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  1. Dwing

    Friday....., Imps or Rebs?

    Hmmm... - I love the Tie Reaper model, the pilots are a bit meh to me. -Krennic is cool, a modern classic villain in the movies and probably would have been to in 1.0 too. - But maaaan, does 5 x-wings look good on the table. X-wings with reposition!!! - No K2 again? None of the expansions is a must buy for me, I am waiting to see how 2.0 turns out before I spend more money on X-wing, unless I reeeaaaly wan't that Tie Reaper, just for the model. So I guess the Tie Reaper wins for me?
  2. My favorite T-70 list. Snap, Ello and Blue Ace = List of Zippyness. Soon it will be bye bye to the Resistance.
  3. Dwing

    Units from Solo

    Solo has so much Imperial goodness. Low "conscript" soldiers, new letherjacket wearing trech leaders, Mimban mud troopers, new heavy speederbikes. New walker. Viper droids.
  4. Dwing

    How will quick build cards work?

    Personally I just prefere to build my own stuff and they will pretty fast be outdated. I think the idea of quickbuilds is nice, but why they did just not include it as a beginners option in the app, and save on printning, I don't know.
  5. Dwing

    How will quick build cards work?

    I have a feeling my QuickTime cards will be looked at once, then put in the bag with my million cards that explain how boost works.
  6. Dwing

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    That's only good for Vader, not the Tie Advanced in general.
  7. Cut all your fleet troopers in half and get two units for one units prize, Vader style!
  8. Dwing

    Are you going to buy Saw’s Renegades?

    Nope don't want another U-wing and im waiting to see if 2.0 is bringing the fun back. I can just proxy the cards if I switch to 2.0
  9. Republic, the faction of tiny Space gocarts. And lets not have any One Eyed Monsters in the game, the list names would be nsfw in no time.
  10. Dwing

    Ask them anything?????

    How come you know so much about Mynocks?
  11. Dwing

    Season 2 OP Kits!

    Good ability, but I don't get the fluff behind it. Think Saws paranoia should play in some how.
  12. Dwing

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    You need to thank everybody then.
  13. Dwing

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Im sure I can train my kids to play it...
  14. Dwing

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    I see nothing here, that for me, justifies bying the Rebel conversion kit... Oh well, gloryfied Micro Machines my models are now.
  15. Dwing

    Dwing's AT-ST

    I can make it work from my computer, so now there are pics in the OP