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  1. Dwing

    Wave 2 Release Article up. "Happy Beeps"

    Thanks. I have no recollection of that at all though 😕
  2. Dwing

    Wave 2 Release Article up. "Happy Beeps"

    Happy beeps... I don't get it? Just like a happy R2 sound?
  3. Dwing

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    Gotta sell those new Kits.
  4. Dwing

    Fanmade ST era Y-Wing and Tie Bomber

    Technically its well made, but I really don't see the need to have a 1 to 1 translation of every ship. Resistance had the Star Fortress, its nice with some difference.
  5. Dwing

    Star Wars episode IX

    Something most people don't care about seeing in the movies? Sure that will probably happen ;).
  6. Dwing

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    2.0 = The age of proxy!
  7. Dwing

    Your Black Friday Haul?

    New Dish Washer, couple of shirts. Hobby related, pack of green stuff..
  8. Dwing

    First quarter Reviews

    Rebels are just no longer the TLT faction, they will spring back as soon as their players relearn to fly... shots fired ;)!
  9. Dwing

    Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?

    Medium and large ships decloack with the 1 stright right? It won't be to hard to hit it as is, but we don't know how the experimental cloak works yet, so there might be a nice surprise hidden there for the Scimitar.
  10. Dwing

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    Without having Dooku in the same faction to constantly tell to "DEW IT", it just won't be the same!
  11. Dwing

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    Sidious would fit better in the CIS or Empire factions.
  12. Dwing

    Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?

    They also have named pilots which are spammable, we don't know what they do yet, maybe some boosts agility and others attack, they its up to you to decide which way to go with your list. I think they will be faily close to tie fighters in points. Yes there is one less green, but with the shared droid focus and ability to ignore rocks, they are probably going to be close.
  13. Dwing

    Y-Wings Wave IV?

    Awww you are right.
  14. Dwing

    Y-Wings Wave IV?

    Have you ever heard the tragedy about Darth Plaguis the Wise? Some said he could even prevent people from dying... That or maybe all artwork used is not a sign of things to come
  15. Dwing

    Y-Wings Wave IV?

    How it is interesting? Just going along on the topic of he thread, if art used on cards is spoiling stuff to come.