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  1. 1 hour ago, Spinland said:


    I am curious why you want it? Its almost completely similar to the ordinary y-wing we already have in two factions.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Gupa-nupa said:

    I really like the design for Greef. I wish that there was a way that it could get into more than one faction.......


    for the IG-11 droid, I want to have an effect for "self destruct sequence initiated" 

    I could be fun if you could get the vibe of that "DO not self destruct" discussion.


    Greef is really cool, but maybe he should start on 0 charges, so you have to earn the charges first. Maybe also a cap. Near unlimited access to Debris fields for scum Han is really good ;) 

  3. 1 minute ago, InterceptorMad said:

    I think Zero should be something about doing red manoeuvres without stress, but for another cost.

    Like, when you reveal a red manoeuvre, you may treat it as white. If you do, you may not use any Crew upgrade cards until the end of the round (as when he pulled off the crazy moves everyone fell over lol)

    That's interresting. Could be fun to some how change the dial with his ability, so he flies more lige the cis droids. All your reds are blue and vice versa?

  4. I think we only see it in one firefight with that one Z-95 kind of fighter, and in that fight he barrel rolls (kinda), slams the breaks and one shots the fighter from behind. So he wins against the one fighter we see ;). In the lore the ship is described as an outer rim patrol ship so I think its big guns are for self defense and are to weak with only 3 red.  I would not give this ship a cannon slot, as it becomes very much like the G1-A very fast. 

    I really hope we get a lo of new scum crew with this ship to. Cara Dune could maybe even be Scum/rebel crew.  

  5. 5 hours ago, Gupa-nupa said:

    I know!!! It makes me giddy just thinking about it! Especially since were going to get a preview article on them tomorrow....










    ... Right???

    I hope so. I look forward to see their points cost. everything droid seems fairly cheap and they are super interceptors with token sharing, probably a spot for missiles.

  6. 10 hours ago, Kreen said:

    IG-11, Hunter (faceup): After performing an attack, you may perform a bonus attack against a different target.

    Whenever you would suffer 1 or more [damage] suffer that many [crit] instead.

    When you are dealt a face up damage card, flip this card.

    Equip this side face up.

    IG-11, Nursemaid (facedown): When a friendly ship at range 0-1 defends, you may suffer 1 damage, or discard this card, to cancel one [hit]/[crit] result.


    You start out recklessly gunning down everyone, and then turn into a defensively minded Nursemaid, who is willing to sacrifice itself to save others.

    Alternatively, you could just have it be two whole different cards, though, then, they would both need a redesign of sorts.

    Greer Carga could hand out Bounty conditions. The Child could be Din Djarin or Imperial only, and I like the idea that it has, like, 3 non recurring Force. I'd love to see a drop trooper remote, but, more likely, Cara Dune would be some kind of defensively minded upgrade.

    I imagine we'll see it after Season 2 finishes, so that we can get Season 2 pilots and crew as well.

    I like it. 

    Another IG-11 crew could be something like: IG-11. 3 charges. After you defend you may make a 2red bonus attack against the attacker. When you suffer crit damage, remove one charge. When you have no active charges IG-11 detonates and every ship at range 0-1 gets one damage, flip the IG-11 card, other side would have nothing on it. I think that could represent IG-11s willingness to self detonate, but you can use his sacrifice to take out some enemies to, maybe double up with Dead Mans switch.

  7. On 10/14/2020 at 12:21 AM, urbanyeti said:

    I love the idea of running four but it seems like it would melt. I’m glad he’s having success, and echo the curiosity about the list as well!

    Can melt what you can't shoot. The guy is a very good player and Echo is dynamit in his hands, so the  sidesweep is right up his ally. I can't remember the full list but it has the named one that gets a TL for shooting, concussion bombs, buzz droids, Kraken, the works. But they can castle, just red 0 and sidesweep back and forth, so they can react to any angle the opponent chooses. You get droid missiles and buzz droids in your face in front, and concussion out the back.... I dread to see what good players can do with the tri fighter, it seems like a pretty insane interceptor for a faction that has a loooot of good and cheap tricks. 

  8. Just now, Silver_leader said:

    The problem I see with the razor Crest is the interaction with all the other scum stuff. Maul could be in the same boat as Bay Yoda, in a YV-666 ?

    Sine the keyword MANDALORIAN appeared, maybe it will define what does a ship can carry as crew. There is definitely something bugging me in this.

    Biut I can't wait to see the miniature of the Razor Crest on the tables. I think the chassis will be similar to the firespray (without the rear gun of course)

    The Child, could have a Jin Djarin only on it, would be fitting. I see the ship more as a slightly improved G1-A.

  9. This ship should probably have the Plated hull ability til Republic y-wings, its seems like it can take a beating and limber on.

    Actions: red Barrel roll, TL, Focus, Jam. 

    Dial: A red 0 move. Probably pretty standard manuvers? It don't seem to be particulary nimble, but not a shuttle either. 

    Attack 3, defense 2. 8hull, 3 shield. 

    A title to ad a pre Empire ability to it? Enemies have to be at range 1 to get a TL or something like that maybe? 


    Din Djarin: Something along the lines of Kallus crew. You place a tracking fob at the beginning of the game on an enemy ship, everytime you shoot at that ship you get a focus token. Din is always owening his bounties but can get his *** kicked by others. (the Mandalorian helmet must grant some tunnel vision after all). 


    Q9-0 (Zero): something with getting information, maybe able to see nearby ships dial? 


    Other Rim Patrol pilot, generic. In the movement phase, if you are range 1 to the board edge, you may make a barrel roll move for free? Why can't generics have an ability ;). 

    The Child, crew: Can use focus tokens as evade tokens. 1force.

  10. 2 hours ago, dezzmont said:

    I dunno. DID we watch the same movies? He has 6 minutes of screentime (counting him being retaconned back into ANH which was very much NOT his first appearance. But I am not going to count his debut in the Holiday Special against him) and mostly stands around, does nothing, or dies instantly.

    Gets called out for messing up a job.

    He tracks them. He doesn't do anything that screams 'badass.' I actually think this is a good indicator of 'cunning Boba' over 'powerful Boba.'

    He does not at all actually. He just stands there and aims a gun because the heroes in that situation were just completely surrounded by enemies. Didn't fight at all.

    Yeah, he delivered a completely incapacitated Han given to him by Vader in exchange for information on the location of the other Rebels. About as badass as a pizza delivery guy. It was an important plot beat, but not exactly a crazy badass moment.


    He basically didn't do anything besides tattle on Han and then get his *** kicked, and standing around, admittedly looking REALLY cool while he does so.

    He was a hugely popular character because he was this dude who got the one up on our heroes and clearly had this crazy visual design and a jetpack, and there was a 3 year gap between Empire and Jedi where people expected him to end up doing something as he was played up as a character in Empire despite having basically no characterization or screen time, or effect on the plot really besides bringing Han to Jaba, and that could have just been a deal between The Empire and Jaba, and explaining why Lando felt forced into betraying Han and Leia.

    He was, in essence, a Jobber who became a fan favorite and was retaconned into being this awesome badass. But in the actual movies? Doesn't do much.

    And, again, the EU is not invalid. If it was, I wouldn't be so grumpy about the A-wing not being a neat little elite scout/raider ship because, hey, the big moment from the movies where it crashed into something got in. He is an important character in the EU and, again, the love for him is legitimate because Star Wars is way bigger than the movies. The movies are the primary source, sure, but ultimately they are literally the smallest part of the canon, despite their importance.

    Its just that its funny that Boba became a big character PURELY through speculation about him and his character design, more than an argument he should suck. I will defend that him having a defensive ability was dumb (and can we talk about how weird it is that Luke has a defensive ability rather than an offensive one, and Wedge an offensive one rather than a defensive one? That is the wrong way around!) as well as an ability that rewards being up close where he like... canonically not only got killed, but when most of his actual actions in the movie were keeping his distance and watching the action, or helping cover his targets.

    We did not. 

  11. 39 minutes ago, dezzmont said:


    While it is fun to note that in the OT Fett was actually a huge chump and all the hype around him was based purely on his visual design, he is still an important character in the greater SW mythos and should probably get some respect. 

    Part of why The Mandalorian is so clever is because they manage to keep that aspect of Mandalorians, despite being badasses, often geting into situations when their technology fails or they just get knocked on their ***. Having a new character to play off that mix of cool and loser rather than trying to continue Fett's story as that when in the comics and stories he was way more gritty was a smart idea.

    I just think that Fett a really poor realization of how to make a 'badass fighter' in the scum faction because he isn't 'dense stats who tries to leverage them on people who are affected by other scum tools, or use scum tools himself' but instead is just 'dense stats that let you ignore all other scum mechanics because he is so good' and a flavor fail because maybe Fett should not be rewarded for flying past Luke and sticking super close. And he shouldn't be defensively strong at all!

    He feels like a parody of Boba Fett, like the memetic mutation of him, where he just has a super generalist ability (two of them even, with the title) that just makes him better at everything almost all the time, rather than actually trying to reflect anything about the character, in a ship really unsuited for getting that ability in a faction that shouldn't have such an ability. Feels more Wedge than Fett.

    Fett a huge chump? Did we watch the same movies? He got called out personal ly by Vader, due to his ruthlessness. He outsmarts the heroes in the trash get away. He went toe to toe with them on Bespin. He actually delivered Han to Jabba. His end was not that impresdive no, but he was pretty bad *** in the rest of his scenes in two movies. 

  12. 14 hours ago, Hoarder of Garlic Bread said:

    Also Aayla is a better support ship than Yoda. Fite Mii.

    Yoda is like Plo Koon in the Aethersprite, don't mind his abilty, you take him for all his force (and Plo I 5).

  13. 5 minutes ago, Wedge1126 said:

    I'd like to point out that the picture on Yoda's card isn't even an Eta-2. So, I guess they're passing up the opportunity to make a "Yoda's Starfighter" expansion.

    They probably did not think about it, but a twin blister with two of the little etas in it, with Yoda, Yaddle, Evin Piell and Tsui Choi as pilots, would have made a great expansion. 

  14. 27 minutes ago, InterceptorMad said:

    Shaak Ti seems great, and Aayla is cool. 

    Just like the crew card, Yoda doesn't interest me. Love the generic though.

    Depending on price im just going to throw extreme manuvers on him, and treat him as... A mini Ace... 

  15. 13 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

    Tbf, I do sympathise with the "not a gunship" thing, because it isn't, yet it's still called one. A little bit of a mislead there. 

    However, the rerolls and 7FG should be seen as it providing supporting fire on the chosen target. So its basically continuously firing, even when it isn't rolling it's own dice.

    Hence, gunship, I guess. Which is why best use isn't as a pure tactical support ship, but as a... support... gunship....

    Something like that.

    Yes its a ship with two roles and it feels like they went heavily with the troop transport version. I wish they would have saved that for the many shuttle the reps also have. Ah well..

  16. 14 minutes ago, 5050Saint said:

    I'll give you the boring and bland, but the LAAT has plenty of tricks and synergy. Cody, Wolfpack, Synchronized Console, Fire Convergence, and Warthog's ability really enable the generics in what has largely been an Ace faction.

    But yes, boring to fly. It's basically an Auzituck on the scale of exciting maneuvers.

    But that is all added cost. Something a shuttle would get to. Its not that you can build a list with it, its just not that exciting for such an iconic ship, at least not to me. 

  17. The droid gunship get super easy acces to calculates, tl which frees it up to reload. This makes it a good carrier for ordnance and the new crazy cheap and good concussion bombs. They have loads of blue which mean they can afford to make the red 0. The laat has to take a focus or tl and hope the enemy will grant it permission to use it. Exept for Hawk, there is no reposh options. Its dial has so few blues that the red 0 is punished hard if you use it. It's own ship ability don't even synergize with all types of attacks, including its own main one. Sadly it feels like a slow troop transport more than a gunship. 

  18. 8 minutes ago, theBitterFig said:

    Without Fire Convergence, this is basically a K-Wing.  Extra health and reinforce, but fewer tools for dealing damage (bombs are a big one!), and worse mobility overall (no SLAM, extra weak blues, hard to use reds).

    I wonder: what if LAAT had a config that removed Fire Convergence, but gave them 3 red dice, no other changes.

    Would this be appealing to the "I want my gunship" folks?

    What price would it have--positive or negative?


    Alternative: what if you could use Fire Convergence on turret attacks?  Is that enough?


    Not saying those are good ideas, just curious about exploring the thought experiment.

    In a wave where two gunships came out simultainiously, its wierd that one got loads of new tricks and synergy, the other feels frankly boring and bland to fly, and not like a gunship. Even if they lower the price, it wont fix the boring part. But  a config with a sideslip like ability would go a long way for me. 

  19. 6 hours ago, theBitterFig said:

    This is a good point.  Feature Creep and Power Creep are potentially different things.

    TIE Aggressor is a great example of how an old faction can get partly revitalized by buffs to an under-performing ship, and how that can spice things up, a little.  I'm glad of it, but there's a limit to how far it can go.

    However much they buff X-Wings, they'll never be super exciting.  I don't think they're an "inherently bad spam platform" but just... puts me in the mind of old Peanuts strips.


    Good Ol' X-Wings... Yes, Sir!  They're the Charlie Brown of ships.


    New Factions, however, get new stuff.  Even if balanced, it's shiny and new and does the cool and different stuff with all the promise of 2e.

    And so far, there's been little hope given to the original three factions that they'll get in on the action for the fancy new was of playing.  A squadron pack with a bunch of cool stuff that opens up a lot of these new mechanics to the old faction would be quite welcome.  For example, suppose an X-Wing only droid or talent that gave them sideslips.  Non-recurring charges so only two per game, if that, but still.  It'd go a long way towards helping bored OT-Faction players feel like there's hope down the road.

    Feature creep is a good way to describe it, our game came out close, but I was constantly up again almost full mods, a list that could castle in a corner, just red 0, sideslip blue, red 0, sideslip continue. Had torps, concussion bombs and buzzdroids and was in total control of where the combat took place. But I do think there is some good old powercreep in the droids gunship to, compare DSG-047  to Oddball in a V-19. DSG gets a TL just for shooting at something and in a droid gunship list, that is free predator for everyone, no need for Bulls eye arc or anything, and that is for only 4 points more, with shields and better dial.

  20. I played a LAAT + 3 y-wings to night VS 4 droid gunships, and it was like playing rock VS advanced spacegun. I really felt the droids getting all the fun stuff, shareing tokens, TLs, droid torps, and funny sideslips. Its seems crazy good and has a lot of fun new elements in just one list. I really hope tie interceptors get accecs  to  a lot of daredevil new kind of manuvers not on their dials via mods and talents., because I also want to have flying fun with the older factions. 

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