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  1. I emailed them with the exact same question. The answer was 2-5 days.
  2. I showed the book to my group on the weekend. After going through the rules, an interesting joke came up: "what if you're on fire?" This was expanded upon to include being splashed with acid, or bitten by a cobra. Essentially, what about things that will continue to worsen until you deal with it? My solution was that in these situations you will continue to accrue one stress per turn until receive treatment (extinguish the fire, neutralize the acid, suck out the poison) and convert it to a trauma. To prevent this from killing you outright in less than nine turns, we agreed that resistance would slow the progression (one resistance slows it to one stress every two turns, and so on). What do you guys think? Feel free to post any other homebrew ideas or house rules here as well.
  3. I actually emailed FFG on two separate occasions, and asked if it would be on Amazon. The answer was "I don't know." I have seen it on Amazon.uk, but not Amazon.com, or Amazon,ca.
  4. Just saw the trailer for "Jurassic World". There's an "End of the World" setting - trapped in a haywire theme park full of things that want to kill you. "Westworld" would also be pretty good.
  5. Has anyone played "Alien Isolation?" It gave me an idea for a scifi setting. Combines "Pandorum," "Alpha Prime," and what little I've seen of "Routine." Something goes wrong during your transfer to [insert name here] station. You awaken in a hanger-bay when your cryo-pods run out of power and engage emergency-animation - you have no idea how long your pods have been piled up (most are smashed open, but yours escaped notice). The station is trashed, full of homicidal maniacs, and malfunctioning robots. It turns out some super-sketchy research was going on here - maybe a madness-inducing virus (a la "Crossed") . Eventually, the government/corporation responsible for this situation sends a "clean-up crew" to eliminate evidence. The players are stuck between raving lunatics, homicidal droids, and mercenary killers. Can they survive long enough to get home?
  6. Every RPG I ever bought from FFR was released on hardcopy first, and PDF many weeks (or months) later. It's unfortunate, because I don't have any good gaming stores near me, so shipping from FFG-HQ is kinda expensive - early PDF releases would be nice.
  7. Heads up everyone. The status has changed from "On The Boat" to "Shipping Now." Expected in stores by 23/12/14. I guess we'll be able to order it directly from FFG about that same time as well.
  8. A really crazy setting would be the old Tri-Tac game "Incursion." The players are all abducted by aliens for slave labour, and then wake up from cryo-sleep in the midst of a slave revolt. In the end, the slavers and slaves wipe each other out, leaving the players with their own starship, in a distant corner of the galaxy, with no map home. As I recall, the starship was made by a super-advanced race to be "user-friendly" for less-developed species, so the players could figure it out without to many airlock mishaps. Then, they could begin their planet-hopping quest to find a reliable starchart to Earth.
  9. I like the "sucked into a board game" idea. Never buy stuff from creepy old men, who own dusty antique stores, that disappear as soon as you leave. "Board games, down that aisle between the mogwais and the monkey paws."
  10. By non-canon, I just meant settings not provided by the End of the World books - mostly non-apocalyptic. For the most part, you might just choose setting-appropriate features (e.g., +Expert Swordsman, +Born in the Saddle). A non-apocalyptic setting would probably by easy, with just a system for personal resources - maybe as features (+Cop, -Indebted). A fantasy setting might likewise need a low-impact magic system (no ideas yet). A cyberpunk setting might need a hacking system.
  11. I like what I've seen about this system so far. Looks like it could be used for just about any human-centric campaign setting with just a few extra plug-ins. Has anyone else considered playing non-canon settings?
  12. It better get to the FFG warehouse soon if we're going to see it before New Years. We'll still need a few weeks for it to ship out.
  13. Click "Upcoming" at the top of the screen. It's said "on the boat" for about two weeks now. A quick google-ing suggests that a transatlantic cargo ship takes 10-22 days.
  14. Interesting system. I wonder if the GM rolls for NPCs, or if their dice is simply added to the player's roll as negative dice. Making everything a player-only roll would certainly speed up gameplay (it sure does in Numenara). Though I guess that would mean that NPCs wouldn't have characteristics, but probably several traits. In fact, non-human NPCs might have traits that contribute multiple dice (a dog might have ++Keen Ears and Nose, and Cthulhu might have +++++All-Powerful). I might be way off-base, but that's the kind of potential I see for this kind of system. A player declares an action and the GM only needs to throw a couple negative dice (or some extra positive if the odds are, indeed, in their favour), and let the player sort out the rest. Keeps things quick, and the players always feel like the power is in their hands.
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