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  1. Good points raised on Mad-ine(ine is Japanese for rice plant). From trying to make him work, here's my personal opinion: The key to him is good token management. He benefits nav tokens as well, so if the ships are using nav tokens they still benefit from him (not to mention triggering ET). I attach a comms net flot for each Large in the fleet. Raymus is good too. He can't jump speed twice like Leia, until he can when you keep him stocked with nav tokens. Having other tokens to spend on key turns while dialing in nav is great for his ships. Comms net other tokens and/or have Ahsoka handy. Another friend I don't see often used with him is Liberty title. Use the above to feed the tokens it needs to push squads, while the dial is free to Nav. Not too sure about the cost-benefit vs rogues but using 2 awings or shara Tycho to get the jump on a ball before it nibbles the ships can be pretty handy. Timing and activation control is another key for Madine, his ships have to be in the right place at the right time to deal the right punches. Having good numbers helps here. I've also found Bail to be really useful to force activation since I usually max out in fleet points and can't bid. However if you can get first player Mad-ine has a very good chance to sweep back around in time to hit opponents after the alpha-pass. I would say that Mad-ine is ironically in a good spot right now. His ability helps ships to outmaneuver and surprise opponents, getting into places they did not account for. Since he is not used as often, opponents will not be as familiar with his movements thus giving the Mad-ine user a better chance at surprising them. I think Mad-ine is an orange to Rieekan's apple. Rieekan can partially ignore the enemy, Mad-ine needs to know where his enemies can or cannot go, so that he can go into their problem areas (granted this makes Rieekan easier to use than him). Mad-ine cannot piece-trade with the opponent like Rieekan, but he is a crazy rice plant meant to bend and flex to the enemy movement.
  2. Yes, I agree on this. 🙂 When I said that he would sneak up on the base I meant he would take it by surprise, and still all out assault Vader style.
  3. Hmmmmm. Now let me see if it's possible to make Leia and Raymus work with Profundity
  4. Good points. I would like to bring up another alternative for Vader though, which is that if his intention was to capture Luke, and they could sneak up on the rebels unhindered, Vader would want to make sure Luke can't escape and therefore possibly bombard their craft,escape routes and the generator instead of the base itself. Veers and company would still be used to mop up and capture Luke. Ozzel only made the operation harder and with the possibility of Luke escaping (which he did)
  5. Well, yes that was the initial intention considering that the keyword was to simulate mixed squadrons,of which only Alphabet, Titan and vanguard are composed of in known canon, making them rather unique. It does pose other questions, like unique squadrons that are not a character ace being just as squishy as generics
  6. Maybe it's the power of combined arms! What's missing from Armada is the granularity of squads losing firepower as they lose members, so maybe for a mixed squad they could have more stats to represent their effectiveness in mixed assets but have a keyword that causes them to lose firepower for every loss of hull, showing the loss of key snubfighters
  7. The TIE Bombers in the trailer seemed to be using a Turbolaser. Hope we can get that variant and this Bwing variant in a squad pack.
  8. EA said so Cut up and hot glue all your squadron plastic trees, and make 5 snubfighters a stand 😄
  9. Love Twin LMC80s, trying to make them work Triple ISDs Agree with OP, hope we can get more objectives that change up the board state more dynamically like Blockade Run does
  10. The rebel cells and imperial local patrols are too many and insignificant, that their overturn are not taken with significant account into the war effort. Taking and holding the planets are what matters 😄 I couldn't maintain my fleet, getting shredded by interceptors so I had to retire my fleet now, sacrificing quite a few uniques. Exciting
  11. I'd like the title "Rieekan's Rick Roller"
  12. That's right. Otherwise, fleet composition in RR is difficult to change, hence the need to retire fleets when coming up against bad matchups..
  13. I just read again the rules for retiring one's fleet in the campaign, and realized aside from similar build rules as a starting out fleet the new commander gains extra experience points equal to half their previous commander I'm currently in a crazy online game where the Rabble went heavy on squads, and after round one, two of the ship-heavy Imperil fleets retired for heavy fighter lists What are your experiences and strategies with regards to retiring fleets in the midst of the campaign?
  14. Ahh, but technically, Raddus was on the large ship that jumped in during the movie. The card requires that he be in play first before the large ship is called in. I don't think he escaped on the Tantive IV? So not sure why there is an option to move the commander from the Profundity onto the small ship. Unless maybe one is running a Leia commander and Raymus..
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