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  1. Anyone knows where's this is from? The paint scheme for the lambda looks intriguing and i wonder if it has some history
  2. Seems like ffg is moving new products to the gray sleeve size, x-wing 2.0 consists of all gray sleeve size cards as well. Kind of beneficial for us too, as the standard sleeve size is most common and available
  3. Master Coordinater and Fighter Group Leader look fun for a fleet with Yavaris
  4. "Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to a closer look at the task force commanders..." Sorry, just had to point out the usual spelling error 😂
  5. Pretty useful on the SSD which gets a complimentary command token. Use her impulsively whenever you need her, then when you reveal commands that you already have raid tokens for, can let the complimentary command tokens pay them off and your dial is untouched
  6. Strategy: -deploy Corvus -deploy ties -deploy SSD and by this time a non-bomber enemy fleet would have deployed most stuff giving you a better heads-up -redeploy Corvus, then first turn the ties regroup Ninja SSD (64/388/400) ====================== Command Prototype (220 + 48: 268) + Admiral Piett (22) + Admiral Ozzel (2) + Darth Vader (1) + Captain Brunson (5) + Intensify Firepower! (6) + Leading Shots (4) + XI7 Turbolasers (6) + Executor (2) Raider I-class Corvette (44 + 12: 56) + Iden Versio (6) + Ordnance Experts (4) + Corvus (2) 8 x Tie Fighter Squadron (8 x 8 ) Advanced Gunnery Capture the VIP Solar Corona Fling ties against bomber fleets, while having an SSD in good position(hopefully) against other fleet types. Can squeeze in another pair of ties for deployment but then lose out on bidding
  7. Several ace abilities were meant to simulate the variants and loadouts methinks. Norra tells all squadrons under her "command" to switch to ion bombs while Dutch's squadron is equipped with the less available ion turrets. Ketsu Onyo knows how to use her tractor beams. Jonus fires S-Thread Tracers at enemy ships when he is near them. (I don't know what Saber squadron's snipe is supposed to represent) One thing that might have been nice would be a turret keyword that allows turreted ships to split their attack pool into 2 different attacks on 2 separate squadrons
  8. On the way to help swarm generics out
  9. Imperial: 3 shades of grey Rebel: 3 shades of grey/white + some coloured streaks How hard can it be (I speak as a non-painter...) Edit: and engine colour
  10. Just noticed the card count too and they are both a little lower for the new expansions, 9 vs 12+ for previous large expansions..
  11. The deployment game time is going to lengthen
  12. Brace on a Garel's Honor. With other small but significant threats in the fleet like Admo and Yav to use as forks
  13. My sentiments exactly when I first tried the LTP hence during demos with kids and even first timers I recommended letting them play the victory and just feed them the rabble ships so that they get a feel good win haha. Funnily enough the Vic is strongest in this scenario but gets outclassed quickly compared to the Cr90 and Neb when upgrades and the full game come into play. Like others mentioned, focus on popping the ties and avoiding the Vic, the total damage to kill it is usually more than the Cr90 and Neb can output by round 6. If you are playing the other LTP scenario with Luke and Howlrunner, then there's some chance to down the Vic with some lucky structural damage or other crits.
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