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  1. SavageBob

    NPC Abilites List

    There is a master list out there, but I can't seem to find it right now. It's called the "LMaster List" or something like that. Google-fu is failing me, unfortunately. I'm also not sure if it's actively updated, but it does have these things accounted for, at least for older books. Ah, speak of the devil... He just updated it. See here.
  2. SavageBob

    The Complete Species Guide

    The distinction is claws vs. claws-usable-as-weapons. I mean, Chadra-Fan have claws based on the art of the species. Apparently Abyssin and Chadra-Fan don't have combat-worthy claws. But, hey, that's just my interpretation; you do yours.
  3. SavageBob

    The Complete Species Guide

    What!? My decisions should be considered sacrosanct! (Kidding.) Note that the WEG supplement Galaxy Guide 4 (which is where the Abyssin were first named and detailed) didn't give them any special damage or ability for their claws. The claws seem more like a special effect to me.
  4. SavageBob

    The Complete Species Guide

    Thanks, @Yaccarus, for the amazing resource. This is a huge boon to the community (even though you left out some of the cool species, like Lamproids. ) I agree, though, that a simple alphabetical organization would be far more user friendly. Sorting by 3-stats is just catering toward the min-max player rather than the narrative player. An index in the back could do the job of sorting by stat while keeping the main body both smaller and more easily navigable. Just my 2 creds. At the end of the day, this is a great product, and I'm glad y'all put it out.
  5. SavageBob

    Humans Undercosted?

    Another consideration is that Humans don't get a dump stat, but other races/archetypes do. Having a dump stat is, arguably, in itself worth a few points, since it permits you to bulk up your main stats more.
  6. SavageBob

    NPC Droid experiences

    Remember that the Droid Tech and Droid Specialist specs include talents that make it easier to "heal" droids. There's already some robustness build into those specs for exactly the problem you're discussing.
  7. SavageBob

    Encumbrance vs cumbersome

    Interesting question, though: What happens when you add +1 Cumbersome to a weapon that doesn't have the Cumbersome quality? Does it mean the weapon now has "Cumbersome 1"? That would be a relatively pointless quality, since you can't have a Brawn lower than 1 unless you're a potted plant, maybe. So would it give the weapon Cumbersome 2, meaning that all weapons have an understood Cumbersome 1 rating by default?
  8. SavageBob

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    Of course, it would totally depend on the group. Might be appropriate for a group focused on the Colonist, Technician, or Explorer in the party rather than the Smuggler, Hired Gun, or Bounty Hunter.
  9. SavageBob

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    That suggests another way to acquire a ship: historical preservation! Maybe the person the PCs owe Obligation to is a history buff and had restored a KOTOR-era freighter to its former glory and now needs the PCs to keep it up/test it out/show it off/whatever. Think all those guys with their refurbished Model T Fords going to old-car meet-ups, only with starships!
  10. SavageBob

    Character Artists?

    I haven't used him, but a lot of folks around here have used an artist named Will Nunes. Looks like his page is here. From what I hear, his prices are reasonable.
  11. SavageBob

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    For some reason, I've really been into legal wranglings in my games lately. Another way to make buying a ship not boring might be to say they bought the ship and have been making payments, but the dealership they got it from (or bank that did the loan) is now closed and the owner accused of being a Rebel sympathizer. Or the bank is located on a world that is now under Imperial martial law, with all its assets seized. Or the bank was on Alderaan pre-Death Star. The PCs now have to figure out how to get the title free and clear when there's no one to pay the remaining balance to.
  12. Sorry, I don't think I'm interesting in arguing with you whether FFG's Star Wars game is meant to be a Star Wars simulator... I guess if your players all want to start with different power levels, let 'em. If that one player wants to play a kid with 25 XP instead of the recommended 100 or so, fine. Let him. The system is robust enough to allow it, but he's probably going to be frustrated when he's inept at most everything he tries. But, hey, he simulated a real-life toddler, I guess? Another thought is if you dislike the talent trees so much, ditch them. Adopt the Genesys rules. Make up your own scheme for how people gains skills and talents.
  13. Most of these "can't be Force users" "can definitely be Force users" examples are Legends, anyway, so they have little to no bearing on the current lore. The real answer to this question is that we don't now. It's a GM call if you allow a Gamorrean Jedi or a Force-using Shard droid, or an Aqualish Sith.
  14. Legends had a species called Shards that were intelligent crystals. Those out and about in the galaxy often took droid bodies for mobility and interaction with outsiders. Shards can be Force-sensitive, meaning you can at least approximate a Jedi droid. Pretty cheesy, but so are a lot of things in Star Wars.
  15. The game's meant to be a movie simulator with the PCs as the heroes. In that regard, the kid should be just as competent as the adults, like Anakin in Episode I or Ezra in Rebels. There's definitely room to grow and get better at things (since you get XP). But I guess my main point is that this system isn't built for hyper-simulation of reality, but rather of cinematic hero-centric reality.