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  1. As I've never had the pleasure of looking through that particular book, please allow me to ask a few basic questions: Do these era books not include careers and accompanying specializations from which to choose? And, if so, couldn't you simply create, say, Clone Trooper/Clone Pilot? And, if that was indeed the case, would you then not need any kind of Soldier or Hired Gun career to accompany the Clone Trooper career/specialization? And finally, if that's how the era books work, would it then not matter which core book you used for the general rules? Sincerely curious...
  2. Personally, Tesoe, I think the others here are overthinking things. I would have to assume the new CW book would include everything you would need to create and play in a campaign centered on war ... especially in regard to small unit tactics. Therefore, I believe your core book should either be something that includes alien species you’d prefer playing as and/or a setting you might wish to indulge in after you’ve exhausted your CW itch. That said, if you’re interested in playing characters like Hondo or Cad Bane, wheeling and dealing during the war? Well, yeah, EotE might be your best bet. *shrug*
  3. From Wookieepedia: "Games were a special case, as generally only the stories were C-canon, while things like stats and gameplay may not have been; they also offered non-canonical options to the player, such as choosing female gender for a canonically male character." I'd call choosing to play as an Ewok Jedi one of those "non-canonical options to the player." And an arbitrary and silly painting in the midst of a supplement is not a "story." Once more, I can appreciate your enthusiasm in this regard. But I'm afraid you're simply not going to win me over with what you may deem statements of fact. So maybe we ought to just agree to disagree. Cool? ?
  4. As I'm also sure you're aware, there were varying levels of canon (e.g., G-canon, C-canon, S-canon, etc.) in those days. So, again, an arbitrary painting in the midst of a random RPG supplement lacks any sort of credibility. As opposed to something seen in a video game, comic book, or novel ... or, better yet, a film or TV show. But, hey, you're certainly entitled to your own opinions, and I always appreciate reading others' points of view.
  5. I bought those WEG D6 books when they were released back in 87. But there's a big difference between *detailed* write-ups in a period when Star Wars was believed to be "dead" and one random painting of an Ewok Jedi flinging him/herself into battle in a supplement that came out in the midst of the prequel trilogy more than a decade later. I do agree that Ewoks are not stupid. And they are definitely spiritual. Just ask Threepio.
  6. That Ewok Jedi is just one artist's (silly) imagination on display in a supplement to a WotC Star Wars RPG. I'd hardly call that "lore." If it were in a comic, novel, or video game, the Ewok Jedi would have more credibility. And, yes, we've definitely seen *female* Devaronian Jedi. However, I cannot recall ever having seen a *male* Devaronian Jedi in either canonical or Legends works. But, hey, that doesn't mean I didn't miss something...
  7. There's been a lot of discussion here... I guess, in a Clone Wars setting, it seems I should probably not allow Jedi that come from a species that is aligned with the Separatist movement (or is actively against the Republic's core values). This would include Quarren, Trandoshans, Hutts, etc. That is, unless a player wishes to become the next Worf or Drizzt ... although I'm never really sure about those types of characters. From what I can gather, species such as Tuskens, Jawa, Chiss, that "V" species (apparently, we saw them as pod racers?), and Ewok cannot become Jedi. However, I noticed one of you had mentioned the Aqualish. But I'm rather certain we saw an Aqualish Jedi in one of Haden Blackman's Clone Wars-era comics sandwiched between the stellar John Ostrander issues. Speaking of Ostrander, he introduced a female Devaronian Jedi. But what about male Devaronian Jedi? Was that ever a thing? (I'd also forgotten we see a Weequay Jedi in another comicbook, and that particular Jedi was turned into an action figure and sold exclusively at Target.) Anyway, please feel free to keep the discussion going; I'm always ready to hear from all of you regarding your thoughts on the subject. Thanks, all.
  8. Having grown up in the 80s with influences such as Daley's Han Solo novels, the Droids cartoon, and the original Marvel SW comics run, I've so far preferred to only play around in FFG's EotE sandbox. Yep, my favorite of the many genres that comprise the SW mythos is the "space western." ("Space combat/dogfighting" would probably be my second fave.) That said, I became a pretty huge fan of both Tartakovsky's and Filoni's Clone Wars series and am now eagerly awaiting the (first of two/several/many?) Clone Wars era book. Which got me thinking. As my current FFG books contain species such as the Quarren, Trandoshans, Hutts, Toydarians, Weequay, Nikto, and other aliens we usually see fill roles such as bounty hunters, crime lords, and mercenaries... Well, are there any species that cannot or do not become Jedi? As a general rule of thumb? I mean, I know one could always say, "In YOUR game, ANY species could become a Jedi." But, again, I'm looking for canonical or Legends-influenced works that provide a clue that, hey, "this species tends to never embrace Jedi teachings" or "this species is never really found to be Force sensitive." Is there a list somewhere? Or maybe one of you just knows off-hand? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Am I mistaken...

    Apologies... Double post.
  10. Harlock999

    Am I mistaken...

    What happened to the announcement of the Boba Fett film with director James Mangold (of Logan) attached?
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    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Conversely, I believe there are many more of us (especially those of us who don't own every book) who find the idea of a consolidated source of information much more appealing. In fact, I'll be *extremely* irritated if I find iconic vehicles, weapons, and equipment from this era omitted from "Rise of the Separatists" just because the material was featured in some random book elsewhere... This new sourcebook, IMHO, should contain *everything* you would need to role play in the early period of the Clone Wars (aside from a core rule book).
  12. Just curious... How bad are the typos? Because I can see that lightsaber damage really throwing GMs (not familiar with WEG SW) for a loop. I still have original copies of these books. So now I'm wondering if I should just pass on the "collectability" of this set...
  13. The first comic featuring Don-Wan Kihotay was released by Marvel in 1978. The first edition of the WEG RPG was released in 1987. (The Marvel Star Wars comicbook series ended with issue #107 in late '86. Just fyi.)