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  1. I agree, might give it more hull, less shields for gameplay though (If it ever his the table, I almost never play Rebels) But focus, turret Swivel. TL, maybe coordinate. I like the idea of it being a help to the rebels, more than a threat, so maybe an ability where it can hand out an evade to 1 friendly ship at ange 0-1 each turn as long as it has shields. The shield envelop the close by friends or something like that.
  2. Targeting assist could be fun to try. With snapshot. For that early low I token buff.
  3. Have you seen The Mandalorian? An X-wing kill team vipes out a space station, when they where called out for a prison transport, no questions asked. I guess a few innocent people where on that space station, the x-wing pilots took like another day at the office.
  4. This book has RO-GR on the front and M-OC inside. Can we get the Star Scavenger for X-wing now ;)?
  5. As new players I think you can easily forgo the gunboat until its rerelease, its not theceasiet ship to get to work for beginners anyways. I don't know if anybody really flies the Khirax these days?
  6. It's like Star Wars is slowly comming back from some horrid nightmare, this looks so cool
  7. The files for those who want to make one Ithorian Herd ship Thingiverse
  8. This is my design of an Ithorian freighter/personal ship, based on the idea of the Ithorian Herd ships. This guy is working for the Rebels, smuggling stuff like tibanna gas canisters in the forest on his ship. The pilot himself sits high on top of it all and can enjoy the view of the forest and the stars above. Due to Ithorians being generally very peaceful, this ship is lightly armored with a pair of lasers that can swivel around the ship. Furthermore the ship has a docking bay for smaller fighters with a shield barrier normally used in much lager ships. I see this ship filling a "healer role" in a list, more than something that deals a lot of damage. and I have an idea of a funky way of UFO flying, where you can put your move dials down, using any side of the base, as the ship technically don't have a front, you always have to put your turret indicator to the side that you use though. Then it will probably be a red action to turn the turret. But I will see if I ever get that tested.
  9. That short was really cool.
  10. One thing is certain for this Trilogy, they did not know what to do with a single character. Not one got a satisfying conclusion.
  11. This made sense to be made in Legos for the game . The Freemakers Starscavenger. Something that will never happen, but I wish this ship got an official x-wing expansion one day.
  12. Yup, I was hopeing the LAAT would come with a way to get sideslip, its the first the thing we see it do in the Geonosia arena.
  13. Dwing

    What's coming next?

    Now we just need that other Tie Defender pilot from her office.
  14. No but those ships are better support in any other list than the regular tue is. 2.0 is much more a dice game for better and worse. Evades are nerfed and Ties can take a tl and save an action for later. Droids have their droifocus shareing, cheap missil es and ability to be turrets. Its not like the common Tie is way overcosted or unplayable, just seem a little to expensive.
  15. Yeah that sounds bad to... Okay maybe not so suited for 200pts, a pitty, it could be fun somehow to be able to use them like that.
  16. Yes 5 attacks seems a bit to brutal. Maybe it would work if it was kept to maximum attacks per round in 200pts play?
  17. Well if you see my original post, a swarm without Howlie is the main thing im asking about, lists where they consist about half they points are not really tie swarms are they?
  18. I get that they are good fillers, but its a shame something pretty movie thematic as a tie swarm seems to be locked into useing Howlrunner.
  19. But should the standard ties not be cheaper then, so Howlrunner is not a must.
  20. I only play 200point games with everything allowed... old 1.0 normal ;). I know I can play whatever if the opponent agree, but are they balanced for the 200pts format?
  21. Could it be done and be some what balanced? I own these ships but never play epic and has not converted to the new epic format, so I don't know if these ships would break a normal 200pts game, but I would probably be more inclined to play epic once in a while if I had a better feeling for these ships and could get some normal training and gameplay with them. Would it be bad for normal gameplay to include these ships?
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