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  1. Tray wise... Maybe they could add some strong magnets to the trays, and let them snap together. Magnets would need to be strong enough to keep the trays together when moving. Add some type of rod and hole system so they stay together when picked up maybe.
  2. I think I get it now. At first all I could see is two units that may have wanted to engage each other, not do so due to selections on the movement template. They instead walk right past each other. Which seemed absurd. Now I can look at it as they are just repositioning to engage later. I feel now the timing is more on a micro scale (I think I will do this. Oh no you did that. I didn't see that coming. I'm going to have to try this.) Rather then engagements being based on instant reactions. (I see you did that so I'll do this.) Hidden move choices are a good representation of how add the mind game to the battle. When you look at your opponent and they smile back thinking that's exactly what I thought you would do, and they spring their trap. I am liking this much more now. Thanks for the input.
  3. I can't grasp the movement templates aspect. Maybe as more is revealed it will make sense. I got a few questions though. Can we about face, or are we stuck doing wheel like rotations to turn around? I don't see anything that looks like a reversal on the dial. Why would blocks of infantry have to guess where another block of infantry will end up? Having to pick straight, slow turn, or quick turn in secret seems out of place. These aren't fast moving vehicles. I could see picking a template after seeing the opponents move. So the unit would stay in formation or something. Guessing though. What for? If both units are moving forward they would most certainly meet. Can we side step? Again don't see anything like that on dial.
  4. Just saw this Rogues and Villains Expansion for 9.94 + free shipping. Just ordered 3. Says they have 20 left. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Armada-Villains-Expansion/dp/1633441210?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_1&smid=A1EQG40PV1ZFFB
  5. They make a deeper version. http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-25-Removable-Compartment-Professional-Organizer/dp/B00005QWYF/ref=pd_bxgy_469_img_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=0VJG0SS7EZQRG5ECFJ20 It holds the x-wing epic ships. I am getting an ISD this weekend. If you wait I'll see how it fits in the 25-Removable Compartment case.
  6. I really hope they do this for Armada. I too want black. Green, red, and clear would be my next choice. I haven't broken any yet, but should that happen. It would be nice to be able to buy replacements of different colors.
  7. Is it really? Why? It's a paid game, that has certain rules, which we all subscribe to when we want to play, you're not forced to play the game, you have the choice right? Can you imagine people choosing to not care and allow proxies too? I can. (nope; would not try to proxy stuff at tournaments myself. But would shrug and allow my opponent to have a copied card of somesuch. As long as the list is legal and models are correct I do not care.) I can too. If your the type of person who gets upset about proxy cards in a casual game. Than that's on you. If your the type of person who has to go and buy every card for every ship to feel good about yourself that's on you too. Most people play a game to have fun.
  8. That is from The Little Shop of Horrors movie. I don't think it looks like a whale. To me it looks more like a Gold fish.
  9. Darth Ruin I agree with you that we could come up with several scenarios that allow us to achieve 7 rams in a turn. It also seems we agree that it’s unlikely to happen. With that said. It would be cool if some group got together and made a 7 corvette list. To see what kinds of shenanigans they could pull off with ramming everything to victory. I’d be interested to hear what they find out. If ramming was determined to be OP. The only fix I can come up with isn’t changing the ramming rules, but increasing the ships firing ranges. This then might result in a bigger first turn advantage. Bring up a new set of problems. So without someone actually trying this build out we can only speculate as to its effectiveness.
  10. 7 ships ramming one ship I can't see that happening. They will more likely ram each other. Trying to get past one another, or just miss due to trying to avoid ramming their own ships. Your fix would just make large ships ram more. If a small ship came within ramming distance to my large ship. I wouldn't hesitate to ram it to deal 3 damage. If I can do 1 damage (corvette) 2 damage (Neb B) from firing, it would be a dead. I would probably ram the Medium base ships too. Your just turning a hypothetical 7 ram damage into a no brainer 3 ram damage. You think ramming could be bad now. It would be the norm after a change like that.
  11. jousting implies going right in its face, not right past it one of these is the correct move, the other is a scrap dealer's dream of course, as shown, just because you can't joust doesn't mean you can't be aggressive I believe Inksplats description is correct. Jousting ships would move past each other. You seem to be getting jousting confused with a game of chicken.
  12. I caught the end of your live show as I was surfing YouTube and saw your link. I am just wondering if your going to be doing any push-ups for every reply you get here. : ) I will be watching this to see what I missed. You two Joes are very entertaining.
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