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  1. These makes more sense for x-wing than legion?
  2. Flight assisted Pilots

    Prime thrusters is a must, and only 1 point.
  3. Flight assisted Pilots

    But then there is no room for flight assisted astromech
  4. Flight assisted Pilots

    Blue Ace sadly don't have an ept and the t-65 fix won't do him no good.
  5. Flight assisted Pilots

    Snap Wexly and Blue Ace.
  6. Happy Friday on Friday

    Imps: Tie pusher, let that big Boy shoot multipel times per rund, unload all the tubes. Rebels: B-wing, its original SW, it should just see more rable time. Scum: Firespray... Probably also Misthunter and Kimogila just because we spend money on them...
  7. Synced Turret

    I brought the Tie aggressor to the table for the 3rd time since it was released yesterday thinking, "Alright, I refuse to taint myself using TLT, lets give this Synched turret a go." I had Double Edge with LF, Dead Eye, synched turret and unguided missiles... Played against Flight assisted Wes Janson... never got to fire the bloody thing once!!!
  8. We've been crying about TLT long enough.

    Things can ruin a game without being op. TLT being one of the most no brainer things to fly and a **** experience to fly against.
  9. The New TIE Scout?

    Looks like something the cartoonist was not paid enough to do a proper design for. Don't be cheap Disney, we get ship like this as a result.
  10. What if TLT wasn’t in the game?

    Easily the most fun sucking upgrade in the game, I would be happy if we forgot about that card.
  11. Whats your bid ?

    I always spend my 100 points, im here to party.
  12. The Arrestor Cruiser

    It's randomly mentioned Death Star technology, god **** i dislike Last Jedi... But that ship looks to big for x-wing juding by the bridge.
  13. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

  14. (Spoilers) Solo - Millenium Falcon

    I guess I can talk about this now, since Lego has shown this themselves. The front part of the Falcon is also a shuttle on the Lego model (had this model in my hands at work last week ;)) So I am pretty sure this will be a dramatic part of the movie where the Falcon jettion its shuttle and we se a Falcon close to what we know, rader dish up and all.
  15. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    How do we know when the Solo movie take place?