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  1. I disagree with most of what you said. CIS are meant to be the cheap faction but that doesn't have to translate to more activations, they get more bodies on the field by comparison to other factions. Not to mention the ability to get much better control of those activations then other factions. I agree with this sentiment with the civil war factions, without a heavy weapon they just can't push damage past cover. I don't think it holds for clone wars factions though. In the case of CIS they have 6 models in a regular squad. That is like crit fishing with a z6 every shot without the need to invest any upgrades. Rebel troopers are not a good comparison to Phase 1 clones. Phase 1s are so far beyond a rebel trooper squad in ability that doing a comparison and sayings "see the clones cost more so should the rebels" is folly. Firstly for rebels to match clones on defense they need a dodge which costs an action. Clones get the good defense and two actions. They can also share tokens. They can also firesupport. These are all some of the best abilities in the game. Firstly, that is deliberate design, bad corps units with really strong key units. Secondly not all CIS units have been released yet. Activation count has been shown to be an extremely powerful aspect to list building. There are strike teams on the way which will allow for many very cheap activations.
  2. No armour has been the meta for a while now. That might be changing what with the new factions getting their heavy slot filled and new objectives coming out. I don't expect you'll have too much trouble.
  3. Exactly right. The Phase 2s can spend the standby at any time, even after they activate. Works well for Rex if he doesn't want to push into range 2 to get a shot.
  4. Hi, good luck on the weekend! I am going to assume you have limited unit options so Ill start with some playing tips. You don't have many activations, so your opponent will likely try to force you to come to them. That could be a problem because you'll finish moving your units up while they still have units that can activate and shoot you. Rex's scouting party and take that clankers can help a bit here because you can possibly start the fight in shooting range but it is something to watch out for. The tank is really interesting to play. On one hand it can be really tough to bring down, armour + red defense dice. On the other hand an entire army crit fishing can bring it down in a few turns. I find the best way to run the tank is on a flank, hit one unit at a time and kill it so the enemy struggles to get multiple units in range at once. As for list changes, it seems likely that you don't have any more physical models to add but Ill make some suggestions anyway. R2-D2 is such a boon to a list like this. 1 extra activation, has the potential to score a bonus victory point, and increases the tanks health from 9 to 13. The easiest way to fit R2 would be to drop the extra troopers on the DC15 squads. I highly recommend overwatch on the Phase 2 troopers. If any of your other clone squads loose the heavy weapon the unit leader can just hide and aim + standby every turn. That'll allow the phase 2s to shoot multiple times. It will also work well with rex. His weapon is only range 2, if he doesn't want to push forward to shoot he can just overwatch instead so he still contributes to the fight. Finally (instead of R2) dropping all the extra troopers and the targeting scopes would give you enough points to add a whole extra phase 1 unit with a z6. Targeting scopes are good on a z6 unit (especially if you have a specialist to generate the aim tokens) but it is hard to pass up a whole extra activation with a heavy weapon.
  5. Exactly. 35 points for an extra activation that can not only heal the tank but score objectives and can count as an extra victory point. Should help elevate some of lologrelol's concerns.
  6. What? Republic are brilliant. Clone troopers roll red defense dice, the best defense dice of any corps unit. Clone troopers roll black attack dice, the best attack dice of any corps unit excluding rebel veterans. White with surge attacking is worse than black. White with surge defending is worse than red. What I am getting at is that they don't need surges to be good because they just roll better dice. Fire support is not a hindrance. On the turns you need more activations you can choose not to use fire support... but also having multiple units attack before your opponent can respond is super powerful. Lets take the example to the extreme in a rebel vs imperial battle. If it is a mid game turn (2-4) where all units are already in shooting range of each other and the imperial player told the rebel player that they could activate all their units first the rebel player would be a fool to turn down the offer. By the time the rebel player has finished shooting the imperial player would have incurred so many casualties that they wouldn't have enough guns to effectively return fire. That is the power of firesupport. Shoot with multiple of your units to reduce the enemy's potential return fire before they can active the targets of your attacks. So? With specialists or captains + offensive push you can still move + aim + shoot on an activation. Not every command card has to be playable in every situation but on that turn you want your Z6s to stay behind heavy cover and still get a shot off, this is a pretty good play. This is true but cheaper units are coming in the form of strike teams and at the moment it is really the only weakness of republic. Republic is about combat efficiency. Hopefully you have killed enough enemy units by the end of the game that this isn't a problem. If republic could have both their level of combat efficiency and lots of unit leaders they would be so overpowered the game wouldn't be worth playing. Let me know how it goes! I am scared to leave Obi-Won at home. Curious to see how this turns out. Didn't want R2 to help keep the tank going?
  7. I think clones are the one faction that can work with naked corps units. In all other factions the base guns alone don't roll enough hits to effectively get damage past cover and so they need the heavy weapon to be effective in combat. A naked clone unit on the other hand still brings a lot to the army. They can generate aim and dodge tokens to help their buddies and they can fire-support to generate enough hits to get past cover. Things get even more spicy if you have overwatch on a phase II unit or a phase I unit with the clone captain. Give the overwatch unit a heavy weapon and take standby with the naked troopers. Now they effectively fire with the heavy weapon when the enemy moves within range 3. The republic is really changing the way I think about building armies.
  8. Most of the clones power comes from fire support and sharing tokens. Both of these effects get better when you have more clones so that in combination with the limited unit pool is why you are seeing so many 6 corps armies right now. Honestly, 3 corps is super limiting until we get arc troopers.
  9. You could try something like this. The idea is pretty simple. Veers gives aim tokens to the two AT-STs. The AT-ST with the concussion grenades pushes forwards with the stormtroopers that have the R4. The AT-ST with the mortar launcher holds back a bit more taking a second aim and firing each turn. THe biggest weakness of the list is that it doesn't have any good way to deal with force users. You'll have to watch out for a jedi trying to kill all the troopers because the AT-STs will struggle to score objectives. A slight variation on the light is to swap the hammers pilot on 1 AT-ST for Arbmab and give both AT-STs the grenade launcher. You might also consider the twin light blaster when the new vehicles come out. 798/800 General Veers (80 + 0 = 80) Stormtroopers (44 + 9 = 53) --R4 Astromech Droid (9) Stormtroopers (44 + 24 = 68) --DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) Stormtroopers (44 + 24 = 68) --DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24) Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48) --DLT-19x Sniper (28) Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48) --DLT-19x Sniper (28) Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (20 + 28 = 48) --DLT-19x Sniper (28) AT-ST (170 + 20 = 190) --Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10), AT-ST Mortar Launcher (10) AT-ST (170 + 25 = 195) --Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Pilot (10), DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher (15) Commands: Ambush (1), Maximum Firepower (1), Pinned Down (2), Evasive Maneuvers (2), Imperial Discipline (3), Assault (3), Standing Orders (4)
  10. I used to like this idea quite a lot. Especially in the sniper wars days before the clone wars. I don't think it would work now though. Republic units are really good. Their limiting factor is their activation count. If you allow them to skip you will remove one of their few disadvantages.
  11. This isn't FFG's fault. I am very concerned considering how limited some print runs can be. On popular products my local store normally only gets enough stock to cover pre-orders. What do they do? Just tell the customer they can get a replacement in 6 months when a restock finally comes in?
  12. Great question! Average for the phase 1 goes to 4.3 average hits. Lets also consider the mode; 5 across the board for BARCs with rocket launcher, BARCs with twin laser, Phase 1 + DC-15 at full strength, Phase 1 + DC-15 - 1 guy. So yes a difference. Is it significant? Probably not. Your question also implies that you are only considering damage output. Clones have a lot of utility that has already been mentioned.
  13. Phase 1 Clone Troopers + DC-15 82 Points 5 Health Red Defense Average 5.0 hits with an aim BARC Speeder + RPS-6 Rocket Launcher 99 Points 5 Health Red Defense Average 4.7 hits with an aim Other Comparisons Phase 1 can score all objectives VS BARC only scores some objectives Both units can spit fire BARC gets a free move every turn Phase 1 can share tokens Phase 1 damage output decreases as they take damage So +17 points for a free move and sustained firepower over the lifetime of the unit. Doesn't seem worth the cost to me. Even with the twin laser gunner the BARC is still 11 points more than the phase 1 squad. I don't think the BARC is worth running without a gunner as it will struggle to get damage past cover. The thing the BARC really has going for it to being able to give surge to hit on those fire-support attack pools but I find that combo clunky to trigger. You are probably running a large corps component in your army with a BARC or maybe two. To trigger fire-support the supporting unit needs a face up order token, meaning BARCs likely aren't getting an order token themselves. The chances of drawing a BARC when you need it are then quite slim because you have so few of them. Sure, it can take HQ uplink but then you are increasing the cost of an already over-costed unit by another 10 points. Maybe when the new tanks come out several BARCs with the rocket launcher will see more play. BARCs are doing 1.5 wounds per shot to a target with armour and red defense dice. If you take 3 you might bring down a tank with 2 rounds of 3 shots. Numbers are assuming an aim token is available. Clones can either take an aim action themselves or borrow one from another unit. BARC probably aims with 1 action because it has a free move action to get in position.
  14. At 350 points your opponent doesn't have enough firepower to focus fire on them properly. Even at the official 500 & 800 point game sizes force users are some of the hardest units to kill, with less guns on the table they can be close to unstoppable. Keep them in cover on the approach. Make sure to take dodge actions (or even better use force reflexes) so that you can keep up the surge -> block in deflect. Once they are in melee combat they can't be shot. If your opponent does not have anything immune to pierce a Jedi can take a 350 point army down by themselves.
  15. I find they don't have enough firepower to be worth using unless you put one of the gunners on them. I generally use the RPS-6 gunner because it has good dice, can fire every turn, and can fire in any direction. Strictly speaking the ion gunner would be very good against droids but if you are running demo games the exhaustion and ion mechanics probably aren't something to introduce to new players right away. The twin laser gunner is pretty good too, cheaper but more restrictive than the RPS-6. Don't forget to include some Z6 on your corps units so the players can fire-support with the BARCs for some surge to hit goodness.
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