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  1. Rumor has it in our area (Kansas City) that the next wave will be releasing on the 13th. This is by a game store owner. As the wave was recently listed as "on the boat" and not even to "shipping now", can anyone else confirm this?
  2. Very interesting, and cool looking. Great space saver. My one question, and idea: Why no slots for vertical storage of maneuver templets and range rulers?
  3. 2 attack, 2 agility, 3 hull..... Vulture droids better be darn cheap!
  4. AKA, the game isn't nearly as popular as first thought, so its quietly dying!
  5. So, like the title says, with 2E coming out and the first events at Gencon next weekend, is FFG still going to be using the 1/2 points rule? If so, then for what base sizes? All? Med/Large only?
  6. Go to Ebay. Look at the acrylic range rulers. There are two kinds for the Store Championship season. There is a transparent orange and an opaque version. For the SC I ran yesterday the kit had 3 of the transparent ones and the remainder opaque.
  7. Do a Kickstarter or Patreon subscription for your math wing data. You get paid, people get the data they are looking for.
  8. The solution to your problem is simple. Get the players to pay for your service. Set up a Kickstarter with a $$$$. Or even a monthly Patreon for people to continue to gain access to your math and notes. You get paid, players get the information they want.
  9. Tabletop Games in Overland Park, KS has one on the 7th...
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but Corran Horn was force sensitive, and even became a Jedi. Why doesn't he have any force powers in 2E?
  11. First off it goes without saying that I wasn't available for the full live stream, but I do have a question. For ships such as DENGAR with a single charge, or the Emperor/Vader/Inquisitor with a single force ability, how do they get more? You have some missiles/torps/bombs with a set number of charges that you need to reinforce, but what about the other stuff. Am I missing something, or are people willing to pay such a premium for a single 2nd attack with Dengar pilot?
  12. Well, as the stream stated yesterday, he played his brobots so much for so long that his dial backs were completely white from usage.
  13. Does everyone else notice that the Firespray is no longer Imperial?
  14. Yes. The cards themselves won't change. The App will hold upgrades and point costs and such, everything else is the cards. And, lets face it, for 6+ round events there is a significant power drain on your tablet requiring frequent charging (an issue at many FLGS) or several battery banks.
  15. Looking at the video and release images I see new debris and asteroid markers. For official events, will the 1E stuff be compatible with the new 2E system? (Its the little things that I want to know)
  16. Well, I can't wait for the specific details...... 1E is FULLY COMPATABLE, with CONVERSION KITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Turrets are part of the rock, paper, scissors mentality. Your idea of arc dodges not getting out of "arc" is part of the appeal of turrets. While arc dodgers are great against other fixed arc ships, their weakness is the turret. You want to fix them? Give them bonuses like what Dengar or Rey receive. For example, make Old Han's rerolls only work in arc. But, you don't address turret upgrade cards. Basically, you complain without offering any REAL, honest potential fix.
  18. Ok, so logical question. When basing your large figures with firing arcs, how much are you keeping shown? I ask because some of the people I have seen post images of their vehicles have fully based over the firing arcs leaving little know, some have left them unbased, and others just have little 'tic-marks' to indicate where they meet the base edge. Unless I missed it somewhere I haven't seen anything official from FFG. I ask because I am getting ready to base all my models and I want to know how much to base so that they will still be tournament legal.
  19. I have been playing X-Wing for quite a few years now, collecting much longer than I have been playing. Casual player to be sure, but one that enjoys playing the game. Never placed top in anything other than a few local events, nothing official like a Store Championship or Regionals. I have attempted to secure a spot in past Worlds X-Wing but for various reasons I was unable to do so. This year with the completely (supposedly) random drawing I finally got my chance to play at a Worlds. Will I win? No. Will I play something I enjoy playing and have been playing for quite some time (Wedge, Fenn, Nora), yes. I won't be playing such OP crap that drew such a stalemate at HOTH that the players walked away for 15 mins. What ticks me off is that I have finally had the time to catch up on the various podcasts and their complaints about Worlds and how they gave out tickets. The vast majority of them complained that Worlds would no longer be "the best of the best" but who got lucky to get a ticket. I hate to tell you all, but in Worlds past it wasn't a guaranteed "best of the best", it was those who could hit refresh the fastest and input their information the quickest. Yes, some well known names didn't get in this year. Guess what? Some well known names didn't make it in last year, or any year prior. So, because I play what I enjoy and play TO enjoy the game I am not worthy enough to go to Worlds? To take part what I have been told is a decently run event with great players in a fun filled weekend? You all have started to turn into Elitist Jerks in the same like as those that play 40K or Magic. This isn't the Fly Casual attitude that the community has tried in the past to foster, which seems to have fallen by the wayside. You should be congratulating those that were lucky enough to earn or win a spot and then complain to FFG and not the public at large about how "unfair" it was this year. This game is for EVERYONE, casual, competitive, and hardcore alike, each and everyone a fan of the game. Quit disparaging and putting down people that you think don't deserve to go to Worlds.
  20. I played my first game today against another player, and it was their first game as well. We had a situation come up today in our game. Using generic terrain models of a ruined town (burned and busted homes mostly, with some of the barricades thrown in for good measure) we were wondering about getting into buildings via windows. We could get in no problem by doorways, but what about windows? We figured you could shoot out them without issue....
  21. emmjay

    A true FAQ update.

    Given what FFG has done in the past with total card reworks, and the hope for an upcoming FAQ on the Genius / Simulator combo, that doesn't address the heart of the issue. Nym/Miranda is an extremely powerful combo. Top players have seen this and last weekends regional results have born this out. As powerful as it is, just fixing (or clarifying) the Genius /Simulator combo won't do much to curtail its usage. They need to fix the underlying problems, which is the correct combo of cards making an extremely powerful 2 ship list. 1. Miranda's ability needs to work with primary weapon only. A simple fix, but it keeps the power out of the TLT/Missile that that allows for overly powerful shot(s), or still have a decent shot while regaining a shield. 2. TLT needs to be changed to range 1-2 only. One thing that has kept turret upgrades in check (up until the TLT) was the range 1-2 restriction. They were still useful, but more of a niche usage than mainstream. Having them currently at 2-3 only forces players to get into range 1 where primary shots are more powerful (or not engage at all). 3. VI. While it is a powerful card, with the introduction of Adaptability VI needs to be nerfed somewhat. PS 7 or below would be great as it reduces the PS race somewhat to 9. Alternatively, restricting it to non-unique pilots would do the same thing. While Whisper would be a casualty in that approach, keeping Adaptability alone means that she can make it to PS 8 which is still respectable. 4. FFG needs to change and restrict Mines and Bombs, and change pilot cards accordingly showing who can actually carry what. 5. Sabine. While I agree with her increased damage, it should come from bombs that deal actual damage directly and not make a player roll for damage.
  22. Capping at 9 isn't really a good thing. However, since most (if not all) non-unique pilots that can use an EPT are PS 5 and below, make VI limited to non-unique pilots. That way unique pilots can still use adaptability (still making PS 7 ships like Whisper viable at PS 8), PS 8 ships still great at PS 9, and PS 9's willing to give up better options great at PS 10. Will it cut down on the PS war? Yes. That being said, if VI was non-unique only, you could easily argue for bringing back the old cloaking rules much less harsh at PS 8 max......
  23. emmjay

    Slow Down FFG

    I'm not so worried about that, its that the Silencer is a $30 small base ship, and the bomber (and we DON'T need more bombers in the game) is $40.
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