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  1. As I understand it and would use it, docking would imply a partially or completely enclosed space for the ship or ships to land, either on a planetary surface, space station, or larger ship. A berth would be a place for a ship to pull up alongside a jetty or pier, usually on a space station. A ship berthing at a space station would more than likely offload passengers and cargo through airlocks instead of a boarding ramp.
  2. I can see Devaronians in Force and Destiny for the simple fact that most of the species included in that are near-humans with some superficial addition to their heads. I've felt that way since the Gamorrean NPC in the core rule book.
  3. I enjoyed Star Wars issues #1 and #2. I thought Darth Vader #1 was awful.
  4. Those test covers look terrific! As for titles, I like Rebels of Lothal and Spark of Rebellion about the same. Either works well. Good job!
  5. No Barloz-class freighter in the book? That's a bummer.
  6. Oooh, and you had almost changed my mind with your earlier argument before completely undercutting what you said. No, I'm joking. You weren't going to change my mind.
  7. I wouldn't restrict a player from choosing to play a Hutt if he/she wanted. I told my table that I was **** happy we started a month before Lords of Nal Hutta came out because two or three of them would have chosen Hutt as their character. If that's what they want to, I wouldn't stop them, nor would I stop them from playing Chiss (even though they should be unheard of at the time the game is set) or Toydarian (even though they're racist caricatures). However, in my totally hypothetical scenario where I have the power to determine how the game is released, then I would create more restrictions based on my personal preference and bias.
  8. Also, the adventure packaged with the Age of Rebellion screen is a lot more interesting than the one for Edge of the Empire.
  9. No offence, but with your list versus FFGs I am glad they didn't go with yours. How can they have a Hutt book without Hutts? Because some people--well, this guy thinks they shouldn't be playable species.
  10. Had I any sort of authority or influence on the organization of species for different books, this is how I might have pushed the aliens. EotE Core book 1. Human 2. Droid 3. Duros 4. Quarren 5. Rodian 6. Trandoshan 7. Twi'lek 8. Wookiee Bounty Hunter book 1. Human (Mandalorian) 2. Gand 3. Lepi Colonist book 1. Arconan 2. Bimm 3. Chevin Explorer book 1. Devaronian 2. Snivvian 3. Squib Hired Gun book 1. Aqualish 2. Gamorrean 3. Weequay Smuggler book 1. Farghul 2. Herglic 3. Morseerian Technician book 1. Arkanian 2. Ugnaught 3. Verpine Corellian Sector book 1. Human (Corellian) 2. Drall 3. Selonian Hutt book 1. Gank 2. Klatooinian 3. Nikto 4. Sakiyan Tatooine book 1. Jawa 2. Tusken Raider AoR Core book 1. Human 2. Droid 3. Bothan 4. Falleen 5. Ithorian 6. Mon Calamari 7. Sullustan 8. Wookiee Ace book 1. Chandra-Fan 2. Gran 3. Talz Commander book 1. Cathar 2. Ishi Tib 3. Siniteen Diplomat book 1. Bith 2. Caamasi 3. Gotal Engineer book 1. Omwati 2. Sluissi 3. Vratix Soldier book 1. Barabel 2. Dressellian 3. Shistavanen Spy book 1. Defel 2. Givin 3. Ortolan Edited: Dropped second Morseerian, moved Lepi to BH, and added Givin to spy.
  11. Some of the choices Fantasy Flight Games has made regarding which species fall in what book have seemed a little odd. For instance, as much as I like the Bothans, they so should not have been one of the playable species included in the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. Bothans should have been saved for Age of Rebellion, and the Duros should have taken their spot in the EotE core book. I also think Gamorreans should have been in the core rulebook and Gands should have been saved for the Bounty Hunter supplement. Devaronians and Herglics should have taken the places of the Chiss and Duros in the Explorer book, Enter the Unknown. I love the Gotals and I'm glad they're finally available as a playable species, but they should have been introduced in Far Horizons instead of the Gran.
  12. I've said it before but on paper the Gungans sound like an awesome combination of Wookiees and Mon Calamari--amphibious tribal warriors. If they'd never spoken a word, I think they would be fan favorites.
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