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  1. No unnatural characteristics at all? (Not that it needs it, but just wondering since the other assassins have it, and since it seems a bit of a waste not to use it on these imperiums finest. And good job by the way, keeping this
  2. Would the Callidus be WS or BS prio? or equal in both? Ive Always thought of them as a melee wielder.
  3. What would be the special ability for the callidus then? In Deathwatch "The Emperor Protects" there is a Vindicare Assassin with i think ten Dodges/parries and rerolls Ag tests - if I remember correctly. The Eversor presented (dont remember the book) has an extra full action per round and regeneration & I think 5 extra attacks? So Callidus would have something more than shapeshifting i guess?
  4. Sorry for question spamming But as the topic says, what stats/talents would a Callidus Assassin have?
  5. Sooo imagine a Rogue Trader harboring a Dark Eldar and an unsanctioned psyker in his crew. Another Rogue Trader brings this to the inquisition and they start investigating mentioned RT dynasty. How would the outcome be if they find out? Will they kill the two enemies of mankind or will they punish the whole crew including the Lord-Captain? Does this perhaps be different depending on Puritan/Radical/monodominant/Thorian and so on view? What other outcomes are possible?
  6. Thats just it, its no easy way to find the skill/talent cost. You have to guess which path might have it and look through all their ranks Guess i need to do a list myself Thank you all for the answers.
  7. If the players have a skill/talent they would be able to pick up but its not on the career path - what cost do I use? Cant seem to find any base costs on anything, I have to dig through all careers to find it. Thanks for all help guys
  8. Hey guys, i just have a question about xenos-races and human cybernetics... are they able to use the same stuff? Got a Dark Eldar in our group (...sigh) and he want some cybernetic enhancing. Can he make use of everything a human would? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, we have started our first RT Campaign and its great, I have a story in the background that holds a red line - while they are doing other adventures. And sometimes they cross paths. So now i was thinking of using the Shedding Light scenario. My question is how can I get them to Jericho Reach without destroying the fluff. That is a seriously restricted area guarded by alot of fleet ships, right? With the portal somewhere near the Maw... How did/would you do?
  10. Amazing! thank you Are there by any chance sheets like this for DH, DW, OW and BC? Im interested in all of them. This was gold, thank again
  11. Really cool, but doesnt seem to find any of the "important" sectors or places, so thats too bad
  12. ...sooo when you are out on your weekly shopping-Spree in Scintilla, whats the payment plan? What do you use in Warhammer? Throne Gelt ok, but is it coins, bills, cards? copper, silver, gold, adamantium? feral Worlds i guess use trading more, but the more civilised planets?
  13. Are there some good sites for fanmade scenarios & adventures? Ive found some but almost Always for DH. There must be some for RT, DW, BC, OW?
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