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  1. Hmm. That's weird. @swrider is a sysop there, as is @ShadoWarrior. Hopefully one of them can comment on what's going on with your attempt to register.
  2. I agree; finding character art for humans of color can be pretty difficult. I have a Pinterest board for this very reason. Most of the images aren't explicitly Star Wars, but they should be usable. Hope it helps.
  3. SavageBob

    No Primal Curses?

    "Voodoo" would probably be Arcana, as it's basically a Hollywood version of a real-world religion called Vodou. The religion as practiced in Haiti (and by Haitians worldwide) is much more akin to Divine magic in that you are placating and appealing to divine spirits and divinities for aid. In an anthropological or sociological sense, the distinction between Primal and Divine magic is a judgement call, of course. Calling what a shaman does "primal" and what a priest does "divine" doesn't really accord with real-world practices in a lot of instances.
  4. This is very true. A grenade-focused character would only really work in a more military-focused campaign (AOR, maybe, or a merc-themed EOTE game). The grenade guy would need a lot of encumbrance-enhancing gear, which would make him look like a soldier and limit his mobility in certain social situations, for sure. That or lots of ranks of Hidden Storage and gear that lets him weasel gear away, like cybernetics. It's a concept that can work and be quite effective, but it's not appropriate for a lot of games.
  5. Grenades can be very effective as a primary weapon if you want to specialize in that direction. A Demolitionist/Gunslinger or Mercenary Soldier can be quite deadly, as I learned when I ran one in the PvP tournament on these boards.
  6. SavageBob

    Warriors rejoice

    I imagine it more like a fireball, à la Street Fighter II. "Hadouken!"
  7. SavageBob


    Are we sure the Phydolons aren't some new background species from one of the recent movies? Or a random species from one of the comics or novels? I agree that it would be unusual for FFG to create a species from whole cloth. The only one they've created from scratch is the Sathari, and they were made for an adventure. The next most obscure species is probably the Kellerans, but they are from a comic book, not an original creation. I'd suspect he Phydolons have some established role in the films or fiction.
  8. SavageBob

    The Great Movie Alien Compendium

    Thanks for the kind words! Sadly, real life hasn't allowed me to keep working on this project. I'd love to cover most of the species you've listed, but I just don't have time these days. You should check out @Yaccarus's work for a similar (but more expansive) project, The Complete Species Guide.
  9. SavageBob

    Leadership skill

    I'd second taking a look at Age of Rebellion if you get the chance. The Commander: Figurehead might be exactly what you're after.
  10. SavageBob

    How to get Players to Narrate/Roleplay?

    This would be my advice, as well. Just add this to the rotation of how you run turns. E.g.: GM: What do you do? Player 1: I shoot the stormtrooper. GM: He's medium range, so that's Average difficulty. Player 1: 2 Successes and 1 Advantage, so I hit and pass a boost to Sara. GM: What does that look like? Eventually, the players will get the hang of it and should start volunteering the narrative flair without prompting.
  11. SavageBob

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    (Poof...) If I may offer a bit of advice from an outsider but a fairly seasoned PbP'er: Prolonging the moment when your entire party is assembled is like poison to a play-by-post game. People are notoriously fickle in PbP, so I can only imagine that people whose characters haven't even been introduced yet will be fickler still, losing interest, getting annoyed to have to wait weeks or months before they start playing, and (worst case) simply dropping out. I'm, again, just an outsider, but I'd strongly recommend you all hand wave past all these introductions and get to the point where all your characters have already been assembled on the Jedi Star. Then the GM (or players) can do a (quick) summary of how you all got together, and the real adventure can begin. (Disappearing into the lurk-ether again...)
  12. I'm pretty meh on this whole reprint thing, but I thought I'd mention that a new preview article is up. Hopefully this bodes well for those of you eagerly awaiting this product.
  13. Fully Operational presents a new take on the Bith species, at least mechanically. Generally, the Bith have been a high-IQ species. This has been true ever since the West End Games days. Yet Fully Operational gives them average Intellect and instead bumps their Presence to 3. Does this reflect changes in the Disney canon? If not, what was the reason for this new interpretation?
  14. SavageBob

    Where do you find games online?

    You might also try the Friends and Nemeses bulletin board, where there are several active Star Wars games. I've also heard good things about Gamers Plane.
  15. Ah, OK, I can see that. Yeah, they could have made an alternative path that went straight down to Fearsome on the left side (through Scathing Tirade). I would let a player do that if they were interested in a fire-and-brimstone preacher who didn't have much in the way of a positive message.