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  1. Actually, it's "Rule, Britannia!" When the song was originally composed in 1740, Britain was a strong naval power, but couldn't be said to actually 'Rule the Waves' per se. The song was therefore a sort of call to arms, asking Britons to try and make sure that they were the ones ruling the waves. However by the late 18th century this had actually happened, and the Royal Navy had almost unchallenged control of the world's oceans. The song's lyrics were therefore often changed from "Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves" to "Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves!"
  2. It's worth noting that he ignores Escort as it isn't an attack, unlike Dutch...
  3. Matt Martin - YT2400 4 blue / 1 black At the start of the squadron phase you may toggle your activation slider to the activated side. If you do you may place 1 proximity mine token at distance 1 Grit / Rogue Double brace 22 points Kanan Jarrus - HWK-290 2 blue 1 red / 2 blue While attacking a ship, you may spend 1 die with a [crit] icon. If you do the defender gains 1 raid token of your choice. Assault / Cloak / Rogue Double brace 19 points Malee Hurra - Scurrg H-6 bomber 1 red 1 blue / 2 blue Once per activation, while a friendly ship is attacking a shipat distance 1 of you and you are engaged by 1 or fewer squadrons, the attacker may sepnd 1 die to change 1 die to a face with a [crit] icon. Bomber / Grit Double brace 26 points Hondo Ohnaka - Slave 1 4 blue / 2 blue During your activation, instead of attacking, you may toggle the activation slider of 1 squadron at distance 1 to the activated side. If it was already activated you mkay place it anywhere at distance 1 of you. Bomber / Grit / Rogus Double brace 24 points Moralo Eval - YV666 (Speed 3) 2 blue 2 black / 2 blue When an objective token at distance 1-2 and not on an obstacle is moved or removed from the play area you may move up to distance 1 and attack as if you were activated. Grit / Rogue Single brace 22 points Tel Trevura - JumpMaster 5000 3 blue / 1 blue When you have a readied defence token you gain escort. After defending against an attack, if you discarded a defence token, you may recover up to 3 hull (even if you would be destroyed) Grit / Rogue Brace + Scatter 17 points IG-88b and Lando as per previous reveals.
  4. The Arquitens and the Neb-B are in the same class - similar hit points, speed, command values and weapons fit (albeit broadside vs chasers). There are a few key differences though. In terms of defence tokens both have an evade, but the Neb-B's double brace will reduce total damage, while the Arquitens only redistributes it - however it also has one more shield, and can make full use of them with redirect, while Neb-Bs often die with shields left. One clear advantage goes to the Neb-B and its Nav chart. The Arquitens is very awkward to move, and has real problems getting to the right place without a nav command. Early nav clicks result in a larger end displacement - lack of these make the Arquitens very predictable without a nav command or Jerjerrod. Finally there are the titles - Yavaris is so useful it tends to squeeze out other Neb-B uses, while the Arquitens doesn't have anything similar.
  5. Having first player is generally a BIG advantage. One of the balancing factors is the ability to gain an advantage with objectives. Objectives favour second player - but choosing objectives that favour your fleet is also part of the balancing act. Totally random objectives would only increase the first player advantage even more, as well as making building your fleet even harder...
  6. A while back I theorised about a game of 'bluffing' X-wing, which could equally be applied to Armada. All upgrade cards are hidden at the start of the game. While playing, you can claim that any upgrade card is any member of that class of upgrades (e.g. you could say a turbolaser is a TRC one turn, anXI7 the next, and an XX9 the turn after). At any point your opponent can call your bluff. If they were wrong they suffer a penalty of some kind (e.g. lose two shields or suffer a face-up damage card). If they were right then you lose that upgrade card entirely... Never tried it though!
  7. I'm really looking forward to this, but the thing I'm interested in more than anything else is the campaign mechanics, specifically the balancing. The Corellian Conflict is a lot of fun, but there is almost universal agreement that it suffers from snowballing, though to be fair that's true of a lot of campaign systems. Therefore I want to see how FFG have put this campaign together, and what steps (if any) they have taken to keep games interesting and competitive from start to end...
  8. Why choose? Take one of each!
  9. I wrote this several years ago. It's for 1st edition and only covers ships with S-Loops and boost, but the basic concept can be expanded to other ships. Hopefully this helps to visually illustrate one of the benefits of Advanced Sensors!
  10. Winning three tournaments on three consecutive weekends (including two store championships) with three different lists, none of which I'd ever played before...
  11. So far nothing has been included in a ship pack that isn't also in the conversion kit. For the moment conversion kit + 1.0 ships gets you everything.
  12. The Hammerhead Corvette is a clone-wars era possibility. It's equivalent in size to the CR90, and, while it appears in Rogue One, it also shows up in Rebels and is frequently referred to as an older design.
  13. Is this the price of being overly reliant on turrets? Fat turrets were 'easy' mode in 1st edition - piloting skills was far less important thanks to the ability to fire in any direction. Now basic flying is far more important in 2ed, and I have to wonder if those who previously relied on turrets are finding themselves in trouble?
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