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  1. Hi, many years ago I played WH Fantasy battles so I cannot recall all units but i would like to have complete skaven army:Doomwheel, Plaque censer bearers, Plaque Monks, scaming bell, assassins... Skavens are really cool to play, i like their warpstone stemapuk technology. Also for wood elves: treeman and treekin. For orcs: sontlings- i miss them; so much fun to play with them. Also squig hoppers, netters and clubers, maybe spider riders....and giant and fanatics High elves: dragon princes, shadow warriors, white lions. Empire: halflings, ogres and flagellants, wizardsfrom other school of magic not only bright. Dwarves: troll slayers. I really wanted to write only few things but i miss so much good units....maybe most orcs&goblin but if i need to choose one army that would be skavens. I still hope they will publish one more big expansion. This warhammer is much more accessable and playable then old...tense and action packed...great game, even my wife likes it (and she mostly likes eurogames)
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