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  1. Does anyone have a fun inspiring list containing a couple of these guys ( I have 4). I really like the look of this ship, but I can't really see a use for it. Weak missiles, weak dial, no shields against a pretty brutal 2.0 damage deck. I can see the usefullness of Tucker, but the rest of the named guys seems lackluster. Bring on the suggestions, and if possible it would be cool with something else than just potential filler around a Jedi hero ;). I will be flying 4 gold squadrons + 3 bravo flight officers later today, to try out a republic swarm.
  2. Dwing

    YASB Bugging out?

    Yup, its ny favorit builder by far and I know its all on volenteer basis, so I wont complain, I just hope it gets fixed whenever :).
  3. TLT... Now theres a card I have not missed at all. Basically broke 1.0.
  4. Aayla is only 5pts and a super army buffing hard count er to him.
  5. Now if the Freemakers had shown up I would have been excited
  6. - Dark Troopers as jump infantry. - Inquisitors - The two Imperial officers from Mandalorian, I would be great to see those as characters in their Imperial heydays. - Tarkin. - Imperial shocktroopers, including stormtrooper flametrooper.
  7. Is this something official and where do I find it?
  8. I have painted two units White and prestige looking, for those I used gloss varnish on the top of the helmet and shoulderpads. It gives it enough of an effect to look shiny without it becomming to glossy looking.
  9. Lukes green one and Vader share a first place for me.
  10. Can we please get Talonbane Cobra as one as the pilots for ultimate name schlock 😂
  11. Well we vere playing for fun and I don't think he was betting on me rolling two surges... I still lost the game
  12. I just had a Skirmish game where Grievous almost wiped out two squads of troopers, but then Vader entered the game with killer dice, got Grievous down to two lives. Next round Grieves played a card which allowed him to flee, he shot at Vader, Vader deflected two shots back at Grievous and killed him... Those kinds of moments are FUN!!!
  13. Its really not a lot to ask from a series that has spent I don't know how many movies to tell us these planet killing weapons are special and something to be feared. To have Palp all of a sudden just have thousands of them is both lazy, takes away the exitement from previous movies and kind of makes Palp a ***** for not using them
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