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  1. My group uses X-wing whenever we get into space combat, but Edge for everything else. Basically we all started out with equal amounts of "Squad XP" and a starfighter. We don't have anything larger than that at the moment. Every fight we get into nets us more Xp to spend directly on our X-wing Only Levels. In order to level up, we have to spend double xp per the level: 2nd - 4xp 3rd - 6xp 4th - 8xp And so on till level 9, coming out to a total of 44xp to level up to Max. Every level gets you access to the ability to have a new mod equipped, and 3 of the levels give you access to a new Elite Pilot Talent to have equipped. Basically: 1 - Elite Pilot Talent (EPT) 2 - Mod 3 - EPT 4 - Mod 5 - Mod 6 - Mod 7 - Mod 8 - Mod 9 - EPT This indicates the amount of Mods and Elite Pilot Talents the player may have simultaneously equipped to their ship according to their level. The XP they earn is also currency for buying these pilot talents, according to the card's requirements. So you have to level up enough to equip the mod or EPT, Buy the Mod or EPT with xp, and then use Edge game currency to purchase and install the damned mod on your ship. We haven't had the chance to get higher than level 2 yet, so no word on if it's ridiculous at high levels yet, but it is remarkably freeing to not have to stat out a pilot and still stay relevant in space combat. My gunslinger is flying around in a Protectorate, and I can't wait to try out my new talent (I just bought Push the Limit.)
  2. In this instance I think I bamboozled the GM with a topic he was unfamiliar with. In future, I think a triumph or 4 advantage would make more sense.
  3. My character is a gunslinger, but I haven't invested in the talent specifically because I was unsure how it could be applied in game. I love the option to make "trick" shots that change how the fight goes, even when they don't do damage directly (What happens if I shoot a jetpack mid-flight?) but I don't want my character to be that guy who steals the spotlight with his actions in combat. I've been accused of that before. As to the difficulty, we chose to use the enemy (A Nemesis with two ranged defense) as a target, then add the Setback Die for targeting his Missile Tube. At Medium the difficulty became 2 Red, 4 Black. Thanks for the help, folks. I hope I can keep my Called Shots to a minimum to reduce a chance of overuse, but I like the effects so far.
  4. "'Hi there,' said a voice. All our eyes looked through the doorway to the source of the voice. It was a small hangar, with three ships parked inside. Seven figures stood poised in the darkness, most of them holding blaster rifles. The one who spoke stepped forward, eyes gleaming as he hefted his missile tube." We rolled initiative right after this, and I moved first, as the group is familiar with the bonus abilities I get for doing so. I then made a called shot, asking our GM if I could shoot the missile tube and detonate the missile inside. He ruled that I would have to generate as much advantage as the wielder might to activate Blast. My roll ended up with one success and two advantage, and the GM deemed it successful. We won the fight, and the missile tube did blow up in cinematic fashion, but one player felt that my called shot was BS. In his words: it was "too cool" of a moment to get without spending a Force point. My problem is that called shots ( or the variant function of the Aim Maneuver, technically) are not specified as to their effect. I left it up to the GM to decide how much the cost would be to activate, but I recognize the danger of exploitation. Can you offer feedback on what could have been done differently to make my called shots more reasonable? I want to keep doing them, but I don't want it to be an issue. Thanks for reading.
  5. You know, I agree with you. Bogging the game down in details is how you slow down the pace and make it boring for the players. Ultimately, all of the variables of any situation should contribute to one single roll, modified to take them into account. On topic... Counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is an illegal thing you can do.
  6. That really depends on how banking systems work in Star Wars. In reality, after cash money has been taken at a store it is usually deposited in the safe, and then sent to a bank when the store's cash on hand exceeds an acceptable amount. Once the money reaches the bank, the systems for spotting counterfeit money are much more advanced than what you might find at the store level. That's the reason I think it would be discovered relatively quickly, because money always finds its way back to a bank in time.
  7. I'd actually attach more than one check to the counterfeiting. The Intergalactic Banking Clan is literally death on counterfeit credits, and once the bad credits made their way to a Bank that recognized them as bad, there'd be an investigation. It's a big galaxy, but if the party continued to use counterfeit credits, they'd be facing some heavy bounties
  8. Consider a headshot. Most helmets are the weaker part of the armor, and can be more susceptible to damage. In addition, nearly all armor types have to have soft parts for ease of movement. Aiming for one of these places may help bypass soak a bit. Considering the vagueness in the rules regarding resolving a called shot. I actually like this method a lot.
  9. Ooh, that's dangerous. Try forging Wupiupi or Druggats and see how long before the Hutts catch up to you. i don't know how you'd forge credits though. Is a cred stick just a high tech gift card you could reprogram?
  10. Although, considering Spitfire's placement on the Gunslinger Talent tree, this would be a fairly acceptable talent location to allow more than two shots as well. Autofire allows as many shots as you have advantage for - it would make perfect sense for a capstone talent to allow a gunslinger to do the same.
  11. A book that covers alternative Force disciplines. The Nightsisters, The Shapers of Kro Var. Maybe even a section to cover the concept of "Grey Jedi.
  12. There's only so much that can be gained by meditation and training. Wuxia is a form of Chinese fiction that focuses on something called the "Martial Hero," which is a term that fits the Jedi appropriately. These heroes are constantly meditating and training to better themselves, but a common theme in most of the Wuxia stories is that they hit roadblocks in their training that cannot be overcome until they receive the necessary insight. Most often the insight is gained from outside experience, and the meditation and training only shows benefit afterwards. My point is actually in line with Seam By all means let him meditate and train, but give him feedback on it. Create hooks for him to follow in your upcoming adventures and let the hooks mirror your feedback during his downtime so he knows that this is the insight he needs to progress. Maybe these hooks can lead to unique rewards down the road, but it's important that he work for it beyond stating "My character isolates himself to meditate and train."
  13. Me Again. In the last game I ran, the players chased my Nemesis (Who was supposed to escape and come back in due time with evil schemes) down and shot his STAP out from under him, letting him cascade down a flight of stairs in a fireball of screaming agony. Among other things they looted a Moderately Damaged Portable Shield Generator off him, which the Heavy promptly claimed. He hasn't spent the credits to repair it, and he asked if he could still use it. Table 5-4 in Edge Core gives the difficulty for repairing equipment and the penalty for trying to use it while damaged, but you don't really use the Shield Generator - you just turn it on and let it go. Would I apply any difficulty increases regarding it's use? As always, thanks for reading.
  14. Hullo Again I'm a huge fan of the old KOTOR Games, and I always took my character from double-vibroblades to double-bladed lightsabers. The absence of double vibroblades in the FFG Star Wars Ruleset made me decide to attempt a Homebrewed version. Please pitch in opinions as to its balance. The reason for the forced use of the Two-Weapon Combat rule is to simulate the increase in difficulty for the user to properly use this weapon without resorting to the use of the Unwieldy Quality. Thoughts?
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