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  1. Diplomat/Ambassador, Commander/Figurehead, and Colonist/Politico all have Inspiring Rhetoric. Diplomat/Agitator, Colonist/Politico, and Guardian/Warden all have Scathing Tirade. Performer is the obvious choice, but I think you could do what you're looking for with Politico, as well. If you want someone with even more mojo, go Force-sensitive and pick up the Influence talent to turn your guy especially silver-tongued.
  2. With all the Monkey Island I've played, I kind of want to see Scathing Tirade in there somewhere, with maybe its Improved version, too. But I think the Left-Handed talents also cover that some trope of witty repartee among sword fighters.
  3. Zik, too, pulls his thermal cloak tight around his slim frame. The roaring sound is a bit off-putting, but the Chalactan follows the others up to the crest of the hill.
  4. Flying in atmosphere is Piloting (Planetary), right? Take off! (Piloting: Planetary): 3eP+1eA+1eD 3 successes, 1 advantage Oh, and can our Astromechs add assistance to give a boost die?
  5. Go Prophet/Teacher. Start a religion!
  6. Does Gilgal have Biscuit Baron? Or are those only found further toward the Rim?
  7. I think Zik ate a single ration, so no big deal. Maybe we can assume we all ate a meal somewhere and replenished our rations. Should we just deduct something to represent that, BB?
  8. For other options, see the sidebar on p. 283 of the F&D core rulebook. You can let the adversary oppose with more than just the Adversary talent as it suits the narrative. Discipline is a good go-to in situations like these, forcing the PC to beat the Adversary in an opposed roll. It calls out Resilience as an appropriate skill to oppose an attempt to Move the Adversary.
  9. Very cool. New specs: Alchemist, Magus, Prophet. The article doesn't explicitly tell us what species we'll get, but they prominently mention the Thisspiasians and Tholothians. The Vurks are mentioned, too, so they might be the third.
  10. Is there any way to tack on an Intense Focus maneuver to get that ninth yellow?
  11. It would be 6 upgrades: four ranks of True Aim, plus two more upgrades from Sense. So if you have a 7 in the stat to begin with, you get to 8 yellows with all that. If you flipped a DP, too, I think you'd add a green. My mistake.
  12. Astrid rests her hadn't on Gigi's dome. "Yeah, let's wail."
  13. Nine yellows on a roll. I have a new goal.
  14. Here's your True Aim, cybernetic gun monkey at work: : 8eP 4 successes, 6 advantage, 1 Triumph
  15. Excellent. Shado's answer is what I was looking for, but I love to see how all this is calculated. Looks like with the maximum of five yellows in a pool, you'd have a 5/12 chance to pop at least one Triumph, meaning about 42%. I suppose with a maxed out five ranks in skill, a 6 in a characteristic, and a Destiny Point spend, you could get to a 50% probability to get at least one Triumph. That'd be where it peaked, unless you had cybernetics to go to a 7 and used something like True Aim. Thanks, all!