with every move.
  18. Someone did NOT like Firefly? Wow....
  19. I find if you fit a HWK with a turret, it does just fine.
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