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  1. Scum can trigger harpoons with harpoons. Just deadeye gchips on a SCURRG, Kim or vaksai Cheri is a ps 10. You need a ps 10 or 11 farting off harpoons before he fires to trigger him This runs DIRECTLY counter to the purpose of HCP Gunner kylo Cheri
  2. seems like your ability to read the forums is not only fine but also quite comprehensive
  3. Harpoons work well v 2 ships too because the condition holder is also damaged by the trigger Problem with empire is it has no easy ordnance carriers that can flip crits on DEADEYE munitions. Compare to SCURRG or vaksai or even Kim You'd have to crank some jank to make it work reliably especially because the crit dealer has to attack after the missile condition is applied
  4. 10 academy pilots happen otherwise, though, I think it'd be a well deserved dock for generic everything else but especially SF and strikers. Named pilots (in any faction) really don't need the bump, the meta just needs to shift the named pilots that DO need the bump really need a whole lot more too, though (r.i.p non-jax imp aces, fel's wrath, rhymer etc.)
  5. Eh, trip defender has the mods while vipers just don't (x7 is still an incredible card). We have ML but the dial just doesn't support it Only viper that approximates x7 is xizors ability but it doesn't work v TLTs I think vipers will remain a named pilot platform only
  6. it's not really power creep if you get the advantage (bullseye) at a cost (horrible dial) it's power creep over the B-wing (unless linked batteries are crazy), but the B-wing isn't exactly on curve. it's also arguably power creep over the g-1a, but you can at least argue the value of system slots and especially scum crew. The Kim is distinct in that it is built for burst damage (deadeye ordnance through a bullseye arc? christ that'll sting) with its only sustained damage option coming from r4 aggro (not nearly as flexible as FCS because it requires you to have a focus token, which the kim only gets via action, even if it gives re-rolls after spending a focus). With ordnance being as bluntly powerful as it is, though, I think you'll see more Kim than g-1a
  7. It really isn't. What you're thinking of is a restricted list Rotations in card games are amazing for variety simply because there are WAY too many cards out. By limiting the card pool in certain formats, you can vary the base of the game by altering the strength s of certain card types Course xwing is not a card game and rotations don't make any sense in it. In the right game type, however, rotations can breathe new life
  8. You are indeed correct about quite a few generics being overpriced This is because ps is a STUPIDLY influential skew and that doesn't even take pilot abilities into effect That said, I'd be against a mod because it's more **** to carry around. This kinda thing just needs to be hard errated into the game or a revamp
  9. I don't think xwing needs power creep as much as complexity creep, in the right quantities Much as I love sc nym, two ship lists with SIXTEEN cards is silly I'm talking more of errated x7 and adding bump/obstacle/stress restrictions to mods you'd normally just automatically get. Basically, more stuff dependent on flying well, and definitely more stuff dependent on being in arc
  10. different game; doesn't help x-wing could use a ban list perhaps, and definitely more willingness to errata major problems instead of releasing fixes in expacs of course these things take time, so who knows if we're getting another wave of deadeye/x7/palp/manny/zuckuss nerfs and heavy scyk buff?
  11. Well, also anyone could figure out at a cursory glance that it's new ghost/phantom title is largely useless and the fact that it is just literally the ARC all over again but no 3 die front fire (so Gunner + r3a2 + Ezra who seems to have the same ability as before) It's just lame as ****. Takes 2 seconds to slot in an optimal role and woosh
  12. people will eventually get bored of anything (except complaining)
  13. I've heard of a counter strategy called "bombs"
  14. using green dice to mitigate bombs actively mitigates the entire purpose of bombs, exchanging dice for positioning you should, at most, be able to use evades to guarantee canceling 1 damage from a non-attack source agree TLT needs looking at, though. Powerful turrets not only abuse bombs (because there's no need to consider facing, which you can muck up while positioning for bombs) but counter them (very hard to bomb something that doesn't chase you)
  15. Manaroo nerf