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  1. ficklegreendice

    The new Jam Action

    Oh I like that arc bump to range 2 REALLY hope that remains in 2.0.
  2. ficklegreendice

    Counter to X-Wing Swarm?

    Trajectory simulator bomb nym with Poons and jostero also with Poons Or rebel Nym and crimson spec lobbing protons with trajectory Sims Basically, launch bombs and Poons
  3. ficklegreendice

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    Horton'Dutch enabled double-tap op! Don't think it'll be super strong because we're still talking 2-dice primaries and a either a 2-die dorsal or an ion attack You're probably universally better off with a proton torp if you get to fire it
  4. ficklegreendice

    Y-wing: 2.0 story

    Little concerned about Ys simply being ousted by X-wings if their turret/ordnance/bomb capabilities don't stack up to the mobility and presumed raw efficiency of the other classic starfighter Which is to say, "I hope bombs and ion turrets are worth using" 2-dice primaries are FAR off better in 2.0 than in 1.0, but they're still not in the same ballpark as 3-dice primaries Going to go out on a limb and hope that Ordnance Ys or Turret Ys will be the way to go, Gunner upgrades will probably be overpriced unless they're discounted on the Y (has to buy its own turret as is), and my Norra dreams probably belong in the pipe because she's probably super expensive
  5. ficklegreendice

    This bickering is pointless....

    The ability to use the force is insignificant next to the power of the point cost
  6. ficklegreendice

    Hopefully 200 points = the end of zero point cards?

    Configs should be 0 Super situational stuff like Crackshot or Marksmanship should be 0 (you still pay for taking pilots with a talent slot). Both are bullseye but Crackshot is one charge and Marksmanship doesn't actually increase the of hit results generated like Predator can
  7. ficklegreendice

    People like to complain about Luke Gunner, Fenn Rau and Dash, but

    Neither being everywhere nor being costed so poorly that you never see play = balanced. You can't balance bad ideas with point costs, you can only sweep them under the rug. Something like the Inquisitor will be balanced because there is counter-play available regardless of his cost. Unlike a LOT of 1.0, even the odd action-independent modifiers of 2e all have counterplay or limited enough effect (forcus) to not screw people over. Except Luke. It's good to talk about the Inquisitor crew in this light, though, because I feel he's exactly what a 2e upgrade should be about: a way to bend the inherent limits of the system but not without consequences that force both players to make pointed decisions. I feel just about every other force upgrade does this right, from Kanan now needing a fully-executed white maneuver, to Ezra basically being vet turret gunner OR a forcus, to Vader requiring range AND arc AND allowing an opponent to spend a green token to avoid his damage. So at least there's a LOT of good in 2e, including Inqy imo. Just hope it's enough
  8. ficklegreendice

    People like to complain about Luke Gunner, Fenn Rau and Dash, but

    Amazing game design right there Anyway, people already covered how NOT 1.0 the Inquistor crew is (especially considering they nerfed broll, which reduces the blocking potential) It's a fine card with a bevy of counters, including self-limiting stress that imposes a limitation on the following turn (balancing out the benefit you got the turn you triggered Inquisitor) Ie, an ACTUAL cost and not just spending a token you get back anyway Even comparing Inquistor SOLELY to rotate a deci arc (range requirement, still allows opponent repositioning, is an action, stresses etc) reveals just how ****** gunner Luke is But we'll probably see Inqy on a Lambda as an alternative to Advanced Sensor coordinate
  9. ficklegreendice

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    Theres also that generic slicer crew spoiled in the rebel con kit leak But no TL on the reaper...maybe Krennic will be good for something, eh? Would've been cute to run generic slicer's with an r3 astro ARC, but if jam works on TLs...
  10. ficklegreendice

    Jam action or Jamming is total garbage in 2.0....

    On Feroph, jam doubles as an evade token On Vermeil, it's whatever the red die equivalent would be Mods + less mods for opponent = should be fine Range 1 sucks, but jam still lets you dogpile damage onto a target if you set it up right
  11. ficklegreendice

    Reaper Article!

    So...not the same? Esp because the good Major normally cant multiattack but feroph can modify against every relevent shot
  12. ficklegreendice

    Reaper Article!

    On 1 agi? I'll pass 😛 I'll get used to it, just a little less enthusiastic given that dial and that spoiled token sheet thing saying Jam action is R1 only Still, I like ailerons and Feroph's ability was made for me. Depending on how Vader (crew) works, these guys could be scary
  13. ficklegreendice

    Reaper Article!

    "Transporting Terror" is lol Feroph for green dice president! Vermeils ability is supee legit in 2.0 and its lack of free mods Glad about slicers, but they're not super great (jam tokens still fall off when green tokens are there) unless you got bumps involved and they in no way justify jamming beam. Action might become relevant, though. Maybe. That dial is sadly **** city, though. Even if you can approximate turns with double banks, they're long and fiddly as ****. Gonna have the same problem as 1e Bombers
  14. 3 green dice later...
  15. ficklegreendice

    T70 speculation for 2e...

    T-70 servomotors also reduce the difficulty of all maneuvers while closed, so you can pull a Poe from TLJ