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  1. I like the crazyness of it, I like sending all my points on just ships, but something to try might be dropping G4R-GOR for points to sink into the other ships. I would keep Dengar on NomLump as Aces hates it. But yes get auto blaster on him or at least just that free cannon because why not. Fearless on Fenn. Have not tried Sabine yet, her ability don't really speak to me. That said your original list has a lot of ships and hull, so should be possible to win some matches with it :).
  2. I have been flying Han with title, trickshot, Jabba, hotshot Gunner and rigged cargo together with adv sensors 4-lom with cargo and 0-0-0. And various 3rd ships. 4-Lom with multible rigged cargos, is just destroying aces and Han will trigger a lot when you have dropped 5 debris Fields Such a fun list to fly.
  3. Dwing

    Enfys Nest Ship

    Hard to say. My guess judging by the size of the red glass in the main cockpit, I would be something like a resistance bomber on the side (maybe a bit bigger) and the attackpods are pretty tiny little fighters, just big enough for a pilot and the speeders Enfys Marauders fly around. Maybe you even sit on the speeder and steer with that, hooked into the pod :)!?
  4. This ship is technically seen in Return if the Jedi, I guess they at least are contemporary.
  5. Yeah I know, Shields are just the only part of his fan canon I personally disagree on, this is the Empire after all ;).
  6. Dwing

    Enfys Nest Ship

    How cool would this ship be for scum? A giant B-wing with attack pods.
  7. I think shields on a glorified Tie/ LN is a bit to much, but an extra hull for the added structure is fine. Focus/Tl might be to powerfull a combo maybe just a red TL om its own. I like that the ion is a bit harder to get off, and don't think a regular cannon slot fits this kind of upgraded tie that well, also it opens it up for it carrying all sorts of others cannons. For the I1, I was thinking something along 27/28 points. First Order gets a shield, white TL and a better dial on their standard Tie/Fos for 25 pts. I think the Ion ability might be worth around 2/3 points.
  8. Dwing

    Trick Shot Costing

    I almost always choose trickshot, Its priced just right I think. Not all epts absolutely needs to have an even effect on all ships, but I have a Han list with falcon title and trickshot, its not uncommon to get 4/5 even 6 red dice of with that combo.
  9. I would keep them fairly simple and make them to be upgraded standard Ties, better hull, small Ion canon built in, but still somewhat cheap. Same dial as I described in the original post. I know there are some inconsistencies in the card, bu the card creator I used kept bugging out, so I got tires of rewriting everything.
  10. Nice, did you use some kind of online card builder for this?
  11. Just to be super trolly, build a scum list using the Rebel falcon, rebel Y-wings and z-95 models, as long as the cards are the correct ones, I see no problem.
  12. Ah I did not even know that, I never converted to Resistance 2.0 and have never looked at that falcon
  13. Its all the same ship. Only thing to remember is that the Scum Falcon has a different dial. I can't imagine you get any flag for proxying with any of the falcons.
  14. Thanks I looked and searchet for it, but found nothing.
  15. Very cool blast from the past. I had an idea for ships like his and the first Order Higgins boat and how to bring them into the game. How about they as troop Carrier are not that powerfull, but they have a range 1 area around them where they can boost your aces/ each other? So if you opt to have a lot of transport ala af ome invasion the med list, you only have points left for one Ace, but he benefits great from flying to range bonus to range bonus, having the grunts pop around him/her.
  16. Thanks. Its not easy to see, but my tie here is White and its a craaaaap colour to paint ;). But light Grey, White, nuln oil, White touch up worked for me.
  17. I saw this video on Youtube Mystery Tie from Return of the Jedi. I really like his fan canon and found it funny to try and make a version for the game. The idea of making an old Tie fighter Toy with battery pack into something like a real tie appealed to me to. I remixed a Tie Fighter I found on Thingiverse, added the upgraded engine, center cannon, enlarged the cockpit, and thickened the wings and made them shorter, file can be found here Mystery Tie . I printed and painted it today and I think it turned out pretty great. "Scourge" Skutu (who is he, my google fu is not strong enough, I can find an ancient Sith, but pretty sure he is not flying around in a tie fighter) also have a great ability to represent the extra center laser cannon. Hope you like it. If I ever was to make an official dial and ability for this ship, I would probably use Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax for the named pilots, but give them new abilities from their 1.0 versions. Have it have a standard tie dial, except a red speed 5. 4 hull and a ship ability, if you shoot at something in your bulls eye fireing arc, you ad one ion to the result after shooting.
  18. 1. So in gameplay terms basically a tie and designwise already has a ship. 2. I would love Krennics shuttle, but I think its to huge to ever get a normal release, maybe for epic. 3. Thats a Tie Defender? 4.Outland Tie Fighter I can't really see them do anything with game wise if its just a normal tie but with folding wings. 5. Plothole tie ;)... and if it ever shows up, probably for First Order then. 6. Tie shuttle, we had thoose, they took it away. This one bums me out, I do hope we see it again. 7. The Nu shuttle, probably, but for the Republic. I think there sis a place for the Tie Lancet in the Imperial medium sized big guns ship arsenal, but yes it might be to obscure.
  19. Yes a kind of Howlrunner for the generic I1 First Order Tie that already has 1 shield, a better dial, TL, and acces to tech for only 3 points more than a I1 Imperial Tie... yes somebody better get some good use out of this.
  20. Hmm I both agree and hope that cross over ships might not be legal for normal play, but fun flavor full cards you can use for thematic games... Maybe just just a whole other form for card pack. Thematic pilots, all the cross over pilots that actually only fly the ship once and does not make much sense to have in a ship in normal games.
  21. I think a wing config for the Starviper would be great. Mayvbe something close to the intensity Ept for 1.0.
  22. Don't know if he ever flew one in Canon, but I think most Naboo officers probably know how to fly it, but put Typho on the list of zippy pilots, forgot about him ;).
  23. Yup I did... But I really don't know the names of any battledroids... Well R0-GR, Clone Wars veteran...
  24. I made one myself back in the 1.0 days.
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