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  1. Only issue with not getting the infiltrator is you don't get the probe droids Which are NOT NECESSARY TO BE COMPETITIVE, but ****** are they a fun and unique experience
  2. I think there's a big difference between ignoring game mechanics and simply shunting them Resistance cannot really ignore stress indefinitely without shilling hard for Leia crew. Second edition made sure to hard cap everything, or to preserve Nien's stringent stress shedding conditions. Stuff like Black One can only be used once and the fireball has built-in risk Opening up the resistance player's options without turning into something like Dash or a first edition pwt while downplaying dice spikes is what makes player agency and interactions matter The only time I'd say you remove player agency is when they either can't do stuff or the stuff they do doesn't matter. Even with movement shenanigans, I don't feel Resistance is any more obnoxious in the high I arcdodging department than stuff like Jedi or Soon-tier (heh) interceptor types
  3. The resistance is all about movement shenanigans + heroic to ward of flub dice. It's as faithful to the core "game part of the game" of xwing as possible, favoring player agency over rng Therefore, most fun! Examples of movement shenanigans: Transport dial + crew Awing "aux arc" opening up manuever possibilities Pilots such as Wexly, Nien, and Ello Mf title The fireball...in its entirety
  4. I was referring mostly to Ks/Ys/punishers/sprays etc. TIE Barrage Rockets don't even have shields!
  5. Sadly haven't got much chance to field bombs (or anything recently...being a tutor means you work when your buddies are free ) But guaranteed damage always has a markedly more significant impact v lower health ships, whether they're aces or TIE/Vultures And absolutely listen to KCDodger re: bombing yourself. If your bomber is a well shielded and excessively hulled fatass, it can take bomb damage FAR better than most other ships (generally, your opponent's).
  6. Wait, thread's over? Never got to point out that you can't be losing interest if you're uninterested
  7. I've recycled SO many cards Just dump the excess ones. It's a load off your mind and storage space!
  8. Neither I4 Because 404 is just a ****** joy
  9. Can we ban comparisons to TLT given how laughably hyperbolic they'll (hopefully) always be in second edition? You're not dealing with multiple double tap, 360 turrets. You're not dealing with accuracy corrector giving guaranteed hits regardless of losing action or using it on anything but focus OR using the focus defensively. You're not even dealing with ignoring the range 3 bonus. ****, you're not even dealing with 3 dice outside range 1
  10. The Nerf to r2 at 2-agility REALLY hurts given the n1 is a defensive powerhouse and not much else Still, nothing stopping Anakin from flinging full modded torps with passive sensors And Ric I guess is still an i5 at what are i2 prices for workhorse ships
  11. Not so much this edition due to cost The presence of fcs/Jenson has also made Vessery a lot less attractive than Brath, in my eyes. Plus, after the entirety of first Ed, it's good to change things up occasionally! Anyway, in theory you'll want dudes that TL a lot...which, in this day and age, are inquisitors
  12. Green dice suck; use ions Because 2 dice just get naturally evaded
  13. inb4 Power Cells in every FO list on almost every ship
  14. We'll, starforts have to drop like 5 points at least before I'll even look at them, but Paige is mildly intriguing The "trick" is just using Skilled Bombardier to deny a rather massive area behind her (esp with mines); plus or minus tsim (without mines) I 5 is nice too
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