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  1. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    Torp removal hit after manaroo and zuckuss nerfs, then was followed up on by removing torps AND mech AND limiting mindlink. Without easy access to full action independent mods, they got replaced with simply better turrets Hence our transition into Miranda nym, Miranda dash and now le ghost while arced craziness like Biggs blobs got gutted
  2. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    You literally said the turrets didn't make them scary, which is nonsense because it formed a big part of their competitive viability Misinformed claims like this is only going to perpetuate an environment dominated by thing + turret, such as the bomb meta we just came out of The "thing" changed, and yet turrets remain Game could definitely do with trying to balance out their coverage with reduced efficiency and make arced ships more significant without having to drown them in mods And then errating said mods away Seriously, you'd think ffg would have learned by now, yet here we still are
  3. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    You are kidding yourself if you don't believe torp scout fully modded turret plus monster blocking didn't make them far better than they would have been otherwise Same thing with dengaroo. Even if you went for manaroo, ie NEVER TRIGGERING DENGAR. his turret still ruined you Saying torpscouts were arclocked is incredibly silly. The fact that they were fully modded pwts with ridiculous manueverability added immeasurably to their consistent competitive performance I still remember the days of DEADEYE r4 aggro, where the torps were brutal but where I still butchered nonthruster aces with fully modified two dice primaries. All it took was a bump or 4lom, but either way the opponent couldn't do ****
  4. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    Oppressive things wave 5 have largely all been turrets, Palp aces and x7s being largely the only exceptions Ffg is far too generous to turrets, not giving enough drawback to their infinite coverage and leading to monstrously efficient and far easier to play ships Every action independent modifier should be confined to firing arcs. As is, they don't matter enough
  5. What [Ghost] is best in life?

    The only proper ghost is a dead ghost
  6. Is Rau a better Fel than Fel?

    Oh poor, sweet summer child He has yet to understand how much of a toss green dice give about probability and averages (Also bodyguard is dogshit terrible as it's range 1, another friendly, eats your modifier, and provides another blank result It is easily one of the worst upgrades in the game, just below expose and just above r3)
  7. Too Passive to Jam

    Even if their offense remain modified, their defense sure doesn't Why do you think Fenn runs hotshot? Also, bye bye poons
  8. The Red Defender

    since I have absolutely zero attachment to Ryad as a character, having never heard of her before x-wing, I'm afraid my OCD reacts more to lack of symmetry and I traded my base defenders for vet models fight me
  9. Theres very little wrong with cloak The problem is a.) ADV Cloaking being ps dependent due to its trigger b.) Turrets are bull and invalidate all your manuevering shenanigans no matter how neat Personally I'd just completely remove the "weapons' disabled" effect and agility buff due to Cloaking (green dice don't do **** anyway), adjust the TIE Phantom accordingly and tweak point costs as needed. Then you'll at least remove the ps dependency and have a much more flexible Phantom
  10. Now we all have a nice alt art Zuckuss card....

    He's a Bwing, TLT exists There's not much leeway to do anything with him
  11. I'm in X-Wing!!

    "Ficklegreendice": ARC-170 At the beginning of the combat phase, assign the "why bother?" condition to your ship. Then, you may assign the "why bother?" condition to an enemy ship at range 1-3 in your firing arc. "Why Bother?": When defending, roll no green dice (regardless of agility or range or obstruction). Discard this condition at the end of the round. Id give myself PS 8 NOT as a metric of skill but an utter loathing of Dash
  12. Are we ever going to get ships from the Clone Wars?

    the correct answer is "only if it's appeared in REBELS, in any fashion"
  13. U-wing “fix” it better be good..

    Being a point cheaper is nowhere near enough of a trade-off for everything the auzzie sports over it Now yes, the uwing is a more support craft. Problem is it's support is weak as **** and never worth bringing a basically clunkier Bwing to the table. Any support crew is better off on the auzzie, and Low will ALWAYS be superior support to anything the U pilots sport Low and the sh*tapeede are our new benchmarks for "viable support ship". Anything less is not going to cut it, so Saw has a LOT to deliver on The U doesn't do anything different, or really much of anything since the U doesn't have ANY built-in support mechanics that matter in the slightest. it needs a fix.
  14. U-wing “fix” it better be good..

    Auzzie will always beat the U unless renegade refit or the new pilot abilities are bonkers good
  15. The Kashyyyk Aces Pack

    He's right It is an expac we cannot afford to lose.