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  1. 20 hours ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Given that we got the Fireball, Blue Ace is a definite Maybe. ;)

    Still, now that Ep. IX has established "the Resistance doesn't have a fleet...those are just people" I'd say all of the Aces are likely, at some point.

    TBH, that could make the Resistance faction an interesting cross between S&V and the Rebels, as opposed to the less interesting Faux Alliance of ABXY Alt-Wings.

    Edit: Unless you actually meant the Pegasus Concept ship.  Which is probably less likely, but suuuuuper cool IMHO.

    I agree, as much as I don't really care for the designs in the Resistance show, It would be nice with some ships for the Resistance that makes them look like something other than Rebels 2.0.

  2. Do you think we could see the same ship be released for two different factions in the same wave? I think the Rogue-class Porax-38 starfighter would be a great ship to get soon For CIS it would be Grievous bodyguards in that dark blue colour scheme and for scum in the colour of Cad bane's ship Xanadu. Same ship, maybe with two different dials due to droid pilots and organic pilots? The scum faction could also get the pilot from Mandalorian flying a modified Porax, The one getting destroyed by the x-wings. 

  3. What are the Odds that we will ever see Durge in the game? A Legends character, that would probably have a regen ability... not great odds I think. If we ever get the Resistance tv show "cars that look like spaceships", I think we have a great ship in the same design vane here.


    Durge as one pilot, his droid pilot as the second pilot... Darkwing Duck as the third?

  4. 9 hours ago, Odanan said:


    4 guns = more firepower. Basically an upgraded TIE/sa, I guess (tough it would be interesting to see some variation).

    Wpn \/3, Agl 2, Hull 6, Shd 1

    [torp], [torp OR miss], [miss], [gunn], [bomb], [bomb], [mod], [tech]

    Number of guns has never really equaled to anything in the game, but I think a bomber with 3 red dice, misses a huge incentive to even take ordnance as 3 red dice often are enough. I think it should be a fairly normal bomber, but the tech slot is where it will differ from the Imp bomber.

  5. 8 hours ago, MasterShake2 said:

    Trifighter.  We can't just remove the list.  Trifighter combos with relays, can get DRKs for early locks, can use tokens from other trifighters or disposable ships, has access to actually pretty good missiles, can use Sear, can even be coordinated by 32c at the start of engagement.  Trifighter just has a better list that pushes it into another tier. 


    Outside of the faction, the ships are kind of interchangable.  Part of the argument for interceptors is double repo, but that only really gets the best value on the higher I pilots.  Hard 2 blue with a linked boost + Calc is honestly great for shaking stress and, for an I3 or lower, is more than enough do do what you need.  Roll + Evade is fine-ish on it's own, but can make the trifighter pretty hard to kill if it has an Calcs from things like relays or other ships.  Calc is certainly more of a problem on a 3 AGL 3 ATK ship than a 2 AGL 2 ATK ship, but it's not even really to the point where you'll notice most games unless you're spamming the ships.  So the interceptor just in a vaccum has a narrow, but definable, edge over the Trifighter, but add in the faction and the fight is just over. 


    In Star Wars Legion, CIS has better vehicles than most other factions, but only partly because the vehicles themselves are good.  What really makes them great is that STAPs and AATs easily fit into and facilitate CIS lists whereas most vehicels just kind of exist in the same place as a list that has little for them and this is where I really think the Trifighter has so much more potential with the factions as they are currently than the TIE Interceptor could ever really hope to.

    Good points, I even think the double repositioning for interceptors are less valuable in 2.0 as there often are way more ships in a list, so even if you dodge a ship or two, chances are the opponent has your escape routes covered. green dice have been nerfed and if you double repoed, you are probably tokenless and will die because green dice are cruel heartless things.

  6. 47 minutes ago, Gupa-nupa said:

    Question for the community: If you were going to create another pilot for the sith infiltator, who would it be?

    Mas Amedda. Seems like a sly politician like him could be sent out by Sidious in the Infiltrator. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Gupa-nupa said:

    Whatever its design is, it would need to be different from the magna guard (which would be a fun ship to design next....)


    I like the idea if having a bonus die while in the front or rear arc. 

    [company’s name here] fan blade: at the start of the engagment phase, you may gain a reinforce token. While you defend, if the attacker is in your (front arc) or (rear arc) you may roll an additional die. 

    Also, for the Ventress ability, I would rather have it be strain/deplete. It feels like they are under used. And it could be more thematic. 

    Talzin should be 2 force?? And the Nightsisters three pip limited. 

    I think there is loads of design Space here between the ginivix and Magna guard fighter. They are droid pilots after all in a very ordinary fighter. 

  8. I agree that it makes little sense to have Talzin and the nightsisters in cis, but in the same vain as Jango they are some what working what Dooku, more than I ever think they would be Scum. And also I had to do something with the other pilots than Asajj ;). So I gave it kind of Naboo spin where you could fluff wise kind of make a night Sister/Dathhomir list and ignore the rest of the cis. I like the idea of having fewer greens in the side arc, that's seems a nice design reversal of always buffing/nerfing the red dice. 

  9. Asaaj Ventress incredible fast and nimble Blade fighter.

    S´This ship would be for the CIS faction and I think probably not a team player ship like the rest of this factions ship, and aggressive fast fighter, set out to hunt enemy ships on its own

    Should this be our second ship with a white k-turn? Lots of blue straights.  I think its should have 2 attack for another one in its bulls eye firing arc. like the Eta-2. 3hull, 1 shield with one recurring charge. The idea behind the charging shield, is as long as the ship is not destroyed, its huge sail will power up its shield again. Like the Eta its should be really nimble but very fragile if caught. Actions: Maybe reinforce instead of evades. Focus, TL red into boost, BR and Boost.



    * Asajj Ventress: I5. 2 force.  At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 enemy ship in your bulls eye fireing arc  at range 0-3 and spend 1 force . If you do, that ship gains 1 stress token unless it removes 1 green token.

    * Talzin: I3. 3 force. Force tokens cannot be used to modify attacks against this ship.

    ** Nightsister: I3. 1 force. Decoyed (similar to the Naboo handmaidens)

    Zabrakian Defence force: I2.

  10. I oftenn don't like playing against lists that messens with my list. I mostly build crappy lists around  jank ideas, but if  the whole experiment gets shot down by enemy effects, I often feel I had a bad game, because I don't get to have to fun I was plantning on testning. I don't really play to win but to try new ideas.

  11. 9 minutes ago, dezzmont said:

    This looks like a more fair version of Boba's ability, which makes it irritating to me that he wasn't in Scum so that they could "Dash" Boba and let scum have a really strong and efficient mega-ace that isn't an invincible tank.

    I am also in camp 'There is no way Jango was actually a seperatist, if Boba wasn't imperial.' He actually would be a fantastic example of a good character to join Hondo as a 'neutral' named character, though obviously that doesn't work with pilots.

    I hope they just flat out release a scum version of him, but I think sep firespray was a mistake. The only upshot is that it indicates cross faction ships are back on the menu, and I think those are good. Especially because it makes it easier to entice people to new factions with card packs: If H&A2 comes out with a sep and scum pilot, suddenly your Firespray you got for one is valid for the other and you have a very good reason to start collecting because the ship is such a big chonky ship that you can make it into most of a list already.

    Low key that should have been done with the falcon too but I get the desire to sell more than 1 falcon to every 'goodguy nerd, because if the falcon was cross faction they probably could only sell 1-2 per player rather than 3-6.'

    I think cis Jango has some merrit, but Zam Wessel? Clearly she is Scum as Jango should have been, with simply being able to be taken by cis. 

  12. 29 minutes ago, Cerebrawl said:

    Nah, bring like 4 of them and 2 quadjumpers. Toss a bunch of strain and a tractor token or three on a ship, shoot it a bunch, with -2 AGL.

    Round out with Torkil Mux(no title), for the initiative kills.

    I already don't like strain, deplete and all that jazz, seems so unnessesary fidely. X-wing has sooo many tokens now, back in the day evade and focus would do.... Bla Bla old man talking.... 

  13. Hard to say without points for the trifighter, but it being cis, its probably crazy cheap. So until we know the points, I would say the tri fighter, crazy good dial, more tricks and most important token shareing, so its not as doomed when its stressed. Also all pilots seems viable. 

  14. 2 hours ago, Rich P said:

    Best thing about having kids is that you get to legitimately buy lego for them too ... then 'help' them build it


    Honey the SW Lego is not for me, its just a continuation of my childhood collection our kid now gets to continue.

  15. 1 minute ago, Dwing said:

    Now that, or the even smaller Naboo ship Obi and Padme flies to Mustafar on would be really interesting. It could support the N1s with giving them blue straight 4. 

    Wait, this thing is as long as a Gozanti? 0de1ffe72ad0159b2430753782c18945.jpg

  16. 1 minute ago, Odanan said:

    There is another... [crew carrier option]


    Now that, or the even smaller Naboo ship Obi and Padme flies to Mustafar on would be really interesting. It could support the N1s with giving them blue straight 4. 

  17. 1 hour ago, xanatos135 said:

    Don't you think it's very weird that we are most likely getting this ship but it won't come with Palpatine crew since that was in the ARC pack? 😅


    9 hours ago, Odanan said:

    Theta-class shuttle. She is a beauty!
    s-l400.jpg 450?cb=20060405185857

    Palpatine needs a fitting ride!

    PS: but Republic will not be over without the Clone Z-95. Than, I can't see what FFG could add more.

    I feel like we just got this shuttle, it just looks like a LAAT!

  18. 3 hours ago, Darth Meanie said:

    After spending 4, I hope he's out. :lol:

    There are 2 great reasons this has 2 attack dice:

    A.  In the lore, it is essentially a precursor design to the venerable TIE/ln, which has 2 dice.

    B.  In the game, FFG has managed to limit themselves to basically "2 or 3?"  They refuse to do 1 (which, IMHO is dumb} and 4 is power creep.  So, any ship isn't  a major slugger/powerhouse gets 2 attack.  It sounds like this ship is meant to be a swarmer, so 3 attack is probably too much.

    I've been looking forward to this design.  And given that I like the N-1, 2 attack doesn't bother me at all.

    I got at starviper oneshotted by an upsilon the other day at range 3 🤢

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