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  1. On 8/5/2020 at 6:21 PM, Hippie Moosen said:

    This is hard science people. Kanan's are a universally recognized unit of measurement ;)

    Sigh, yes, but it's a unit of time measure ;)

  2. 5 minutes ago, FTS Gecko said:

    I don't believe this has "been long planned" for one second.

    Nope, developer talks on team covenant, the new keywords not yet implemented. Etc. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, Stay OT Leader said:

    That’s exactly the problem AMG urgently need to solve.

    They better, no way im buying star wars ships from scratch to a some what similar game. But game expansions with hotac like contents, ground combat, Space race etc would be cool. Expansions that widens the use of the ships we already own. Maybe even with pilots fitting the expansion. Sure you can play mr racer Ace in the game, but he is mostly good at going fast. Etc. 

  4. I play a bit of Marvel crisis protocol, its a fun game, that lends a lot frem legion. But if x-wing and Legion gets even pricier, to where the Marvel figures are priced, im out. Im already not  buying stuff for Crisis Protocol, because its way to expensive in Denmark at least. 

  5. I have been thinking about implementing huge ships as obstacles instead of rocks etc. They don't move. You place them and maybe they have a weak turret or strong but limited arc and the players each control one. Its just an idea and it might require a obstacles to get people to get close to each other huge ships. You need to get on the opponents side to score points, pick up cargo or maybe get your full list on the table. Maybe you need to reach a beacon that sends a signal to the rest of your fleet. But something like that, to get my huge ships on the table. 

  6. Just a lot of one time burners would be Nice. 1 or 0 points for a one time evade, Focus, TL, barrel roll, bonus attack etc. Nullify a TL from an enemy ship above I 5. Reaction actions,  if you get tl from an enemy ship you may something? ... Just some small trollish stuff. Or for one round you may copy the skill of a named pilot in your arc. 


  7. 10 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

    I do very much like this loophole but cant help but think 5pt for a very rare R2/3 bullseye shot is just too much on the frame. But with possibly more numerous small bases and medium bases in opposing squads, it might have a window in this meta...

    Its away to at least always have a forward faceing arc, so I think in some builds it going to be an ok option. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Revanur said:

    The Tie Brute says you must treat the (full) front arc requirements of your equipped cannon upgrades as turret.

    HLC doesn't have such a full front arc requirement, but a bulls-eye requirement. Meaning HLC will not shoot to the rear and will be able to shoot out the front bulls-eye still when you have your turret to the rear. 

    and you cant even turn the HLV backwards, even if you want to right?

  9. The Tie Brutes ship rule says: Rotating Cannons: You can rotate your turret indicator only to your rear  or  front arc. You must treat the  requirement of your equipped  cannon upgrades as turret .

    My question is, can you turn the Heavy Laser cannon back as it does not have a normal front arc as required by the card? If not, that should mean you could always have a front arc HLC and a rotating cannon at the same time as it has two cannon slots, right?

  10. 11 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

    I really, really like this. It's massively situational and will perhaps be rarely useful, but it's still something that may cause second thoughts on a regular basis. Low key, sneaky abilities like this are normally good fun.

    Thanks, and yes me to, they are fun to ad in a list just for flavor. The pilot can still be cheap but if you choose to invest in some ordnance he could even be great situational.

  11. I have two ideas for some Scum named squints. A z-95 pilot who is the only one who takes damage from a bomb when he is in range  and it detonates. He is both scummy for the bomb player and a hero to his own. 

    A low I scyk who can spend the enemys lock back on them. Sure you can lock him, but if you don't use it, he uses it on you. 

  12. 54 minutes ago, Odanan said:

    Yes, please!

    I really think the Rogue-class will be the new CIS ship (Sheathipede might come first). Sad thing is, it's most likely FFG won't make it dual-faction, so Bane will the ace of the (CIS) pack. Anyway, that ship will be a terrific addition.

    You might be right, but I really don't hope they rob scum of all their Clone Wars "heroes".

  13. 6 hours ago, Matanui3 said:

    Speaking of "cars that look like spaceships," whatever happened to that Porsche spaceship?  Do you think we'll ever get that?

    I do, I think that is going to be FFGs main source for new ships for the Resistance for a long time. I think Disney knows the money is not in their new sequels, so probably won't make a lot of new content for that era any time soon. That said the end battle of ep 9 should provide The resistance with all he ship they will ever need ;)


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