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  1. Its called Edge of the Frontier and its a pay what you want offering. It has been up for quite a long time now.
  2. I want to bump this question as it was probably missed in the pre-holiday barrage of posts. Thanks!!
  3. Are you going to be posting Shadow of the Broker V material as well? I have had a blast watching these and hope to be able to run them for a future group. Cheers!
  4. Wow, I must have missed that one. I have the version that is a few pages long, but not that single page one. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Tassedar, that goes a little beyond what I was asking however...
  6. Thanks for the link Ghostofman, I have looked through that stuff and while the reference sheets that are listed are great documents, they are either too long (multiple pages) or offer way more than I need for my players. I am now thinking that the solution to my problem will have to be a sheet created by me... I do not look forward to this...
  7. I have found all sorts of great long reference sheets with excellent explanations out there, but am looking for something simple (one page) that describes the different incidentals, maneuvers, and maybe what advantage can be spent on. I have a couple of older gamers that are not so savvy on rules recollections and instead of going over options three times each session, I would like to be able to hand them a simple sheet. Anyone know of anything?
  8. Is it possible for the user to increase the size of the text on the character sheet? I have a couple of players with poor eyesight and they are having difficulty reading skills and weapon information. Otherwise I love the program, great work! Edit: I am referring to the character sheet that gets printed out. Much of the first 2 pages are taken up by blocks devoted to notes, so it seemed like I may be missing some option somewhere to increase text size to utilize that note space and make for easier reading on my 'vision impaired' players.
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