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  1. Rumor has it in our area (Kansas City) that the next wave will be releasing on the 13th. This is by a game store owner. As the wave was recently listed as "on the boat" and not even to "shipping now", can anyone else confirm this?
  2. Very interesting, and cool looking. Great space saver. My one question, and idea: Why no slots for vertical storage of maneuver templets and range rulers?
  3. 2 attack, 2 agility, 3 hull..... Vulture droids better be darn cheap!
  4. AKA, the game isn't nearly as popular as first thought, so its quietly dying!
  5. So, like the title says, with 2E coming out and the first events at Gencon next weekend, is FFG still going to be using the 1/2 points rule? If so, then for what base sizes? All? Med/Large only?
  6. Go to Ebay. Look at the acrylic range rulers. There are two kinds for the Store Championship season. There is a transparent orange and an opaque version. For the SC I ran yesterday the kit had 3 of the transparent ones and the remainder opaque.
  7. Do a Kickstarter or Patreon subscription for your math wing data. You get paid, people get the data they are looking for.
  8. The solution to your problem is simple. Get the players to pay for your service. Set up a Kickstarter with a $$$$. Or even a monthly Patreon for people to continue to gain access to your math and notes. You get paid, players get the information they want.
  9. Tabletop Games in Overland Park, KS has one on the 7th...
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but Corran Horn was force sensitive, and even became a Jedi. Why doesn't he have any force powers in 2E?
  11. First off it goes without saying that I wasn't available for the full live stream, but I do have a question. For ships such as DENGAR with a single charge, or the Emperor/Vader/Inquisitor with a single force ability, how do they get more? You have some missiles/torps/bombs with a set number of charges that you need to reinforce, but what about the other stuff. Am I missing something, or are people willing to pay such a premium for a single 2nd attack with Dengar pilot?
  12. Well, as the stream stated yesterday, he played his brobots so much for so long that his dial backs were completely white from usage.
  13. Does everyone else notice that the Firespray is no longer Imperial?
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