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  1. Hedgehogmech

    3D Photos

    OK, that's pretty cool
  2. Hedgehogmech

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    Winning three tournaments on three consecutive weekends (including two store championships) with three different lists, none of which I'd ever played before...
  3. Hedgehogmech

    Question about new ships and conversion kit

    So far nothing has been included in a ship pack that isn't also in the conversion kit. For the moment conversion kit + 1.0 ships gets you everything.
  4. Hedgehogmech

    Epic Dude!

    The Hammerhead Corvette is a clone-wars era possibility. It's equivalent in size to the CR90, and, while it appears in Rogue One, it also shows up in Rebels and is frequently referred to as an older design.
  5. Hedgehogmech

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Is this the price of being overly reliant on turrets? Fat turrets were 'easy' mode in 1st edition - piloting skills was far less important thanks to the ability to fire in any direction. Now basic flying is far more important in 2ed, and I have to wonder if those who previously relied on turrets are finding themselves in trouble?
  6. Hedgehogmech

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    For some reason the Separatists don't really appeal, so they may be the first faction I don't buy into. I've always loved the Jedi Starfighter design though so will definitely be getting the Republic. One of each Republic set will get me two of each ship (including my existing Rebel ARC), enough for reasonable variety in lists to start with. The one thing I'm sad isn't included is a hyperspace ring for the Jedi Starfighter. It probably wouldn't have much use on the tabletop, but I just love the design!
  7. Hedgehogmech

    Starter Set 2.0: Did we really need a new set of templates?

    Yes. It's a starter set, designed for people just starting out. 2.0 newcomers need to buy it as well, but that doesn't change the fact it needs to include everything a brand new beginner requires to play too!
  8. Hedgehogmech

    U-Wings in 2.0

    Has anyone tried a U-wing(s) with an informant? I could see knowing which way to point on a stop being useful - you are guaranteed coverage of the (pre boost / barrel roll) position of the enemy ship with the listening device.
  9. Hedgehogmech

    Task group Strange

    Thanks to a purchase of second-hand armada ships, I found myself in possession of no less than four Nebulon-B frigates. So I though I'd take them for a spin yesterday! It was a really close game against an ISD + Raider swarm, which came down to a last-turn ram by my last Neb-B on 2 hull against the 1-hull Star Destroyer. It's certainly not a competitive list, but it was a lot of fun to play, and it got me wondering... What other weird fleets are there out there? Which combination of ships and upgrades would you like to try out, if only you had the forces? Alternatively which silly ideas have you actually put on the table, and how did they do?
  10. Thanks for taking the time to write up this excellent report, and well done on your achievement!
  11. Hedgehogmech

    What is the least effective upgrade?

    I've used them to good effect on Vader Cymoon ISDs. They're great at killing smaller ships - you're able to shut down both tokens on a flotilla, or both evades on a CR90. You'really need vader to give you a good chance of an accuracy, but when you do they're better than H9s as you don't give up damage to generate an accuracy - very important on swingy red dice.
  12. Hedgehogmech

    Who is Armada for?

    Who is armada for? ME!
  13. Great report - what exactly was your list?