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  1. I think cis Jango has some merrit, but Zam Wessel? Clearly she is Scum as Jango should have been, with simply being able to be taken by cis.
  2. I already don't like strain, deplete and all that jazz, seems so unnessesary fidely. X-wing has sooo many tokens now, back in the day evade and focus would do.... Bla Bla old man talking....
  3. Hard to say without points for the trifighter, but it being cis, its probably crazy cheap. So until we know the points, I would say the tri fighter, crazy good dial, more tricks and most important token shareing, so its not as doomed when its stressed. Also all pilots seems viable.
  4. Dwing

    3 wishes

    1) give N1's a blue straight 4. 2) action Cap. Maybe 2/max 3 action per ship regardless list jank. 3) LAAT sidesweep config.
  5. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    The Ep 1 ship is longer than a Gozanti, so for regular games its to big, but maybe one day for epic?
  6. Honey the SW Lego is not for me, its just a continuation of my childhood collection our kid now gets to continue.
  7. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    Wait, this thing is as long as a Gozanti?
  8. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    Now that, or the even smaller Naboo ship Obi and Padme flies to Mustafar on would be really interesting. It could support the N1s with giving them blue straight 4.
  9. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    I feel like we just got this shuttle, it just looks like a LAAT!
  10. Exept for IG-11, Mando should probably have a "no droids" crew rule.
  11. I got at starviper oneshotted by an upsilon the other day at range 3 🤢
  12. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    I am curious why you want it? Its almost completely similar to the ordinary y-wing we already have in two factions.
  13. Or if you use the childs force token, you also get a stress, the little guy gets exhausted.
  14. I could be fun if you could get the vibe of that "DO not self destruct" discussion. Greef is really cool, but maybe he should start on 0 charges, so you have to earn the charges first. Maybe also a cap. Near unlimited access to Debris fields for scum Han is really good
  15. That's interresting. Could be fun to some how change the dial with his ability, so he flies more lige the cis droids. All your reds are blue and vice versa?
  16. I think we only see it in one firefight with that one Z-95 kind of fighter, and in that fight he barrel rolls (kinda), slams the breaks and one shots the fighter from behind. So he wins against the one fighter we see ;). In the lore the ship is described as an outer rim patrol ship so I think its big guns are for self defense and are to weak with only 3 red. I would not give this ship a cannon slot, as it becomes very much like the G1-A very fast. I really hope we get a lo of new scum crew with this ship to. Cara Dune could maybe even be Scum/rebel crew.
  17. I hope so. I look forward to see their points cost. everything droid seems fairly cheap and they are super interceptors with token sharing, probably a spot for missiles.
  18. I like it. Another IG-11 crew could be something like: IG-11. 3 charges. After you defend you may make a 2red bonus attack against the attacker. When you suffer crit damage, remove one charge. When you have no active charges IG-11 detonates and every ship at range 0-1 gets one damage, flip the IG-11 card, other side would have nothing on it. I think that could represent IG-11s willingness to self detonate, but you can use his sacrifice to take out some enemies to, maybe double up with Dead Mans switch.
  19. Can melt what you can't shoot. The guy is a very good player and Echo is dynamit in his hands, so the sidesweep is right up his ally. I can't remember the full list but it has the named one that gets a TL for shooting, concussion bombs, buzz droids, Kraken, the works. But they can castle, just red 0 and sidesweep back and forth, so they can react to any angle the opponent chooses. You get droid missiles and buzz droids in your face in front, and concussion out the back.... I dread to see what good players can do with the tri fighter, it seems like a pretty insane interceptor for a faction that has a loooot of good and cheap tricks.
  20. Local guy is doing really really well with just 4 gunships. They have everything going for them, if anything they are a bit to cheap.
  21. The Child, could have a Jin Djarin only on it, would be fitting. I see the ship more as a slightly improved G1-A.
  22. This ship should probably have the Plated hull ability til Republic y-wings, its seems like it can take a beating and limber on. Actions: red Barrel roll, TL, Focus, Jam. Dial: A red 0 move. Probably pretty standard manuvers? It don't seem to be particulary nimble, but not a shuttle either. Attack 3, defense 2. 8hull, 3 shield. A title to ad a pre Empire ability to it? Enemies have to be at range 1 to get a TL or something like that maybe? Pilots: Din Djarin: Something along the lines of Kallus crew. You place a tracking fob at the beginning of the game on an enemy ship, everytime you shoot at that ship you get a focus token. Din is always owening his bounties but can get his *** kicked by others. (the Mandalorian helmet must grant some tunnel vision after all). Q9-0 (Zero): something with getting information, maybe able to see nearby ships dial? Other Rim Patrol pilot, generic. In the movement phase, if you are range 1 to the board edge, you may make a barrel roll move for free? Why can't generics have an ability ;). The Child, crew: Can use focus tokens as evade tokens. 1force.
  23. Fett a huge chump? Did we watch the same movies? He got called out personal ly by Vader, due to his ruthlessness. He outsmarts the heroes in the trash get away. He went toe to toe with them on Bespin. He actually delivered Han to Jabba. His end was not that impresdive no, but he was pretty bad *** in the rest of his scenes in two movies.
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