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  1. I have little doubt, that we will see the Cloackshape fighter at some point, visually it will fit with the Scyk. The Episode 3 V-wing is just a weak wierd design in my opinion, I looks like it was put into Episode 3 just to sell another toy. It also carries an astromech wich I hope the Empire does not get the option of taking, we already have to factions with that flavour. 


    Out of curiosity, what role does the V-wings play in the Rebel era together with Vader? 

  2. Also following that Wiki link leads to http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bomblet_generator... bomblet generator was capable of fashioning potent energy bombs by drawing from the power of a ship's reactor core. The original Scurrg H-6 bomber prototype was equipped with proton bombs that were released via two bomb chutes. However, after the modifications, the rather unstable bomblet generator could provide an infinite amount of bombs for the pilot's destructive needs. This generator was totally modular, allowing its safe removal for use in other craft when necessary. The space pirate Nym had a bomblet generator installed on his ship, the Havoc.


    I think we might have our bomber love right here, infinite bombs!

  3. The Space Yacht is the only one of the options in the vote, I find mildly interresting, (The rest look really borring to me). Throw it in a pack with two custom painted Scyks, Jabbas elite and a Jabba card. Some cool  ability with Jabba offering rewards to scum ships. Maybe added abilities within range 1-2? 

  4. I find the idea interresting. The Gonzanti could have supporting effects like the Rebel Transport. Projected shields or whatever, make those academy ties last a bit longer. Maybe revise the rules for the Rebel Transport to, so it could be used in standard games to, for the same kind of effect. This could be a game effects that some like and others don't, luckily x-wing is so balanced and full of diversity, that no one type of build is guaranteed a victory.

  5. Oicunn is my favorite Decimator pilot, and I useually get a few bumps in a game. Fly reckless and surpriceingly with him, get in your opponents face right away. You fly before the other guys high ps skill pilots, so try and predict where they really want them. 

  6. Same plan for me, a most wanted pack and a Starviper for the upgrades, that should do it for a casual scum list. I really like the idea and how the IG88 works in the game, but the design of the ship is not doing it for me. I will have to meet the ship a few times in battle, to experience if its flies in such a way, that I can not help but get it! Same for the Scyk, the design is just to meh!

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