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  1. preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty garbage no damage upgrades have to contribute a LOT to be worth wasting an attack for, and jam (while good) ain't a lot. At least t-beam, when used at a higher PS, can deny the enemy an attack as well by rolling them onto rocks Scramblers are, at most, a one point missile costing twice as much as it should
  2. I know this isn't the central focus of the analysis, but Horse. ****. I've played with double crackshot red vets and had to spend both in the first round of firing against a list that was two VCX and a ABT Y-wing. I've played many games where even a Y-wing could tank an entire squad of AC advanced because it just wouldn't stop rolling evade. ****, the VCX can evade as an action while low agility and stuff like the Auzzy is only really feasibly one-rounded by crackshot bearing ships Crackshot is a massive boon against literally every target, basically amounting to an extra damage for one point unless your opponent is unrealistically unlucky or you die before you get to shoot Since aces might not be coming back as some may have prophesied, it's important to advertise just how effective crackshot always is even in a low agility meta where things still need to die and fast. It's going to be the corner-stone of XG-1 gunboat alphas, and it is an ept we should always keep close in preparation for any future release that can effectively slot it into their ept slot and then you can also do things like contrast Crackshot with Cobalt leader, poor, poor Cobalt leader
  3. model size isn't really relevant for base size unless you just physically can't support the model on a small base base size matters because it has important gameplay implications, namely that large bases go faster and are four times more likely to overlap ships/obstacles/the table edge of no return the IGs have fat bases despite their small model because FFG was worried about such powerful, maneuverable ships being too easy to use the U-wings have fat bases despite their small size because they were designed to be blockers the K and SCURRG have small bases because large base bombers, as the res bomber will soon demonstrate, are ******* terrible (due to the four-times-as-likely-to-overlap-**** clause) the Silencer is not good enough to be limited by a large base. Why anyone would want to handicap it like that is beyond me. and before anyone makes some false parallels, arced large bases aren't turreted large bases. Turrets don't give a **** about facing and can freely abuse the speed boost given by their size without much thought or consequence (especially Dash). Arced ships obviously do care, and having to then care even more about obstacles and ships makes them a lot more clunky than they would be on small bases.
  4. whatever the **** you call the A-wing can't be assed to remember the preamble when it's basically the same ship
  5. Nym is because "Genius" won't work with bombletts as well anymore, especially Scum nym
  6. eh, given the trailers and spotlights, there don't seem to be any characters with any actual screentime flying a Bomber. Meanwhjle, the Silencer seems to be unique to kylo like the advance was unique to vader. In these cases, random callsigns are the only way to go we do have Rose flying a T-70 A-wing though
  7. I don't think miranda or nym need any help and Defective Plating would only serve as a specific counter-upgrade on any ship without bombs, and specific counter-upgrades are just bad game design unless there's a side deck involved or some way to re-purpose the upgrade (such as the discard-to-reroll mechanic in Destiny) though I personally think side-decks are dumb and believe Destiny has the right way of things. Regardless, X-wing has neither outside that 0-point scum crew what swaps illicits
  8. why? the ship is absolute garbage at a base level, it needs unique gimmicks to make it even halfway worth considering over just about anything else a lesson they no doubt learned from the punisher
  9. I do like that "defective plating" is picking up God alone knows what inspired ffg to blight an otherwise fine gimmick with yet more pointlessly game swinging RNG bull Anyway, 3 HLC boats will probably kill one before it fires so eh More relevantly, large bases are very clunky and 3 of them no less with bomb templates overlapping is going to be a massive hassel that I'd imagine is more trouble than it's worth
  10. dead things won't merit further attention; **** green dice
  11. but of course it'd be paired with r2-d2 regen is absurdly powerful
  12. Sabine AND Hera 0-move forever, hurling bombs forever
  13. no, what I'm saying is AdvancedOptics on Poe without Intensity > Intensity Poe in general
  14. Optics gives you focus on bump or while stressed, especially after a k or troll It does not combo with intensity, but intensity is clunky without bb8 and r2d2 offers the same if not superior durability You also aren't locked to greens to double up on mods. Just bank focus and TL normally without having to bb8 roll into a free focus
  15. at 27 points a pop? still awful in my book for one more point, you could get the vastly more powerful linked HLC Nu squadron (with LRS). Same effective health and slightly less maneuverable, but one more red die at range 2-3 (which is a massive advantage that is next to impossible to overstate) with removal of the range bonus and full mods without need for low PS target-lock Optics lose a lot of luster outside poe, as you have to re-load it after you spend it making it good for about one round. I don't rate it highly outside of that one specific pilot