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  1. Another IFF fanfiction I want to see come to life.
  2. Captain Rex is not someone I had considered. That could be really cool.
  3. IFF's parent blog WWPD will be there. I am sure there will be someone at HCON looking for a pick up game or two.
  4. Exactly. I always aim to get everything done in a timely manner...lol
  5. I know its late but I have not faced DT or Dano. Against Steve I think I have lost every time we have played.
  6. Everytime. I have always imagined it as a WWI fighter plane with the skin stretched over a metal frame.
  7. Warhammer 40k Conquest XCOM Board Game I want to get into: Warhammer Quest Game Thrones LCG Imperial Assault
  8. I feel horrible....that didn't even come to mind!!!!! I am with Drasnighta.
  9. I am currently working in an administrative support role at organization that runs nerd/educational camps for gifted and talented kids.
  10. To echo Steve, I would love a rebels focused wave as well. I want a Ghost squadron.
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