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  1. 50 minutes ago, SDCC said:

    This sounds bonkers. Can they even be hit?!

    Try Klick with R3 astromech and a friendly lock on both 😅

  2. 19 hours ago, Boreas Mun said:

    I don't like that Ahsoka didn't mind being called jedi whole episode. She didn't want to train baby Yoda because of his attachment to Mando, not because she is not a jedi! Maybe she is jedi now?

    The fight between Ahsoka and this girl wasn't the best. They didn't show the whole fight, the same annoying camera on Mando talking with random guy, as during Gamorreans fight few episodes ago. 

    I guess she is handling her feelings a little better than the common 16 year old teenager and can let peoples ignorance pass? No need to tell people what she identifies by.

  3. 8 minutes ago, KCDodger said:

    Luke is a possibility. Right now he's building a new Jedi Order and Ben Solo is... About 4-5 years old right now.

    Ezra is slightly more likely, but I'm not banking on him. Ahsoka's on her own quest, away from Din and Grogu.

    Cal is a possibility, but I doubt it severely. Seems strange to me he'd appear before his Jedi: Fallen Order 2 appearance.

    Y'all expectin' Kyle Katarn though, as a Jedi, listen the time lines up for Legends but thiiiis ain't Legends. I'm... Not expecting it. Cool as it'd be.

    Imaginea an older Rowan Fremaker there, helping Luke build his.new temple, Rowan being a force builder. That would be such a great little easteregg


  4. 4 hours ago, Ysenhal said:

    Yes, this. Assuming Atomic Mass don't go in a wildly different direction I assume we'll see more upgrades like the A-Wing, X-Wing and TIE exclusive ones. There are actually some existing upgrades which in retrospect could have had a keyword restriction, though I doubt they'll get errata now unless some broken combo emerges (e.g. It would make sense for Rigged Cargo Chute to have "Freighter only").

    If AMG do more narrative / alternative event modes we may also see scenarios with restrictions like "One side can only have freighters" or "Separatists, but no droid pilots" or something.


    I had hoped the would ad some rules to the core rules. Like legion keywords. Ships with the Bounty hunter keywords May... Etc. 

  5. 22 minutes ago, drail14me said:


    If it’s Ezra then we have this gap in the story of  how he and Thrawn got back and what they’ve been doing. Does that back story get fleshed out in Mando or we gonna get an Ashoka spinoff?

    I’d really like to see Luke. Mark Hamill was really underutilized in the sequels. 

    I don't really like the idea about baby Yoda going to a Mcguffin Temple, but if Luke shows up im all aboard.

  6. 22 hours ago, That Blasted Samophlange said:

    So..  the latest episode was, again, quite good.  

    Some HUGE name drops, and direction was influenced in equal parts by Akira Kurasawa and Sergio Leone. 


    I must admit I found this episode a bit boring. Cool with the namedrops and what can come of it. But the town felt like something Mando or Ashoka could easily have handled by them selves in any other case. The Kurosawa was heavy but not that earned. I think Filoni still has a lot of matureing to do in live action. Anyways, great  to see Ashoka useing the force in not so Jedi and honorable ways. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, HisEpicness said:

    My entire weekend has been ruined because my store didnt get any eta-2's :(

    I got the other ships, which is good, but almost all the lists I want to play the most need the eta-2....

    I don't think they are out anywhere yet? 

  8. The builder Keywords are still in the PDFs, I wonder what they do and if FFG gets to implement them before handing the game over to Atomic Mass Games. I was expecting X-wing to get something similar to the Legion overhaul with this points adjustment.


    Any thoughts?

  9. 2 minutes ago, Managarmr said:

    Probably unpopular opinion: I would really have preferred keeping the Wookies at 42, but giving them 2 pips.

    I have tried them already way back then at 44, they do not earn their points back.


    Tracers at 2pts. Z95s and Serissu down. Ordnance incoming...


    Nobody commented on Hondo Ohnaka being only 6pts? That is lower than I would have expected!!


    Get everybody to buy  and play Hondo, adjust later? 

  10. 2 minutes ago, GreenDragoon said:

    Inbefore people not reading:

    1. Better (mostly?) participation prizes at store level
    2. Also narrative/other alternate game modes at store level
    3. Large events depend on the COVID situation for 2021 - which is perfectly reasonable
    4. They plan on continuing the large events as they were done before once possible - which would mean a form of nationals, system opens, continentals, worlds

    1) it does not say better, just equeal ;). The stuff they do for MCP is an easy pas for me. But looking forwards to see what they come up with for x-wing. 

  11. 3 hours ago, AceDogbert said:

    Wooo boy I enjoyed the last episode. Carl Weathers did a marvellous job directing it, we got to see lots of toys being used (Code Cylinders! Speeder Bikes! Protocol Droid Education System!), hints of a greater plot (and potential ties into the First Order) and there were plenty of nice details littered throughout. Seeing an Arquitens in live action was a joy, as it is always nice to see the smaller vessels of the Empire get airtime, and from an X-wing player perspective we're likely to eventually get the Outland TIE (or whatever it is officially called) as we've now seen it used by both a 'named' character and generic mooks. The card art is practically drawn already from the episode concept art they flung over the credits...

    Only thing I disliked in the episode was the m Word and the potential tie to the sequels. I really hope the show only keep referring to the Republic and possible First Order Tie in, as a fan I really reeeeaaally dislike midiclorians and the new trilogy. I know they can't erase it, but just keep it in the background, real low, so we don't have to deal with that nonsense any more then we have to. 

    Regarding the outland tie, I hope we get some new pilots, but I don't see anything that makes it different to an ordinary tie. We don't even know if this is just ordinary ties in the Disneyverse do we? 

    And yes its was great to see all the imp stuff :)

  12. A general problem I see with many figure games now, is it is not young people or new players it attracts because of the price. In my x-wing group I think we have gotten two new x-wing players and lost a lot more to 2.0. Likewise MCP is played by guys who used to play x-wing. But a cross the boards its mostly older guys (sorry guys 😂) already bitten by figure gaming and with a lot of capital who buys x-wing and MCP. I think these games has priced a lot of people out with their high prices. No way I would start with x-wing if I had to start my collection today.  X-wing was my gate way game back into figure games after being grossed out by the GW machine many years ago. It was fast, easy and reasonably cheap to get into. I don't think 2.0 have any of those advantages anymore. 

  13. 11 hours ago, That Blasted Samophlange said:

    This last episode, I think, hits a lot of points if you are a parent l.   The cable instruction, as well as the spit up.    

    You may find these funny, but unless you have kids (or take care of them often) you don't get the full picture.  

    Pluse Carson “space Appa” Teva shows up again?  Love it.  

    I also need a gif of Greef and companies faces as they go off the ledge.   I laughed out loud with that.

    Yes, baby Yoda need a real parent soon, spending way to much time with cool reckless uncle 😅

  14. 9 hours ago, Scum4Life said:

    1 Jango Firespray only, so I have three unique firespray paint schemes, Boba, Jango and my custom fleet paint scheme.


    Not sure what to do with the separatist cards...


    Sell them to me :) I already have a Jango slave one, so wont be getting the official. 

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