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  1. The rules reference pretty clearly states they don't stack, just the highest value. I believe this is in the Glory Kill section.
  2. Just hoping to get a concensus on this, or an official answer, but a "Staggered" enemy is considered any with damage equal or greater than its Stagger value. It's very possible, especially with the chainsaw, to get that stagger down to 0. No rule seems to deny this, just wanted to make sure it's totally legit to, say, play Enthusiasm, followed by any other movement skill, to just start ripping off Imp heads without damaging them first. With Rip and Tear, you'd go up to Cacodemons without issue. Combined with Adrenaline Rush popping into your hand and maybe the basic bonus actions giving movement, you'd totally smash the crap out of a whole swath of stuff without even rolling dice.
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