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  1. I have run a Boba, Guri, Ion Scyk list a few times and not lost Guri once! She is amazing with advanced sensors.
  2. They look like they come from the age of Flash Gordon. That has its own charm, but I think they look like an old school spaceship and not something from Star Wars!
  3. If lightning reflexes work anything near that, I think it Will Be Limited to small based ships.
  4. Also if you are that much a Christian, you probably would have a problem with the force to?
  5. All we know, is that one if its pilots is called THE STIG!!! Off course its deliberate, they are huge Iron Maiden fans
  6. Dwing

    Fat Chirpy

    Last night I ran him with, expose, gunner, repel captive and engine. I wanted to try out expose and fairly often had 5 dice because of it. But even with Chiraneaus ability, I had in average two hits, so Gunner got usefull plenty of times to. I think Vader is overkill in a build like this, and personally I am trying things other than vet instincts these days. If expose did not take an action it would be brilliant on the Decimator, but I think a target lock would have helped me just as much last night!
  7. Compare its size to the Khirazxxzhhhzx fighter, which is probably normal sized. It looks pretty huge!
  8. I think it is a mod wich will turn red turns white. Usefull on Bombers and the defender. Similar to how FFG made scum y-wings a bit more maneuverable with unhinged astromechs! Anything to help defenders climb to the top
  9. I to, would just like to point out I dont agree !
  10. Dwing

    Hounds Tooth

    Looks great. I will be tempted to paint graphiti on mine, Like Bossk old hunk a junk attracts the young punks... wich then regret they did that to the dinosaur man!
  11. To sum up the rumors, a ship is being considered and FFG is probably working on ships for the next movie... Seems very plausible...
  12. Flying Darth Vader with unreleased content would be something I would seek my opponents approval off! Other than that I dont really know. I play in a really fun diverse group, so even when I meet the best players and get my ass kicked we still had a fun game and that is all that matters to me. If I bring a list which is more fun, experimental or fluffy, it is not my opponents fault.
  13. I think I see a bent arrow on the card, I think it will ad an ability similar to Emon azzameens. Being able to bomb using the turns.
  14. Sometimes it is better to sleep before posting, this forum already has way to many "I demand an explanation for this" threads . That said I am sure FFG has something more to say with the Kiharzxzxzzzxzx fighter than making it just a scum x-wing, we will just have to wait and see the dial, pilots etc. I think it is wise to see scavenged astromechs as a solution to get rebel fighters into the scum faction and make them feel different, but not something crucial to the scum faction. Could be a long time before we see another ship with the scavenged astromech ability. Sleep tight!
  15. Je suis Talon Bane Cobra!
  16. How about just printing and cutting a couple of pieces of cardboard?
  17. Very cool Corvette, its has that Senators Shuttle wipe going on from Episode 1!
  18. Whoever he is, he clearly named himself!
  19. Yes, I thought we needed another to compete with all the wave 7 whine threads! Rob jedi, I hope in time you will forgive me...
  20. http://static1.squarespace.com/static/51b3dc8ee4b051b96ceb10de/t/553412bae4b03cb74b7de193/1429476043374/starwarsrogueoneconceptart77777?format=750w Link to what looks like a rebel landing craft/ troop carrier!
  21. http://geektyrant.com/news/star-wars-rogue-one-teaser-footage-and-death-star-heist-story-confirmed SWEEEET!!! (For what it is)
  22. HOLY S%¤T that trailer is awesome!!!
  23. I think, judging from these pics, that the Sith will be Christe! It would also be very Disney politically correct that we get a main female villain!
  24. Imperials: Lambda Sentinel with some kind of boarding crew. or The Lancet Aerial Artillery. Most of all, The Gozanti! Rebels: Some kind of bothan scout vehicle. Scum: Something well designed from FFG instead of a crummy looking EU ship from an 90ies comic!
  25. Dwing

    Ark Angel

    Are you an Angel, Little Anni asked?... Looks like a mess to me and I like mythology free from other mythologies
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