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  1. Yeah, I think the species-creation rules are worth the cover price alone. I wonder if they anticipated a lot of confusion and even backlash at choosing this setting (as it seems to have a devoted card-playing fanbase, but not any real pull with those of us into TTRPGs). So they knew they'd have to include lots of customization options to make the book appeal to both readerships.
  2. Secrets of the Crucible is now available in PDF on DrivethruRPG! Here's the link.
  3. SavageBob


    This is great, thanks! This species-creation system is something for everyone.
  4. Are you intending to publish something on the Foundry? If so, you will likely run into copyright and trademark issues for adapting setting material from another RPG. If you're just writing up setting material for your personal use, I'd say keep it simple for now. There's a tendency among GMs to do huge amounts of world building when much of what they create never sees play. Focus on the player characters and their current adventure and let your world build out from there. I highly recommend Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master by Sly Flourish for a good overview of how to do this (geared toward D20, but easily adaptable to Genesys).
  5. Because my way is less verbose? 😜 It was just a shorthand way for me to convey the idea to Emsquared, GM to GM. For a published product (if that's what he's going for), your way should, of course, be followed.
  6. I was thinking about this one. You could tie it to a skill, like Terefang suggests, to make it a bit more spectacular than the increased Defense. Maybe Coordination? Maybe it's something like, "This character may spend a Story Point, and until the end of their next turn, all attacks against them are opposed by the character's Coordination skill rather than the standard difficulty." That makes the ability a bit more spectacular (even with no ranks in Coordination, this turns a PP Melee attack to PPP or worse for most Agility-focused characters). It also gives them a chance to buff it even more using earned XP (by investing in Coordination). A variant might be "Spend a Story Point; until the end of your next turn, your character gains the Adversary Talent with a rank equal to your Agility." I agree with Terefang that if you go the +X Defense route, it should probably be for an entire encounter rather than just a few rounds. Defense is helpful, but less spectacular than a one-off "I am untouchable" kind of ability.
  7. A couple possibilities (and hopefully others will chip in, too): Maybe tie it to a characteristic? Like, if this is intended to be the Agility 3 Archetype, it could be "Once per session, spend a Story Point to gain +1 Defense for a number of turns equal to your Agility. If in unstructured play, the benefit lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Agility instead." Most combats are assumed to be over in about four rounds, so you could also just say "for one encounter" and probably be fine.
  8. You're getting a lot of feedback, which I take as a sign that folks find this idea helpful. I do, too. One thought for when/if you revise these: In Realms of Terrinoth, a Genesys fantasy supplement, they offer kits like this for quicker character generation. A lot of those kits come with options. For instance, the Scoundrel Career can choose: A dagger OR a cestus, a sword and dagger OR a bow, a fine cloak OR thieves' tools, and traveling gear (backpack, bedroll, rope, flint and steel, 3 torches, and a waterskin). I'd love to see your Star Wars kits do something similar. Thanks again!
  9. Looks like your attachment was removed for some reason. You might need to host it on a different platform.
  10. Very nice! Is there a legend somewhere to explain what the abbreviations mean? Like, there's a source RMC #2 or something, and I couldn't figure out what that stood for.
  11. The Ace book is good if you ever plan to do starship combat. It's kind of niche, but if you ever think you might want to do a starfighter squadron (even a fringe-oriented one), there's lots of useful stuff there. The Diplomat book is good for giving face characters lots of interesting new options. The Spy book has lots of good stuff for sneaky characters, including your EotE Thieves and Scoundrels. The Solider book has some interesting stuff that might be useful for Hired Guns or Bounty Hunters, including a few specs that can help round out fighty-type characters. The Engineer book has rules for crafting starships, and some specs that are good pairings for Technicians in EotE. Techie characters can gain a lot from the options it presents. The Commander book is perhaps the least useful, but even it offers some potentially useful stuff for face characters from EotE or FnD. Of the six career books, I think it's the most skippable, though.
  12. Terrinoth's own Wakanda!
  13. I'm not sure, really. I mean, adding Linked 1 to a non-linked weapon may be enough, but is it overpowering to let someone buy a Zanagan flail with Linked 2? I've never had players used the Linked option much, so I'm honestly not sure when it would become abusive. It's possible the Unwieldy rating shouldn't be capped. Not capping it might actually remove the potential abuse issue alluded to in your first point: You want a Flail with Linked 2? OK, but to use it properly, you're going to have to get your Agility up to 5... Thanks for your comments! It's a fun but difficult challenge to create "craftsmanships" like this, but I'd love to see more of them. Orcish, Gnomish, Catfolk, etc. It's especially hard to find a way to make the armor and weapon options roughly equal in benefits and drawbacks. I'm not satisfied yet with the armor side of the one I've proposed.
  14. So, it came up in my game that a player rolled a Triumph trying to locate a merchant. In spending it, he suggested that maybe the merchant has access to some sort of specialized goods. I said I'd think of something before too long. My plan all along was for the merchant to have had experience trading with natives of Zanaga, including the Mahkim (four-armed lizard men) and Lizardmen (their degenerate relatives). So, I thought, maybe he offers goods that feature Mahkim craftsmanship, similar to Ancient, Elven, or Dwarven? With that in mind: Zanagan The Mahkim have honed their crafting techniques through centuries of life in the brutal jungles of Zanaga. Such wares are generally intended to make four-armed Mahkim hunters and warriors silent jungle stalkers. Nevertheless, some Mahkim lend their talents to two-armed clients. While these wares look odd to outsiders, they offer an edge in hot, steamy environments where evading detection is important. Armor: Reduce the armor's encumbrance value by 2, to a minus of 0. In addition, your character removes [Setback] from Stealth checks they make, as well as [Setback][Setback] added to checks they make due to hot or wet conditions. Weapon: Increase the weapon's Unwieldy rating by 2 (to a maximum of 4) and its Linked rating by 1. Price: Cost x 3 Rarity: +5. How's this look balance-wise? Do the Armor and Weapon benefits and drawbacks seem roughly equal? Is the cost and rarity modifier fair? Thanks for any ideas!
  15. To each their own. I thought it was pretty great.
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