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  1. At some point I'd like to learn the Imperials, but those are going to be for him, I'm going to use Rebels.
  2. Hoping to start playing again in 2020. Haven't played in about 5 years, so I need to re-learn the game. Trying to get my 14 year old to play, so if I can't make it out to the local gaming stores, at least I can get a few games in at home as I clear out the rust. My son is interested in Imperials, here's what I have from 1.0: 4x TIE fighters (starter set), TIE Defender, TIE Bomber, TIE Aggressor, TIE Advanced, Imperial Aces set 2.0 Conversion set Looking for suggestions on what else to pick up to round those out, and any starter list suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. I only live a few minutes from the convention center, so I stopped by on Thursday to try and get some answers about the "wait" list since I wasn't seeing any responses online. The person at the FFG booth running events told me there was still 8 players on the Wait List, and I would be considered a walk up if I wanted to try and play on Saturday. Honestly I didn't really feel good about having to wait and see if all 8 got in, and then if I didn't wasted my time. If I had any idea so many people weren't going to show up I would have gone. I only play casually, so it would have just been for fun, even if I got shredded by SC.
  4. I never heard, but was it ever mentioned if all the slots were filled for Saturday? How many players are actually participating?
  5. My concern was spending $35 on a badge, then paying $30 to be on the wait list and not getting a chance to play. $65 wasted if that ended up being the scenario. Wasn't going for any other events, so not a gamble I was willing to take. Good luck to those on the list.
  6. This isn't Rocket Science. You started a topic, readers replied. It seems pretty obvious they stated that the game is in a good place and they expect more product to come out in the coming months. The only people that know for sure are those that work for FFG. So the answer to the original question is a guess at best. If you are looking for product on sale, do a little research and there's a good chance some online vendor, auction site, or your local gaming store might be having a sale.
  7. Haven't had the chance to read the whole post yet (on a time crunch at work), but my 2 cents is I would love to see Boba Fett fixed. I really want to use him, but for his points I have better options. Looking forward to see what everyone has added to the discussion.
  8. I played for the first time on Lothal this past weekend at our local event. We had the scenario where each player alternates deploying a single character or group (up to 8 spaces) until all pieces have been placed. Then you start the first round. I started in the blue area, and ended up with most of my figures on the left side, as I was reacting to my opponents placement of Thrawn and the Emperor over in that general area. Lots of maneuvering as we danced around that RED blocking terrain square in the middle of the corridor. His heavy hitters were positioned about 6-7 squares in from the left near the BLUE terrain diagonal squares. We ended up having a good slug fest, with my Onar, Zeb, Sabine and Hondo trying to take down his big guns. I actually liked the map, despite the deployment conditions/scenario we were working with.
  9. I realize it's a little early, but who plans on showing up to play/practice on that Thurs/Fri before World's? Would love to meet some people and play some games.
  10. Just got an email from Adepticon pretty much saying the same. Once they know how many of the 40 spots are claimed, the rest will open up for the wait list. The person from Adepticon did say they were waiting to hear from FFG.
  11. It would be nice to know how many slots will open up in March. As mentioned by others, hate to spend the money on a badge to only find out I can't get a ticket to play IA.
  12. The Clawdite was fun to play. I would say overall it was an average figure, although I think it could have some value as a secondary attacker. I was focusing a lot on my main hitters, and need to work on my use of backup and secondary personnel. Definitely worth giving it a try.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Would love to go, especially since I live about 10 minutes from the convention center. Hate to buy a pass, get on the wait list, then find out I can't get a ticket to play Imperial Assault. At that point can't get a refund, and most likely wouldn't be playing any other games.
  14. Yes, I did play Brian from Michigan during round 4. I went into the Regional looking to be competitive and just have fun. Went 1-3, which for me was beyond what I was looking for. That was my first "W" playing IA. Had a really good time, and was able to get a LOT of good advice about my list and playing in general. Looking forward to trying out a lot of command cards the guys talked with me about and tricks they used. We had 14 players. Not sure the overall breakdown of squads, but I faced Spectre Cell, Vader/Palpatine/Thrawn, Vader/Troopers/Royal Guards, and Han/DRokkatta/Sabine/Hera/R2/3PO. One of the big take aways was be more aware of who I was attacking with what figures. Vinto attacked the first Vader I played several times hoping to lay some damage on him, but basically got nothing through. I realized too late I should have gone after the lesser characters that I probably could have hit. Little things like that. Had a huge miss vs. Han because he was able to dodge with his roll, and Hera was able to escape with (I think) On the Lam when IG-88 probably would have killed her. Brian really utilized his command cards very well. Like I said, had a great time, and can't wait for our next local get together to keep playing and trying out new things.
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