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  1. I’ll be traveling to DC jun 16 to the 20th. I was curious if there were shops in DC that hosted events during the week. Please post info here so I can see if I can make it to play with some DC folks.
  2. Draconics, i am sorry I was very busy this weekend. I am best for Saturdays usually. Who's Turn is It or Tribe are easier for me to get to than Mothership. Are you located up north or down south? Lue.
  3. Draconics, Would you be interested in teaching skirmish play? I can head north but i do not wish to go to Dragon's Lair. Lue
  4. Don't get me started on Dragon's Lair. I believe Mothership has gotten the Regional for Imperial Assault. I would like to get some practice in. Let me know if you wish to meet up. Lue.
  5. Would Tailgunner's -1 Agility work on the Shadowcaster's mobile firing arc while it is rear-facing? Card reads "When attacking from your rear-facing auxiliary firing arc, reduce the defender's agility by 1 (to a minimum of "0"). Limited."
  6. Looking to learn the skirmish play in Austin, TX. Preferably South Austin as I live just outside of Austin on the south side. Lue.
  7. I am interested in getting started. I live south of Austin, so any South Austin location is cool with me!
  8. Schmi, This is why Wired is good for the Brobots.... It helps on defense too. You can now benefit from debris fields, your S-Loops, and even a stressbot build. Wired allows you a second chance on your defense dice. Then if you are stressed and you are going to bump you intentionally bump with a white maneuver keeping your stress so that you at least have some ability to modify your dice instead of bumping on a green and clearing stress with no action. Lue.
  9. Thanks Tervlon. I won't have access to a car. I will be downtown. I have requested access to the Facebook page. Let's hope they provide access even though I am based out of Austin. Lue.
  10. Both A and B will help you against Crack Swarms.... HLC, FCS, Autothrusters, Inertial Dampeners, IG-2000, and Wired. 98 points.... add a tractor beam on each for IG88Bs ability at range 1 and it's now 100 points. Lue.
  11. Hey all DC players, I am traveling to DC for work on Monday Aug 15th. I will have Monday to Thursday night to play. The question I have is where do I go to play in DC? Lue.
  12. From the original post, I am more concerned about if they will errata the MOV rules for large based ships. Since that has arrived we have seen a huge change in the meta concerning large ships.
  13. Agreed. Although Outlaw Tech on Manaroo would still manage a focus token onto everyone.Just have to keep the Sycks from doing red maneuvers. Lue.
  14. So if I have Manaroo and three Tanari Sycks all with Mindlink and I use Manaroo's ability "At the start of the Combat phase, you may assign all focus, evade, and target lock tokens assigned to you to another friendly ship." If Manaroo had a focus token and target lock that was moved to one of the Sycks, then all the other Sycks and Manaroo would get a focus token from the resulted assignment? So, in summary, Manaroo moves a focus to another Syck then Manaroo ends up with a focus anyway as a result of the mind link? Is this correct? Thats like a free focus for all! So now the Sycks need only evade to end up with both tokens on their ship per turn. Lue.
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