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  1. Round 2 was against Prockets Jake and Fan Han. Jake got one-shotted by a Homing Missile (Crit to Direct Hit) and I was consistently only getting one damage from Han, preventing Luke + Predator from causing massive damage. My opponent's poor dice plus my missiles killed the Falcon; I didn't lose a ship, 100-0 (my opponent did go on to make the Day 2 cut, though!) I had a good time playing you though. Out of the three matches that I lost Jake, two of them were crit into direct hit. Bummed that you didn't make the cut. That looked like a fun list to fly.
  2. I am the "recycle guy" at my FLGS. When people open their packaging at the store they give it to me to throw in my recycle bins. I had to talk to my wife about this to convince her I was not buying extra ships.
  3. I've been enjoying this a lot lately. No need to target lock, just evade/focus or boost focus.
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/10/30/a-pilots-options/ While I would probably like to see the new damage deck exclusively, when FFG backtracked on their decision, they made it clear that you could choose based on your squad.
  5. This. You'll be moving around a lot. Whatever you can do to move quickly and without forgetting any of your stuff will help you to focus more on your games.
  6. Crisis averted! My opponent found the Facebook message and I have a mailing address. Whew!
  7. Long shot, but I'll post here anyway... If anyone from the store is reading this, I accidentally grabbed my last opponents YT-1300 dial. I didn't discover it until just now. If you should get a call from someone looking for it, get his address and I'll send it back. I also posted this on the Facebook event page. I feel really bad.
  8. Well done sir! Game Annex in Fort Wayne, IN is January 30th.
  9. I just want to say that I'm all for calling this card "Guidance Chimps." Complete with an alt art card of monkeys pushing buttons.
  10. I ran this same list( I called it 8 kHz), but put VI on Cracken to keep him from being 1-shotted before passing the focus to Doni. I also run navigator on Doni. You can put that ship almost anywhere with navigator after most other ships move.Oh, and rolling 7 red dice with a focus and a guaranteed 3 hits...a very good feeling. I also ran a Miranda Jan combo. I ran Miranda with a blaster turret and rec spec. Fun for 5 dice turret shots.
  11. Happy Friday! Sunday is a tournament in town. We're trying something different. 2v2 with each person bringing 75 points each. Should be interesting if nothing else!
  12. A little surprised by the amount of teachers here. Myself, I teach elementary music. During the week of May the 4th, we spend time talking about John Williams and how music adds to movies. For the occasional side job, I write/arrange music for marching bands.
  13. Can someone translate? I literally have no clue what is being said. He's talking about the art on the Gunner card. It's a wookie, and Bossk is not so fond of wookies. It's not a gameplay issue.
  14. I've flown a version of this. So hard to keep together, but so much fun when everything clicks!
  15. I've wanted to play epic for a while and now the rest of my local group is excited about it because of the Raider. Hopefully, if the excitement falls off after awhile, it'll be rekindled by the Gozanti.
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