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  1. 7 hours ago, xanatos135 said:

    I could really see sideslips for gunships and bulky ships, as the LAAT. It would be way more thematic there than, say, in an A-wing. Also it would be really weird to offer any ship a way of performing these maneuvers without telegraphing them the previous turn like the HMP. I mean, the HMP is supposed to be built for that so...

    Anyway, new maneuvers look like fun ūüėɬ†and open up the design space.

    Yup, I was hopeing the LAAT would come with a way to get sideslip, its the first the thing we see it do in the  Geonosia arena. 

  2. 55 minutes ago, Sciencius said:

    Ofcourse the TIE Swarm gets a lot better by using Howlrunner, but e.g. the Vulture swarm cannot stand alone by it self either? The Vulture swarms needs Capt. Sear or another TA-175 carrier to be top-competitative also. I have not seen a top game won with just generic Vultures alone? Nor a game won with just TIE FO generics?   

    No but those ships are better support in any other list than the regular tue is. 2.0 is much more a dice game for better and worse. Evades are nerfed and Ties can take a tl and save an action for later. Droids have their droifocus shareing, cheap missil es and ability to be turrets. Its not like the common Tie is way overcosted or unplayable, just seem a little to expensive. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, Matanui3 said:

    I put the C-ROC title that makes you regen two shields per round, and if it survives until your opponent has 1-2 ships left, it's been pretty much unbeatable every time I've played it. Especially given that it gets reinforce.

    Yeah that  sounds bad to... Okay maybe not so suited for 200pts, a pitty, it could be fun somehow to be able to use them like that. 

  4. 58 minutes ago, theBitterFig said:
    • Last time I tried a Rebel Transport in standard play was 1e, and it was utterly NOT OK for standard play.¬† It was one of the most broken-feeling things I've flown.
    • For 2e, my guess is probably not, but that doesn't mean it'd be an unfun game with a friend, necessarily.¬† Might be a silly and humorous experience that you'll remember.
      • So, my standard C-ROC is something I call a "Smashmouth Smuggler" built like this: Syndicate Smuggler (IG-88 D, Boba Fett, Point Defense Battery, Damage Control Team, Tibanna Reserves), for 80 points.¬† Might throw on some other stuff, but that's not a fairly affordable ship.¬† It's kind of a beast.¬† It's throwing as many as 5 attacks (brutal at range 1), has Focus/Calc/Calc/Reinforce, regenerates shields, and can deploy pretty much anywhere so it'll really add a lot of instant pressure.
      • 80 points of Ghost gets you... Chopper with Saw, Zeb, and Passive Sensors.¬† A reasonable ship, but it's in a radically different class.

    Yes 5 attacks seems a bit to brutal. Maybe it would work if it was kept to maximum attacks per round in 200pts play? 

  5. Just now, hargleblarg said:

    How many successful non-Howl lists do people need to show you too convince you that they fit in a lot of squads?

    Well if you see my original post, a swarm without Howlie is the main thing im asking about, lists where they consist about half they points are not really tie swarms are they? 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Des Darklighter said:

    They have a place in Sloane swarms (either RAC + 4 or a reaper with 4 academies and 2 interceptors), as well as decent filler in ace squads like Vader, Duchess/Soontir, and 3 academies. Recently the whole 2 aces + 2-3 cheap filler generics archetype has been one of my favorites to fly.

    I get that they are good fillers, but its a shame something pretty movie thematic as a tie swarm seems to be locked into useing Howlrunner. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Porkchop Express said:

    Some TIE Acadamy pilots just made top 16 in the last two Galaxies events.

    Also, trying to do a swarm without Howlrunner doesn't work because Howlrunner is the force multiplier to make swarms work better.

    But should the standard ties not be cheaper then, so Howlrunner is not a must. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, Hiemfire said:

    Define "normal". Do you mean Extended/Hyperspace tournament formats or "Standard Format" casual play?

    They're already "legal" for 200pt casual play if your opponent agrees to it (heck, iirc you can cram a corvette + 1 or 2 bottom points price filler ships into 200 pts). Have been since re-release of the Huge ships and release of Epic Battles (last Sept).

    I only play 200point games with everything allowed... old 1.0 normal ;). I know I can play whatever if the opponent agree, but are they balanced for the 200pts format? 

  9. Could it be done and be some what balanced? I own these ships but never play epic and has not converted to the new epic format, so I don't know if these ships would break a normal 200pts game, but I would probably be more inclined to play epic once in a while if I had a better feeling for these ships and could get some normal training and gameplay with them. Would it be bad for normal gameplay to include these ships? 

  10. The tie fighter, the stable the game is supposedly balanced after. Is it just me that is beginning to think the common Tie fighter is lacking, trying a swarm without Howlrunner is super hard to do much with, compared to the droid brain, cheap missil swarm of the CIS or the FO tie which get a better dial, shield and tl for a few points more. What do you think, the normal tie fighter and some of the named pilots cound go down a few points? 

  11. I like the crazyness of it, I like sending all my points on just ships, but something to try might be dropping G4R-GOR for points to sink into the other ships. I would keep Dengar on NomLump as Aces hates it. But yes get auto blaster on him or at least just that free cannon because why not. Fearless on Fenn. Have not tried Sabine yet, her ability don't really speak to me. That said your original list has a lot of ships and hull, so should be possible to win some matches with it :). 

  12. 4 hours ago, Bucknife said:

    Han with Jabba Crew, Title and Cont.Cyb illicit means stress for days and essentially a free engine upgrade for 5 turns in a row. 


    After turn 5, just fly off the board because you'll probably have 7-10 stress tokens. ;)

    I have been flying Han with title, trickshot, Jabba, hotshot Gunner and rigged cargo together with adv sensors 4-lom with cargo and 0-0-0. And various 3rd ships. 4-Lom with multible rigged cargos, is just destroying aces and Han will trigger a lot when you have dropped 5 debris Fields ;) Such a fun list to fly. 

  13. 7 hours ago, Matanui3 said:

    How big is it?

    Hard to say. My guess judging by the size of the red glass in the main cockpit, I would be something like a resistance bomber on the side (maybe a bit bigger) and the attackpods are pretty tiny little fighters, just big enough for a pilot and the speeders Enfys Marauders fly around. Maybe you even sit on the speeder and steer with that, hooked into the pod :)!? 

  14. 14 hours ago, theBitterFig said:

    I think it's right, because a 25 point 3+1 Vigilance kinda completely outclasses regular TIE/ln, but a 4+1 can claim a significantly higher cost (29-31 points, maybe).  That's pricing with an Ion Cannon in mind.  I figure an Ion Cannon on a 2/3/4/1 ship can claim at least a 35 point cost.  That's an agility up on a Belbullab, with worse actions, and "only" an Ion weapon.

    That's a really strong ship ability.  Not as easy to hit with as an Ion Cannon, but the damage is in addition, and you could combine it with Crack Shot. Also Focus > Lock is incredibly potent, even on a 2-dice ship.

    I dunno.  Maybe the strength of those actions and the powerful ship ability justify a cost significantly higher than a normal TIE Fighter.

    I think shields on a glorified Tie/ LN is a bit to much, but an extra hull for the added structure is fine.

    Focus/Tl might be to powerfull a combo maybe just a red TL om its own. 

    I like that the ion is a bit harder to get off, and don't think a regular cannon slot fits this kind of upgraded tie that well, also it opens it up for it carrying all sorts of others cannons.

    For the I1, I was thinking something along 27/28 points. First Order gets a shield, white TL and a better dial on their standard Tie/Fos for 25 pts. I think the Ion ability might be worth around 2/3  points.

  15. I almost always choose trickshot, Its priced just right I think. Not all epts absolutely needs to have an even effect on all ships, but I have a Han list with falcon title and trickshot, its not uncommon to get 4/5 even 6 red dice of with that combo. 

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