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  1. Have a look at Army Painter dips. If you thin it, and brush it on, you can get some good effects. So all you would need to do is basecoat the model, then add the shade. done.
  2. do you buy your stuff from a local store? assume there are other people buying, can you perhaps put up posters asking for players?
  3. no. when you look at the images from A New Hope, there are no real black shadows on the stormtroopers. to add a subtle shade, i used a very dilute wash of light grey paint, and added it sparingly along the middle of the torso, and the lines on the legs. i found this was enough. the gloss paint adds a level of highlight when natural light hits the miniature anyway. they not perfect, but they are clean and look good on the table. saves hours and hours of layering (which i struggle with even after many years painting lol!)
  4. good job, especially considering you have only just started out! i struggle with stormtroopers, white is an awful colour to paint. for mine, i just gave a solid undercoat with a white spray, painted in the black part, then gloss varnished. look good enough on the table! keep going, your imperial officer was really good!
  5. in the UK, Dettol disinfectant works well. But the real stuff, not the cheap version!
  6. for good basic level painting, try the range from The Army Painter. Their Quickshade is fairly easy to use and adds decent shadows, saves you buying a ton of washes. The method is simple - paint on base colours, use Quickshade, matt varnish, done! While Sorastro's videos are excellent, he uses a lot of layering which may be difficult for the beginner (i still struggle with layering after years lol). However, his Descent videos show how to use Quickshade from Army Painter to good effect. Word of warning - With Quickshade, would recommend you do not use it from the pot. take some out with a spoon and thin it a little with turps or white spirit. Painting the Quickshade on the miniature is better and less messy than dipping the whole thing in the can. You can also do touch-ups after it has set (24-48 hours). And as it darkens the whole mini, always paint the base colours a little lighter. Washes by Citadel and some others (including Army Painter) tend to dry with a "muddy" effect, meaning you have a lot of cleanup or layering afterwards to produce a good finish. I have found that the new gloss washes from Citadel dont do this as much, and really do draw away from the flat surface to fill up the nooks and crannies. You still have some cleanup to do, but not as much as normal washes. Though it dries glossy, you can easily matt is back down with some varnish. The pigment is also very strong. For an example between the normal and gloss washes, see their video Some other tips - i have found layering stormtroopers to be a nightmare. got good results applying a strong base coat of spray white and just adding a touch of very dilute grey to give soft shadows in the recess. paint the armour with gloss varnish, and the shine gives enough highlight to make a passable stormtrooper. Learn how to drybrush. you can get good simple effects with little effort. Hope this helps, and happy painting!
  7. i wanted them for an rpg. i would have just used Armada, but these have walkers i could use in ground assault, plus 2 death stars! thought if i could use the freighters expansion, it would complete a good lineup without massive expense on both Armada and this one.
  8. Are the fighters the same ones from Armada? also, couldnt see much regarding specific freighters (falcon, slave 1 etc), was just wondering if any were in there? was thinking of using the miniatures for an rpg game. if fighters are same as armada, could add the rogues & villans pack i suppose any thoughts? thanks!
  9. so, Amazon UK had preorders up for the new expansions for Imperial Assault. So i ordered them. And now they have cancelled my orders, stating that "the manufacturer has informed them this item is no longer available." They did the same with Armada, then 2 days later relisted it at almost twice the price I had it preordered for. I appreciate its at the printers, and not going to be released for some time. But thats the whole point of preorders! Anyone else having this trouble? (out of interest, if this does happen to you, and your original preorder was for a good price, complain to them. I had 2 Armada sets preordered for £46 each. They cancelled and 2 days increased price to £90! When i complained, they let me have them for the £46 again, "as a one off favour to me!")
  10. dont think its got anything to do with "on the boat." base set was like that for ages, and preorder went through fine. Was expecting it for Armada, as the price dropped to £45 (so i preordered 2 sets) but they still on order with no issues. And i know theres no release date set, but again, IA base set was the same, as is Armada, as was a pile of X-Wing stuff. Dosent make sense!
  11. i preordered the expansions with Amazon.co.uk some time ago, but have no recieved a mail cancelling the order. Amazon state that - "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available" which is odd considering its not even out yet. weird though, my Han Solo and Rebel Troopers has not been cancelled. anyone else have any Amazon issues like this?
  12. Do they say how thick the tiles are? I couldnt find it, and the video looked very thin. For similar free 3d tiles for Starwars, you may want to try here: http://swminiature.free.fr/download_maps.htm print and assemble yourself, the death star ones were cool!
  13. Are you using the Vallejo Ghost Wash? Grey stuff? I used that and found that a stormtrooper did need a lot of cleanup afterwards. second attempt i tried to apply the was just around the areas of the breast plate, and along the arms, rather than washing the whole thing. turned out ok. White is a general nightmare for many people to paint!
  14. Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures games used large foldout maps for their terrain. Made setup quick and easy. Many people also made their own maps (professionally done, too) which could be downloaded and printed. A great idea, but then the costs came in. In the UK, cheapest i could find to print full colour A2 size was about £30, expensive for a map. Printing at home using a standard printer also worked out costly, and never looked that good having loads of a4 sheets sellotaped together. But if these are not a concern to you, go for it. I would if i could!
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