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    Fav Playmat

    System Open Mustafar Mat is best mat.
  2. I was able to make the trip down to San Antonio from Allen, TX last weekend and compete in the Mustafar System Open. I was able to go 5-2 on Day 1 and advance to Day 2. I had set a goal of 4 wins and getting a set of target locks, so I had more than exceeded my goals. My Day 2 wasn't quite as successful but I'm still crazy proud of how I did. The competition was ridiculously good. First, my list. I brought Juke/x7 Stele and Ryad and a Palp Shuttle with Ion Projector. I was hoping that the few twists in the list would give me the upper hand against opposing Defenders. I don't have the best recollection of each game like some people but below are some highlights. Also, I don't remember anyone's names. Parattani - This was a crazy intense game. We went to time, in an absolutely crazy match. He had Fenn left on the board and I had Stele (I think) and half a Lambda. Great first round win against one of the top lists of the. (1-0) Rey/Miranda - I don't even know what happened in this game but I died so fast. My opponent was a great player and simply out flew me. (1-1) Dengar/Asajj - This was another fast game. I burned down Asajj fast but simply couldn't put the damage into Dengar with my highly damaged ships. 1-2 and my goal was looking like it was a long way away. Something else I don't remember. No idea about this game but I won so, yay! (2-2) Rey/Norra - This might of been my favorite game of the game. My opponent worked on a town I used to work in, so it was a very pleasant conversation. I was able to get Norra in the Stele/Ryad K-turn/flank zone and avoided both the arcs of the Arc. Rey did some serious damage but had the ships on the board to make it happen. (3-2) Miranda/Chopper - One more win and I get Target Locks! This was a game that I almost threw due to mental fatigue. I got Miranda down to 4 hull and dropped 2 Stele crits on her. I picked one Direct Hit and then chose a Blinded Pilot over another DH. I got so frustrated with myself. Lucky for me, I was able to draw sight bead on her before she got all her shields back. Then it was just a matter of eating through Chopper. I took a bunch of bombs to the face here and it paid off. This was a really lucky win but I did what I had to. 4-2, goal achieved! Everything after this was gravy. Carnor/Stele (I think)/Palp - This game came down to one misplay by my opponent. With my Ryad during Range 1 and my Stele Range 2 of Carnor, my opponent spent his focus to try and push damage through on Ryad. He aced my shields but opened himself up to 2 Juke powered attacks. I was able to maneuver all three of my ships to where they would have shots on his Stele and he conceded. I made it! 5 wins and I advanced to the second day. I got two sets of Target Locks, in addition to all the Mustafar swag. I was jazzed... And utterly exhausted. Day 2 was not my day though. I was mentally exhausted and made quite a few mistakes. That said, my opponents were great and easily outflew me both games. Commonwealth Defenders - My first game was a lesson in dice variance. I torched his Vessery in two turns of fire and then couldn't do anything the rest of the match. If I kept my shuttle engaged, rather than play it safe it would have been different. However, it wasn't and I lost a very close game. Biggs/Kanan - This was a matchup I did not want. I melted Biggs, taking minimum damage and then it all fell apart. Stele blanked out to six hits from his Kanan and I couldn't recover. So there it was, 13th after Day 1 and 21st after my horrible Day 2. I couldn't be happier with how I did. The level of competition was out of this world and to make it as far as I did felt really good. Cascade Games did a great job running the event. There were no repairings and the event ran as quickly as it could. I hope I have a chance to compete in one again next year!
  3. From my understanding, it's two squads with no overlapping upgrades. Makes for some interesting squad choices.
  4. Bump because it seems others are interested in knowing the answer.
  5. I'm planning on going to the San Antonio System Open later this month and a buddy of mine is road tripping down with me. Does anyone know if there will space for him to hangout in the convention center? I've never been to an event like this, so I'm not exactly sure what the space outside the games will be like.
  6. The alt art damage deck is too cool. Really hoping I can win some Target Locks.
  7. I've been playing around with a 2xJuke defender + Palp list and I've been having a blast. As I play it more though, my mind drifts towards a possible mirror match and initiative. For the sake of this question, let's say it's a two Juke Glaives plus Palp mirror match and I win initiative. Do I: 1. Take initiative so I can force the spending of tokens by shooting first with Juke still active. 2. Pass initiative to try and barrel roll out of arc. I see high points to both arguments but would like some to make a discussion out of it. What do you think and why?
  8. I think, for most lists, this droid's power won't be in defense. It'll be in helping the offense of their friends.
  9. I don't know how big it will be in DFW but I do remember how popular Poe was this time last year. Because of those memories, I'm really reconsidering how often Vessery will be included in my lists (which is sad, he's my favorite pilot).
  10. Mello13

    Jax Defenders

    I run Maarek myself, but I can see it being a difficult choice. Vessery makes up for some of the uncertainty your red dice have in this list. Vessery can help with the variance only if his spotter is out there with him. Once Ryad goes down, Vess is a naked Glaive and at that point I have to wonder if the PS7 crit fisher is the better choice.
  11. Mello13

    Jax Defenders

    I just flew this today and it is a pretty fun list. I ran it against a Nora/Ghost, so Juke wasn't quite as powerful as it corps be but there is a lot of punching power. Opponents really have to think about where they want to focus first and higher PS ships really have to think through whether or not they want to spend that focus token on attack. -Edit I'm not even sure Vess is the right second Defender for the list. I only got to use his ability twice, seriously thinking about subbing in Mr. Stele himself.
  12. I think a lot of this 'only for kids' hate comes from people who tried to watch the pilot and saw 'Space Aladdin'. This show has consistently improved and I couldn't be more excited about the third season.
  13. I've had a lot of fun with Colzet in the past. He is a great spotter for Vessery but he is in a rough spot right now due to the ship he flies around in. After having Vader disappear in a single round of fire the last two games I've played with him, I have very little faith in the Advanced chassis. Colzet is still one of favorite niche pilots but hopefully the meta opens up a bit where guys like him can spread their wings.
  14. I really like the idea behind this. A new way to get the "new hotness" but with our luck the first time they try to do this the final would be a mirror match.
  15. I really like this idea! It works for table transport too, just have to hold it right I leave it open and use both sides for organizing tokens, dice, etc. during play, and toss everything back in for quick table changes. Big plus is I can toss it in a backpack with a full squad ready to fly and not have to worry about anything getting crushed, as the one I have has a heavy plastic shell and is almost as durable as a Pelican case. This is one of those games where you can almost spend as much on 3rd party accessories than on the actual product Well, now I'm going to have to search the camera department looking for one! Again, thanks for the info.
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