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  1. Team Manager was in 2011, followed by Sudden Death in 2013 and Foul Play in 2014. So, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for another expansion in 2015!
  2. Haha, fooled myself into thinking this was the next expansion when I saw the listing on Ebay! Nope, it's just a book. "Rumble in the Jungle" would have been a great title for an Amazons, Lizardmen, etc. expansion though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rumble-in-the-Jungle-Blood-Bowl-/251741464037?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item3a9cf5e5e5
  3. I kind of doubt that GW has given up the license for the property. More likely they have only granted a license to FFG for the card game, similar to what they did with the computer game. But I could be wrong? I have played the tabletop version for a number of years and would dread any major changes to the game. Yes, it needs some work to make it competitive with today's eurostyle boardgames. I think mainly it would need to be streamlined, which is what most of the Bloodbowl clones have tried to do. My suggestions would be: 1. Reduce the number of minis and the size of the field. This helps cutdown on game time. An average game for us, takes about 4 hours. Way too long for most people! 2. Simplify the rule mechanics wherever possible. The rules are for the most part, pretty simple. However make sure all the rules use the same mechanics and cut out extraneous skills that don't use those. Avoid math where possible, most people get bogged down or confused if they have to start adding/subtracting several modifiers. 3. Limit the number of special skills on players. For example, give most all linemen "block" but make it very hard for them to get anything else. 4. Keep the flavor. The last thing I would want to see in the game are easy "Go For Its". The game should remain challenging, with epic failures and successes. That to me has always been the heart of the game.
  4. We finally got the Sudden Death expansion and played our first game. I played Dark Elves and my son played Undead. Yes, he won. We didn't add in enchanted balls yet, but the other rules seemed pretty seamless. After our first turn we were moving smoothly along just like we did with the basic set. I'm not sure if the rules/teams have added more balance to the game but it sure seemed like the competition was much closer. I started strong, winning all of the matchups in the first round. We thought I might end up winning the whole game. Round 2 my draft was pretty poor though and I lost that round. I think I made a comeback in 3, but in the end I did lose by about 10 fans. He had way won way more contracts than I, and that pushed him way over the top. On reflection, I'm trying to figure out if I played the Dark Elves wrong. From hand to hand, it seemed like my deck shifted from tackling to passing (although they are poor at passing in general). Whenever possible, I would try to use the sprint option (sprint vs tackle or pass), to get rid of a lineman but I think only once did I actually get a good draw. It could be that I didn't get enough Star Player draws to really buff up my deck too. I would be interested to hear any strategies people use with this team. One trick I found useful is blocking stronger opponents with the Dark Elf Blitzer. At first glance one might say "Why would you do that?! A 2 die block against yourself is insane!". Especially true if you have ever played the tabletop version. However, the Blitzer has a downed power to steal the ball. So at worst, he falls down and takes 2 Star Power away from the other team or adds 2 Star Power to my side if the ball is at midfield. Also, thankfully I rolled 'attacker down' on both dice most every time. Much to the consternation of my son!
  5. I haven't looked at all the cards to see how balanced the Star Players are across the divisions, but it seems like some are far better than others. The Dwarven Death Roller can be a real monster when it shows up. It makes me wonder if some teams were created a bit weaker and their Star Player decks compensate. I'm guessing that probably isn't the case, because Chaos, Skaven, and Orcs who are all balanced differently pull from the same division deck.
  6. If you're a Blood Bowl tabletop player, you've probably heard of FUMBLL. It's interesting to look at the stats from their site and see how things measure up: https://fumbbl.com/p/toplist Something like that would also be useful for Team Manager, as stats are going to sort things out once 1000s of games are recorded. In our games (only using the basic box so far), Wood Elves have won the most games. With Dwarves winning the least games. Coaches (3 at most) have been trying each of the teams, but one player is starting to lock in on the winning team of Wood Elves. Which will probably only last until I figure out how to soundly defeat him with another team.
  7. I could see the following happening: Amazon, Lizardmen, High Elves Norse, Halfling, and Ogre Daemons of Khorne, Necromantic OR Khemri, and Underworld. Pro Elf would be hard to rationalize for new players. "What's this?". "Oh, those are normal elves." Necromantic and Khemri are similar to Undead, and would play about the same. Underworld are perhaps too similar to regular Goblins. Slann and Chaos Pact haven't appeared in the computer game or in tabletop miniatures yet, so they are probably less likely. Ogres would be interesting (not that I ever play them), to see what sort of mechanic they use to limit the power of the team. Maybe the Ogre team has less cards in hand, or has to roll for Really Stupid on any play?
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