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    Hylian100 got a reaction from D00kies in It's official   
    Well, Rebels and Imperials already had 2 Aces-style expansions each to Scum's zero.
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    Hylian100 got a reaction from Shraken in "My name is Graz."   
    Ice free?
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    Hylian100 reacted to Ladrillito in It's official   
    When are we going to learn the difference between a faction and a ship? 
    The 'great nerf' didn't affect imperials, it affected x7s, which were overpowered. These buffs don't affect scum, they affect StarVipers and Kihraxzes, which were underpowered. Now x7s, StarVipers and Kihraxzes will be pretty even.
    Yes, JumpMasters still need a nerf to be in line with these ships, but be patient, it's coming.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Bullox in Which preview will be out today?   
    This may not be what you meant but this was what popped into my head.

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    Hylian100 reacted to Rinzler in a Tie in Find you someone who looks at you like   
    Alex Davy looks at Matt Holland... 

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    Hylian100 got a reaction from Marinealver in Can we start whining yet?   
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    Hylian100 got a reaction from Djaskim609 in Can we start whining yet?   
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    Hylian100 reacted to Kdubb in Which preview will be out today?   
    They are reserved spots for the "uncut card sheets" every player that wins one politely returns to FFG when no one is looking.
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    Hylian100 reacted to flyboymb in Last Jedi screen grabs of ... uh ... the "Bloody Blade Runner!"   
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    Hylian100 reacted to Jyico in Last Jedi screen grabs of ... uh ... the "Bloody Blade Runner!"   
    Well if that were the case they should travel single file
    Ship looks neat!
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    Hylian100 reacted to BlodVargarna in So, we're just getting "Empire Strikes Back 2" then, huh? Sad.   
    Those A-holes at NASA don't know a THING about space ships. 
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    Hylian100 reacted to Kharnvor in So, we're just getting "Empire Strikes Back 2" then, huh? Sad.   
    At least this isn't a nerf thread.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Derpzilla88 in So, we're just getting "Empire Strikes Back 2" then, huh? Sad.   
    Oh look, the first "The Last Jedi is just going to be Empire Strikes Back redone and I know this for absolute fact because of a two minute teaser trailer," complaint thread. Honestly it showed up later than I expected it to.
    You could always just not go see it instead of trying to bring down the movie before it's even released.
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    Hylian100 got a reaction from charlesanakin in Pics of Wave 11 and Croc   
    Knew I'd like the Scurrg already, but seeing it on display just cements that.
    The other two look good too, but i like the Scurrg a bit more. And as has been said, the C-ROC is a thing of beauty.
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    Hylian100 reacted to wurms in Where is FGD?   
    You obviously don't know his bat call. Just make a topic called "Arcs aren't so great. What's the big deal?" He will be on in five minutes with hi res images and ten reasons to fly the Arc.
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    Hylian100 reacted to mithril2098 in The Auzituck Gunship should have a hull value of 0.15   
    note that wroshyr trees require Pneumo-hammers in order to get something as simple as a spike through it. that is, a Pneumatic hammer. aka a Rivet Gun wood that can support kilo-tonnage of tree stretching kilometers into the sky.
    it basically would have to be as tough as the strongest metals.
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    Hylian100 reacted to UnitOmega in Auzituck Gunship looks like a Mi-24   
    What's a russian gunship doing here?
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    Hylian100 reacted to WAC47 in Wave 11 announced at GAMA!   
    Bet those conspiracy theorists who thought Disney was purging all Legends material from the universe feel silly now! 
    Im so excited! 
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    Hylian100 reacted to Slugrage in Scyks OP? We need to talk about this squad.   
    So now we're getting worried we may actually see Scyk's on the table in a somewhat competitive manner?

    Oh, the humanity.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Rodafowa in Inaldra is already DOA   
    I severely doubt that Field Marshal Montgomery was the best tank driver in the Desert Rats. 
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    Hylian100 reacted to Panzeh in Inaldra is already DOA   
    She is the cheapest EPT carrier in the game in a faction with mindlink.
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    Hylian100 reacted to TitaniumChopstick in Fortressing, sportsmanship and other complaints?   
    No, in fact that is not legal. It is called simulation and can warrant a yellow card if the referee so chooses to give one. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diving_(association_football)
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    Hylian100 reacted to WWHSD in Fortressing, sportsmanship and other complaints?   
    I really hate when sportsmanship gets tossed around in a discussion regarding tactics in a competitive game. If you want to discuss sportsmanship it should focus on adhering to the rules of the game, treatment of opponents,  accepting rulings from officials, etc.  Sportsmanship shouldn't be a reason to create some meta-ruleset about which completely legitimate and legal tactics are approved for gentlemanly play and which are not.
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