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  1. ficklegreendice

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    No preview "Article"
  2. ficklegreendice

    TIE Aggressor didn't get points reduction

    Honestly, the gressor isn't ever going to be "good" without some special mechanics worth a **** Which is why I still think Kestal is okay to use. Her ability was super buffed from first Ed (change to how evade results are "added') and the turret gives her extra coverage against higher I With Palp having gone down from 13 to 11, hey she's gotten even better Losing Jonus is a bit rough but we have other means of securing mods (jendon?)
  3. ficklegreendice

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    Naboo I 5 is nutty (because we needed more great I 5s...) Unless it's like speed 4 or 5
  4. he was higher Initiative because he's on edge 24/7 in space, sharpening his jedi instincts to their utmost peak hence why Jango could hit every molecule around his Aethersprite, but not the Aethersprite itself Also, the Torrent is basically a worse TIE bomber...so we're probably going to see some real economical costing on that vessel to make barrage rockets EXTRA enticing
  5. CiS really needs the strong missiles, but they're getting their weirdo-barrage rockets for that so no worries Now, the Delta and Torrent do NOT need these as they have alternate functions. The Delta has its title, already making it a 3 die ship, and/or some potent support capabilities As for the Torrent...it's utter chaffe (unless it gets barrage!) Otherwise, use yer ARCS!!!!
  6. ficklegreendice

    Republic Upgrades Article

    yay, good droids for ARCs!!!!!!!!
  7. ficklegreendice

    Why does the Arc-170 have a gunner slot?

    Yeh we'll get not-worthless stuff eventually The only egregious thing is hotshot only working on turrets for some unfathomable reason
  8. ficklegreendice

    ARC's dual cards

    not necessarily if a card designed was finalized post conversion kit release...well, that's that then in'it? more likely we'll get a rebel ARC kit released more or less concurrently with wave 3. Though, as Frimmel pointed out, there doesn't seem to be a config card in there
  9. ficklegreendice

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Oh right, forgot formats are a thing ...play Strikers It's almost impossible NOT to flank with Strikers!
  10. ficklegreendice

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    ******* traj sim got more than tripled in price That's how Anyway, swarms aren't easy to fly. Each ship multiplies the amount of positioning you have to do and foresight you have to have, ESPECIALLY when these tiny ****s get ruined when they bump and have no mods with which to defender their puny, three-hull asses They're never going to be hyper-popular unless they can trivially steamroll the competition. The only way to truly get them on the table is to like them enough to practice them
  11. ficklegreendice

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    It's an action on the action bar, so I imagine it behaves the same as normal apart from the added cost Gameplay > fluff Variety is good! Though I can't see why you wouldn't want 3 reds unless that triangular gnat of a ship had ordnance
  12. ficklegreendice

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    Jesus the torrent's stats and abilities look like garbage Truly, only the ARC is fit enough to serve as the Republic's mainstay
  13. ficklegreendice

    Just realized that Silencers lost their Mod slot...

    very much this Fangs don't have double reposition, but Rau and Ol' Terry and very dang strong and afterburners might make em nutty
  14. ficklegreendice

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    TIE phantoms are a great way to learn to avoid jousts it's almost impossible NOT to flank with them!
  15. ficklegreendice

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    So, not to suggest that karsabi is any good, but maybe his niche is with afterburners Unfortunately still requires jendon for mods, but hey I tried Option 2 is he's the only xg-1 who can fire ordnance post slam New Squadron (39) Major Vynder (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (2) Fire-Control System (12) Proton Torpedoes (3) Advanced SLAM (5) Ion Cannon Points 61 (46) Colonel Jendon (11) Emperor Palpatine Points 57 (37) Lieutenant Karsabi (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (2) Fire-Control System (12) Proton Torpedoes (3) Advanced SLAM (5) Ion Cannon Points 59 (23) Academy Pilot Points 23 Total points: 200