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  1. Muelmuel

    The SSD?

    Yes. Yes you are. (Is ok I'm joking. no I'm not jelly or anything, really I'm not) (On the other hand, so many releases but no sight of ewoks. I'd dive into Legion if they did)
  2. Muelmuel

    Sector Fleet Nose Punch?

    Was reading the @Drasnighta Nose Punch list yesterday and I was wondering, would this become a powerful thing in sector fleet? More points on the same play area easily allow 2 or 3 interdictors to be present and cover the enemy deployment zone with grav wells, and still have points for covering ISDs/demo, plus more points for squadrons to do nose punches. More ships on the enemy side also means the first several activations in the first round still sees some enemy ships unactivated, which are thus exposed to bombers for longer and thus more potentially crippled/blown up. What do y'all think?
  3. Marking the position of a ship when one has to remove it to maneuver other ships and the movement tool clashes with said ship. Same for the curved edge of this multitool, is for marking the position of a squadron(that 1 squadron that you are not quite sure you would overlap after determining final position of a maneuver)
  4. Same here. I bought some acrylics too and DIY'd a close range and distance 1 onto some balsawood, but I would still gladly buy up an official FFG-made modular range rulers upgrade set.
  5. Referencing this: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/8/expand-your-operations/ So we can measure close, medium ranges and distance 1 without poking other ships. And something that's much more precise and durable than um, the cardboard one..
  6. Muelmuel

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Double likes👍👍
  7. Muelmuel

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    This, this is worthy of the name 'Armada'
  8. Muelmuel

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    I see some saying that time will be an issue for playing the sector fleet formats. My question is, where is ffg's very own official Taskforce Fleet format?
  9. This sounds like an interesting perspective on using Raddus. I suppose the Aspiration could find a place in this strategy in place of the usual Profundity+Garel hh combo, to soak the first attack from the SSD before it itself attacks.
  10. Hmm, IO with new Commander Palpy? Could be good synergy. NK-7s for more fun Sad, I like MSU but perhaps CR90s can survive if past that front arc. Even the assault prototype only has 3reds out it's stronger side arc. HH not as maneuverable so may still get gobbled up all together. Imo I really hope there is a different rule for huge ship ramming. Else indeed I see Rieeekan as the big winner here. Sacrifice a ship to the front for a round or 2 and have the rest of the fleet beat up the SSD
  11. I believe the biggest reason for that is so that rebel-only players don't feel forced to buy into such a big product. All the new cards are faction specific so that means they won't complain that they have to buy in to stay competitive for their faction. Likewise the new cards are also unique so there will be a better after-market for imp admirals who can't afford the SSD, from those that buy 2 or more SSDs and have redundant new uniques. Regarding rebel epic, I think that depends on when the Maus allows the drop for the Starhawk blueprints
  12. Muelmuel

    Play with all the stuff

    I just started a campaign with some mates, starting at 200 points and using the 3x3 @Blail Blerg's taskforce format. It is a 2v2 so we can easily play and resolve battles on the same space at the same time by splitting the space in half. It is short and brutal, to say the least, and helps to keep things quick if one wants a short and quick campaign. We placed the points cap per fleet at 300, but haven't gotten there yet so not sure whether that or 250 points is a better fit Edit: one thing that seems harder to do also is hyperspacing ships out to save them from a lost cause, since the map is halved.
  13. Muelmuel

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Well, I wouldn't go so far as a complete revamp but I do agree the objectives do make the game quite a bit and some revamping would be good to reduce the viability of over-played ones or improve under-played ones. Imo one of the reasons every ship can remain relevant to the game is partly due to the different ways to victory presented by the objectives. Yet I think another set of 4x3 objectives is the max the game should have otherwise it will suffer from card bloat, so maybe a partial revamp of current objectives is necessary too.
  14. Muelmuel

    Do we really want a 2.0?

    Hush, hush
  15. Muelmuel

    How to...Triple Cymoon! (Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

    Screed is once per activation, so that would be 3 screed crits per attacking round, 1 per ship