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  1. That,s a to absolute of a conclusion to get to. For some ships, generic spam would be a perfectly fine way of measuring their worth. Ordinary fighters like Ties and x-wings for example. Maybe not shuttles, carriers and such.
  2. Sure most ships are best in a combo with other lists, that does not mean that ex. 6 N1's should be "bad" (not saying they are). But in a perfectly balanced game 200 vs 200 pts should equal a somewhat equal match if they players are equally good. Off course some ship, which are clearly designed to be support ships and such are exceptions to the case, but again, a N1 is supposed to be an ordinary fighter, and facing 6 generics are not even slightly scary. The naked N1 is like an expensive Tie in some ways, yes yuo often get the free evade, but you only have 2 greens, so having a focus an an evade is not as valuable as on a tie defender. A tie fighter can't take missiles or torps, but they have Howlrunner stabled to most swarms, the N1 don't have this buffing leader ship, so another case fr the generic going down a point or 2. Same case with the V-19 torrent, you can take 8 and swarm them, but why would you? Why not cost it so that actually is a list worth considering, it just opens u pmore lists and swarms to play and still won't be up there with the "best" lists of mixed ships. A whole other point is that x-wing is not only for tourney players, I just can't be bothered always trying to break the current meta, but is is very satisfying when you fly win against akk your mates training for the next big tourney, with your janky list, not considered good.
  3. Nope, but as the thread is about "fixing" generics, dropping the price down om the N1 so you can have 6, just means it could function both as a torp Carrier or swarm ship. It just have to go from 34 points to 33 to achive this.
  4. Having played around 8 games now with 5 N1's, I thing the generics are a bit to expensive. Dont hit hard enough and with ordnance.droids and system slot they quickly become to expensive. I think the price could be dropped so that you could fly 6 generics in a swarm, without it being to powerfull at all. Ric and Anakin does all the work in my lists, and I am to purist to fly the ships together with other non Naboo ships, so can't say if there are powerfull combo builds to be made, but 6 generic N1 are not overpowered.
  5. Dwing

    Rename X-Wing

    New name??? Star Wars, Tokens... tokens every where. A bit long, but very discribing for 2.0.
  6. Wow, that is pretty close to the new star destroyer!
  7. No no, just the idea of builing a ship with kyper crystal, to make it into an even more power full weapon :). I kinda wish a couple of the Freemaker ships made it into the game though.
  8. And in season 2 of the Lego Freemakers show...
  9. Totally forgot, have not played it in 2.0 yet.
  10. Looking at the size of the card packs, I don't think there is room for big ship base cardboard, so I would bet on a Firespray repaint for seps at some point.
  11. A training montage would indeed been even more silly and dumb, yes.
  12. If it ends up being Kylo in the Tie that Rey flips over, its just to stupid. If its some no name, not knowing what Rey can do, sure what ever, cool visuals over story. But if its Kylo, he is just to **** stupid.
  13. I think its foreshadowing on Vaders part. The Emperor made Vader manipulating the force, Vader built C-3po. The Emperor is back, Vader has one last trick, the Emperor will never see comming. C-3po with a huuuge Gun... OhgodIcantwaitforthistobeover...
  14. Can you just imagine how we will all laugh and laugh when c-3po will pulls out a big gun, because its c-3po 😑...
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