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  1. The campaign enters its final weekend! The Rebel Alliance's offensive is suceeding - but the Imperial Fleet is close behind.
  2. The Rebel Alliance extends its lead with another victory in orbit around Kamino. You can read the excellent battle report here!
  3. Fierce fighting around Kamino has seen the Rebel Alliance take a strong lead, holding that world as well as Talos IV and Naboo. The Empire meanwhile holds Ord Mantell and Yavin X. The focus will soon move on to Talos IV, and the final phase of the campaign!
  4. Command Deck - SSD Executor Admiral Ozzel could barely contain his glee as the MC80 was torn apart by a series of cataclysmic explosions caused by the lastest volley from the Executor’s turbolasers. With the destruction of the flagship the routing of the Rebel fleet was complete, and the system was now secure. “You continue to disappoint me Admiral,” Vader’s voice boomed across the command deck. Admiral Ozzel almost sank into the deck. “But my Lord…” “Given the firepower at your disposal, this battle should have been won hours ago.” Vader stretched out his obsidian clad fist. “I begin to wonder if you are the right Admiral for my fleet”. Ozzel’s skin turned as white as a stormtrooper's armour as he struggled to gather his wits. “Lord Vader, the Rebels had a considerable fleet here and the Executor has only just completed its final trials.” Ozzel could barely bring his voice above a whisper. “I don’t want excuses , Admiral.” The holo projector flickered into life and the hologram of Captain Needa bowed his head to Darth Vader. “Lord Vader, I have intelligence reports on the next Rebel target.” “What is the target Captain?” “Kamino, Lord Vader. We have reason to believe that Skywalker will lead Rogue Squadron in the assault.” Needa had barely finished speaking before Vader turned to Ozzel. “Admiral, I want Death Squadron at Kamino before the Rebels attack. We will destroy the Rebel fleet, and I want Skywalker taken alive! Do not fail me in this Admiral.” Vader turned and strode off the command deck before Admiral Ozzel could open his mouth. As Ozzel gave the order for Death Squadron to jump to lightspeed he wondered to himself what could possibly so important about this boy Skywalker?
  5. It's currently looking good for the Empire as they hold Yavin X, Kamino and Ord Mantell, with only Naboo under Rebel control!
  6. Despite fierce fighting the Rebels have consolidated their hold on Naboo. Their next offensive target is Ord Mantell! There's still time for you to contribute to the campaign, and you could even win a prize for reporting a battle 🙂 In the Briefing Room on board Home One... “Ord Mantell huh?” said Han. “Yes Captain Solo, we believe that given our successes elsewhere we have a unique opportunity to either capture or destroy the Imperial Dockyard there,” said Admiral Ackbar in his usual dismissive tone. Like most of the Mon Calamari, Ackbar was not fond of smugglers and Han felt like he had done little to change that opinion. “We understand you know the system well Captain.” said General Rieekan. Rieekan, unlike Admiral Ackbar, had taken a shine to Solo and in the weeks since the Battle of Yavin he had been pushing hard to get Han to commit to the Rebellion. “We’ve had a few adventures there over the years.” Han replied, thinking back to times when he was just fighting to make a few credits and not in a full scale galactic civil war. Ord Mantell was well defended before all this started, it was likely to be even more fortified now. “Then you’ll be ideal in scouting ahead of the main fleet.” said Princess Leia as she swept into the conference chamber. “I assume there will be hazard pay for this?” said Han as he looked over the data, putting on his serious face now Leia had entered the room. “Still about the money Han?” Leia’s sharp tone could cut through the hull of Home One like a turbolaser through paper. “OK your highness, I’ll do another favour for the cause,” he said with a flash of his trademark smirk. “You can buy me dinner for it later.” Han smiled then turned to his partner. “C’mon Chewie let’s get the Falcon ready. What’s the worst that can happen out there? At least Jabba won’t know where we are,” said Han as he swaggered out of the conference chamber, trying his best to look good in front of the Princess. Chewbacca did not share his friend’s confidence, but followed him anyway. Admiral Ackbar, sadly, regarded the report regarding the fate of Theed...
  7. A counter-attack by the Imperial fleet at Yavin X dislodges the Rebel foothold there, leaving the foes holding two worlds apiece, with all to play for! If you would like to join in it's easy - head on over to the group to learn more 🙂
  8. Preliminary Rebel thrusts at Kamino have been blunted by the Imperial Navy, perhaps decisively.Meanwhile the Rebels continue to hold Naboo and Yavin X, though both are within reach of a successful Imperial counter-attack.
  9. In the Holonet chamber... “A most unfortunate turn of events, Grand General.” Even from the other side of the Galaxy, Tagge could feel the cold, seething rage from the Emperor. “Indeed, but this campaign is far from over my Lord, and we have much to draw confidence from.” Tagge kept calm and felt fortunate he wasn’t briefing Lord Vader who would have almost certainly killed him by now. “Explain.” “We have successfully trialled the new Onager Class Star Destroyer, which has caused significant losses to the Rebel fleet. We have also gained valuable intelligence on their new Starhawk class vessel and are now working on tactics to counter it.” “Yes, the Onager has proven a powerful addition to the Empire. You will deploy them at Naboo in preparation for the Rebel’s coming assault.” “Naboo?” “The Rebels will look to free Naboo in the hope of inspiring those worlds who still remember the pitiful Republic fondly. You will not allow this to come to pass” “Yes my Lord, I will begin preparations immediately.” “But if it looks like the Rebels are winning then your new weapons will be turned on Theed.” Tagge nodded, instinctively knowing what the fate of Naboo’s capital would be. “You will wipe it out." The Emperor smiled before continuing. "All of it.”
  10. In a shocking reversal of fourtune, stunning Rebel wins allow them to take the lead - albeit by only a slender margin - at both Yavin X and Kamino! Come on over if you would like to read some of the battle reports, or even join in and potentially win a prize!
  11. A flurry of activity sees further losses on both sides - the Rebels pull things back around Yavin X but have been unable to achieve their strategic goals. However a scouting foray in the Kamino system sees them gain a temporary advantage over the Empire there!
  12. The Empire is still winning in the Yavin X system, but a convincing Rebel victory has pulled it back from the brink! Head on over to the group if you want to join in - it's really simple to register your battles so they count towards the final total, and be in with a chance at a prize 🙂
  13. The Imperials take an early lead with a victory at Yavin X! You can read the battle report here.
  14. Hi everyone, The Armada UK & Ireland Facebook group is running its first campaign! The Talos Offensive is an easy to play campaign which YOU can take part in. The aim is to encourage everyone to play more Armada while we're in lockdown, using either Vassal or Tabletop Simulator. Any Rebel vs Imperial battle can be reported and contribute to the overall result - and to sweeten the pot you could also win a prize for taking part! If you're interested then come over and join the group to learn more about the campaign and how to play. You don't have to be in the UK or Ireland to be a member of the group or win a prize 🙂
  15. If you can find one (or two) the Arquitens Light Cruiser would be a decent addition. It comes with the best Admiral for the Victory-class, Moff Jerjerrod, plus some handy upgrades, and is also a useful ship in its own right. However, just about anything will work - there are very few 'duds' in Armada, so honestly get what appeals and you can find for sale!
  16. ISD I is the preferred Avenger / Boarding Troopers platform. A Kuat in the same role has more straight damage potential thanks to its Ordnance upgrade slot, but will only only lock down two tokens.
  17. It's the last few days of our photo and logo competition. If you're in lockdown this weekend then break out your ships and set up a diorama for us! Even if you don't want to enter, come on in and see some of the great shots people have taken - some really awesome stuff there ❤️
  18. Two weeks in and we've got loads of great photos, including some absolute stunners! If you fancy your chances (and would like win some swag) then juin up and share your awesome pics https://www.facebook.com/groups/armadaukirl/
  19. I can see that! How'd you end up with TEN VSDs?
  20. You should be able to go back and confirm agree to the last question...
  21. There are several requests whoere people ahven't confirmed they agree with the group rules, are you one of those?
  22. I'm afraid not! We're trying to really grow our community - which means more members and great content in the group. However, feel free to put your pics up here too - people will still appreciate them, even if you can't win a prize... @Admiral Calkins That's a seriously impressive fleet, and some great paint jobs @Triangular That looks like an awesome game
  23. Warhammer: Trafalgar was a great Age of Sail game - not too complex but with enough depts to be a tactical challenge and also feel right. Sadly now out of print Personally I think it would be better to go straight for a dedicated saining game, rather than try to re-write Armada. You'd have a better playerbase, and not have to worry about trying to simulate the effect of weind in a game that isn't really designed for it...
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