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  1. Hmm. Sounds great, but the forums are denying me access to the PDF. Is it available elsewhere?
  2. I think that's all of them: Aggressor (3 ranks), Enforcer (3 ranks), and Warden (2 ranks). I don't think Fearsome's shown up in AOR.
  3. I think this was a retcon to explain why Ree-Yees has such enormous hands in ROTJ, but the Gran in the Prequels have relatively human-like hands.
  4. Yeah, I agree completely. Same with social checks against the PCs.
  5. I think we're just waiting for BB to advance the story to where we cross the bridge with these creepy Sisters.
  6. Just a followup on that decision: The preview for the Sleeper Agent spec in the upcoming Cyphers and Masks has 5-point talent that lets the Sleeper Agent use Charm with Cunning instead of Presence, but it costs 2 strain to use. If I were to write up Skrillings now, I'd impose a similar penalty on their Willpower-based Negotiation.
  7. At the top of the page, go to "Upcoming," and there, click on "All Statuses" to change it to "At the Printer." A bunch of stuff just got shifted to ATP today.
  8. It just went to "At the Printer" status today, so chin up!
  9. My players zoom around in the Whispering Flutterplume.
  10. You'd probably need to remind your GM that you want him or her to roll social skills against you, but yeah.
  11. Likewise, I don't think many GMs use social skills against their players, but Discipline is the go-to to resist Coercion, Deception, and Leadership. There are also a bunch of talents that only come into play if a GM uses social skills against the players.
  12. Willpower and Discipline are both important to resist the effects of fear checks, which I think most GMs forget about most of the time. But arguably fear checks should be called for several times a session: when encountering a new type of foe for the first time, when exploring an abandoned warehouse, when three more minion groups of stormtroopers show up to reinforce the ones you've been fighting, when you see your buddy take a major crit, etc.
  13. Hard Headed, in the Archaeologist and Marshal trees and perhaps elsewhere, lets you make a PPPP Discipline check to ignore the Staggered and Disoriented status effects.
  14. You make a Discipline vs. Discipline check on your target. If you used any dark pips to activate the Bind power and win the Discipline contest, you crit your opponent, adding +10 to the roll in the Critical Injury Table for every Force pip you used (light or dark). Or is your question whether the basic form of the power applies when Mastery is in play? As in, you Crit the opponent, but you also do 1 point of damage per pip you used? I'd say yes, since the full description seems to imply that Mastery is an added effect, not a replacement effect. So, you do damage, and you crit.
  15. You should still stress the larger point to your GM: He should be handing out blacks and blues fairly liberally. I think you're right that the books don't call this out as much as they should, but any time a test is not in ideal circumstances, those blacks should come into play. This can be for unfamiliarity (you've never worked on a Y-wing before, so that Mechanics check gets 1 setback), social prejudices (this guy hates droids, so your droid's Charm check gets 2 setbacks), weather (it's raining, so add 1 setback to that Perception check), lack of tools (trying to jimmy the binders open with your toothbrush is going to cost you 2 setbacks), physical conditions (those three Corellian brandies at the bar have you feeling woozy; add 2 setbacks to that Deception check with the cop), etc. The opposite is true, as well, of course. Maybe being drunk gives you a boost on Charm checks, or wind at your back gives you 2 boosts on throwing that grenade with Ranged (Light). The point is that this is an easily overlooked part of the game, but all those talents you mention are a pretty good indication that setbacks are supposed to be thrown at players left and right. It may seem counterintuitive, but tell your GM to be free with the black dice!