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  1. The hardware is beyond solid The vast majority of its leaders, of which Nute Gunray is most infamous, are what makes it look incompetent. Well that and the battledroids. They were never quite the same after they were given independent ai following the Naboo fiasco
  2. I see 104th Arcs as pretty perfectly priced (the 7th fleet? No.) If they're ever "underperforming", I'd wager it'd be more the fault of something like ye-ole-rebel-beef being too dumb rather than Arcs being bad. The medium base is a definite detriment (being fatter has a few upsides, but the 1st Ed Arcs were immersurably more manueverable and harder to hit simply due to having smaller bases), but that's why they're 42 points. They're a 9 health chunk with an incredibly underappreciated auxillary arc (which actually does **** this edition without needing r3a2 gunner!). That's a good deal at their cost! Mind you, I'm talking about 104ths, Sinker, Wolfe, and Norra. The other rebels are pretty laughably overcosted, and I think Oddball should cost the same as Wolfe (never more, doth qouth the fickle). Still, of the available generics, Arcs are incredibly solid and I'm happy that the most beautiful ship in the game is worthy of respect on the table top
  3. I'm in the "higher I should cost more in general" camp Being able to move last and especially shoot first is a MASSIVE advantage Ofc, cost should scale based on ship chassis. A higher I Interceptor/Silencer/amazing movement ship should pay more for higher Initiative than a flying brick like the Lambda or most of the chunky, medium base ships. I feel the later are already fairly priced, and it's more certain that small based aces causing problems overall. Don't really wanna reduce cost of generics outside maybe the I 3 guys. Don't want to flood the table with TOO many ships.
  4. Eh, I don't think a list like this will turn out all too impressive. Grievous and the Faqer aren't terribly amazing as straight aces, compared to the likes of Vader and the jedi. Neither can really straight joust (Grievous' ability, Fac is le squish) and both have VERY particular areas of strength (Grievious' ability again, Fac's bullseeye and/or Ensare). Maul is just straight on strong, but even with Hate you don't want him carrying the WHOLE show. I'd take any one of Maul, Grievous, and Fac with a gaggle of drones and feel pretty comfortable. Maul, Grievy AND Fac together, though? Not so much. I don't want ANY of them taking the heat that a clump of expendable drones could've been shouldering. Ofc, any list called "Grievous Fac" might just win by busting your opponent's sides. Maybe keep an eye out for Grievous + Fac + Nantex mini-swarm In summary, I wouldn't try shoe-horning Grievous and Fac into the role of "ace" as defined by other factions. They just aren't the same kind of pilots as they're actually a little nuanced!
  5. That's the faction slogan (and appeal) in a nutshell!
  6. On the subject of Seastriker, btw, I believe he's WAY overpriced But he does have one solid use: eating concetrated firepower. His ability to turn shield game into evades makes him better than most at being a punching bag. Sadly, that's probably not going to amount to much (opponent can just shoot something else; Seastriker is basically a generic during the late game) but it's something Finn pod and Pava are other ships that can mod against multiple attack rolls, so that's a way to enhance the team and make a solid jousting core. No idea about the forth pilot, though. Otherwise, could try to fit a tsims bomber and let Seastriker eat friendly fire because hey at least he gets an evade. Could lead to tricky shenanigans where you're less worried about bomb placement.
  7. Par for the course, yeah Ofc the only thing we can point out with certainty is the not-so-great 4 hull + 3 agility (less if you use tractor tokens for turret +/- repositioning) But Rz-a2s deal with the same thing, so we have a fair estimation of what won't be overcosted Obviously not a perfect comparison (Nantex and awing mobiles are almost exact opposites) but it's the closest we got
  8. Am curious to see how the bullseye + side arc coverage will play out I.e, is the space between a side arc and bullseye big enough to even fit a ship in? If Ensare is available, would the opponent be forced to roll only into the bullseye (either via tractor or trying to dodge the mobile)? Mr Hoops' ability aside, this is a ship so different from anything else in the game that we're gonna need a lot of table-time to get even a half accurate evaluation.
  9. We should rename it t-65 xwing miniatures We got T-65s, T-70s; T-80s(???) My poor, feeble mind cannot keep up!
  10. Nantex points are VERY intriguing as they could be a (potentially devastating) archetype on their own Imagine a bunch of flighty, side winding buggers when out-of-the-blue WHOOSH you get tractored and bullseyed to death by a sudden joust
  11. Not necessarily Tractor reduces agility and makes it far easier to I kill some poor bastard Therefore, more reliable high I ensnares plus attacks (esp from the Faqer) should generally prove to be more devastating Now, there is a distinct possibility that a sort-of-swarm (ala 5 Rz-a2s) of Nantex will be possible depending on cost, in which case you'll just see the entire spectrum of ensnares!
  12. Eh, dunno about the non networked calcs given that the blues on those dials are far less than ideal Would far sooner just take Kraken, which both the bubble and Sith can pack
  13. So now we gotta get that range 0-1 Ensnare, hope you don't whiff a die roll which is exceptionally possible without rerolls, and then maybe we get some red calculate actions on a full moon Friday if Mr Hoops is feeling generous about it Assuming ofc that he hits before the enemy attacks so either he or our calculate-less drones don't prematurely bite it It's not a good ability. It's really Tomax Bren tier of "glorified I 5 generic" Which is fine if the price is right, but I doubt you'd ever want to take him for his ability as much as just being an i5 Nantex
  14. Right Mr Hoops as he shall now be known on account of all the conditions you have to meet just for a red calculate action (which is itself full of more hoops to jump through) Which is a whole lot of questionably necessary pain when probes already set you up with full mods on approach This guy will have to be REAL cheap to ever see play
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