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  1. First off, this is a problem that is waaaaay down the road. It takes quite a lot of time and play to get to the point where your players are picking up Signature Abilities. That said, can you explain better what you both don't like about Unmatched Tradecraft? It essentially lets the Spy turn a failed Deception check into a passed one, and with a few improvements, even ignore a Despair! This extends to Stealth and Skulduggery with a couple more upgrades. That's super awesome in my opinion. Counterespionage is a bit more spy-centric, though, so I can see how that wouldn't be attractive in an Edge game. Is the problem that your player prefers the more narrative signature abilities rather than a more mechanically oriented ones? Each Career tends to have one of each. If this is the case, why not just let him pick a Signature Ability from another Career that might do what he wants? It won't break anything. The only potential drawback is that another PC with that same Career might feel less special, but, well, tough?
  2. First, a clarification question: Are you looking to possibly play with folks via voice chat? Or are you looking for play-by-post (PbP)? The former is more similar to being around the table with folks (and faster-paced), but it also requires you to "throw yourself into the wilds of the internet" more, as you put it, because people can at least hear your voice if not see your face. PbP is less time-consuming and allows you to stay somewhat anonymous, but it's also much slower in pace, and anonymity leads some people to be really flakey and just drop out with no warning. Any idea what kind of experience you're looking for?
  3. SavageBob

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    I just addressed your point about Disney somehow being against bad-guy games. SWTOR is still running, and Star Wars Battlefront II has long Imperial storylines. FFG's own miniatures games let you play as the Empire. It's simply not the case that Disney would just flat out reject this sort of play. There's definitely an argument to be made that an RPG involves a different level of empathetic engagement with the characters you portray. And I agree with you that I'd not enjoy an "evil" campaign of any sort. But from a business level, I don't think we can assume Disney is dead-set against the idea.
  4. SavageBob

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    Star Wars has given us stories about bad guys before, especially in the video game realm. TIE Fighter is the earliest example that comes to mind, but more recently we had an entire evil faction in The Old Republic. And most recently, there's Inferno Squad in Star Wars Battlefront II. Not to mention miniatures games where you can play as the Empire. Even in the movies, heroes can be Imperials (although they tend to leave): Han in Solo, Finn in the First Order in the sequels. But yeah, tread lightly.
  5. SavageBob


    You're both wrong. Dwarves are Ugnaughts. Obviously.
  6. SavageBob


    Yeah, I was trying to avoid random EU species (although I did throw Arkanian and Squib in there without thinking about it). There are much closer matches if you're willing to scour the EU. Heck, Sephi look just like Elves.
  7. SavageBob


    Elf - Arkanian, Mirialan, Pantoran, Ithorian Orc - Gamorrean, Dowutin, Swokes Swokes, Tusken Raider, Trandoshan Goblin - Jawa, Chadra-Fan, Ranat Hobbit - Squib, Jawa, Ewok Dwarf - Ugnaught, Iakaru, Gand
  8. We don't really know the particulars of the license. There could be a "use it or lose it" clause in there somewhere that mandates they can't just ditch RPGs in favor of miniatures and card games.
  9. I'd love to see this, actually. Not a 2nd edition, but a revised 1st edition that makes the changes you outline above. I wonder how much the three-core-book model affects this decision, though. Does have ing three core rulebooks make a revised edition (but not a true "second" edition) more or less likely? I wish I knew more about the economics of such a decision. My gut tells me that asking players to buy three revised books may be a bit too much to ask. (Although I'd wager that most of us who are dedicated enough to post regularly here would buy them.)
  10. SavageBob


    Those are sound ideas. Another is to use floating clues. They fail the Perception check to spot the perpetrator's footprints? They can try to Charm the janitor who was there at the time or use Computers to comb through the surveillance holocam footage. This is my preferred approach, since it adds in redundancy for players to get the clues, but it still makes their XP expenditures valuable when they get a Triumph on that Perception check or what have you.
  11. SavageBob


    Depends on what you're considering "investigate." Are you looking for clues at a specific location? Perception. Are you interrogating someone? Coercion. Are you interviewing someone? Charm or Coercion (depending on your approach). Are you tracking someone? Stealth in the woods, Perception in more urban environments. Are you researching something at the space library? Probably an appropriate Knowledge skill. Are you trying to sniff out leads from the underworld? Streetwise. Are you doing the same thing with high-brow types? Charm. With bureaucrats? Knowledge: Education. Other skills might come into play, as well, depending on what you want to do.
  12. I think that's a reprint from the Edge CRB. Not a PC race, but a "Barabel Enforcer" NPC stat block. Doesn't mean we won't see PC stats, but I wouldn't bank on it.
  13. Sounds like it's a mix. A lot of material reprinted, but with some extra advice on how to integrate such NPCs into campaigns. Some all-new material, since no Ewoks have appeared in any books so far. Some brand-new, player-oriented material, since Ewok PC stats will be included. Hopefully a few other iconic but passed-over species will be in there, as well (Gamorreans, Jawas), but that's just speculation.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/10/allies-and-adversaries/ Looks pretty cool. And stats for Ewok PCs!
  15. SavageBob

    Adding encumbrance to Painkillers?

    I wouldn't go with half or decimal encumbrance; that way lies madness (the system is intended to minimize such mathematical bookkeeping). If you think your players are abusing pain killers, I'd say keep them Encumbrance 0 and make them cost a lot more, or, sure, bump them up to Encumbrance 1. If you make them 1, you'll probably find players keep no more than 1 or 2 on them at a time unless they're big, brawny types. Narratively, you could say they're like potions in large flasks. If your intention is to make the game more lethal, this is one way to do it.