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  1. Echo is Very fun with her multiple movement options! At the top of the forums is a *link list* by Majorjuggler. Under the movement links is one called amazingly enough echolocation and it is fantastic (especially in grid mode) for checking the movement options of various ships. I have been using my brother-in-laws phantom but just bought my own today as well (still unpackaged and got him 2 ties for x-mas while I was at it). I have only used a phantom in maybe 4 of my 16 matches but veteran instincts is great if you are using advanced cloaking device so you attack and auto recloak before getting attacked ( 4 defence dice is better than 2).
  2. Speaking as someone who only just started I would say its great if you have a close family member / friend to take the plunge with you. My brother-in-law picked up the core and 1 x-wing and 1 tie fighter back in August of this year. We played several games with that set and he acquired more expansions and now owns at least 1 of everything (wave 5 not incorporated). My wife doesn't mind if her bro comes over to play with spaceships Needless to say we both like strategy games so I started my own collection 3 weeks ago and now have a core, rebel aces, imperial aces, tie advanced, tie fighter, firespray, lambda, e- wing, x-wing, z-95 headhunter, set of dice, b-wing, and hawk. Today I just picked up a decimator and a yt-2400 for $97.00 in Canada. It can get addictive and relatively expensive fast (not as expensive as 40k). I think the biggest draw is having someone to feed off and play against. Maybe if you have stores in your area (here there are 2 with random folks Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons) you can join a weekly game night. I think it's worth the investment and my pool table makes the perfect battleground
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