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    Hylian100 reacted to Firespray-32 in YES the new article is here!..."What's in a dial?"...&#*@!!!!   
    Both fighter combat scenes in ANH are homages to old war films and in places follow them almost shot for shot.
    I think people are overstating the Falcon's sublight speed in the other films though. In open space the Falcon struggles to outrun TIEs. In the asteroid field and the Death Star II it's a case of how fast you can go without crashing, not how fast you in go. On Jakku the Falcon goes into the ruined Super Star Destroyer specifically because it can't escape the TIEs just by running and neither of the TIEs struggle to keep pace with it: both are shot down rather than hitting anything. Also of note is both TIEs were shot when they didn't expect it: one was killed by the opening salvos by a much more powerful weapon than you'd expect on a derelict freighter and the other was shot by a gun it thought was disabled.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Ken at Sunrise in FFG News - X-Wing™ for Beginners   
    Wow you guys are tough!!!
    When we started playing X-Wing we played both X-Wings and Y-Wings all the time without those upgrades. I hate to point out the obvious but...
    Do you realize this article is about playing X-Wing and only mentions tournaments in the last part. It isn't about tournament micro level inefficiencies of playing math-wing using calculus instead of dice.
    Again being Mr. Obvious here but the Auto-Thrusters really wasn't a big thing until turrets.
    Are you suggesting that FFG should stop trying to get new players or even casual ones that simply want to have fun playing X-Wing?
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    Hylian100 got a reaction from Radzap in His Highness Prince Xizor   
    As if I needed an excuse to run Starvipers, Prince Xizor's ability is great. And I happen to think S&V is by far the prettiest faction, especially the Starviper.
    Actually, maybe not by far, a lot of the Imp and Rebel ships are gorgeous, I just really like the general aesthetic of Scum. And the Starviper.
    Never did get that Starviper toy I always wanted as a child.
    ...I think I might be a bit obsessed with Starvipers. Even moreso than using Slave 1 in every Imperial list I run or fielding every A-Wing and B-Wing I can with any other Rebel ships.
    Don't know if they trumpt he Defender as my favourite starfighter, really I only know them aesthetically, but I do like their statline and abilities and upgrades we've seen so far in X-Wing.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Baaa in FFG balance Rebels **** it.   
    I really wish I had something sensible to add to this post.
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    Hylian100 reacted to ficklegreendice in On a scale of 1-10, how good/bad do you think the Quadjumper and Upsilon Shuttle dials will be?   
    the quadjumper's will be worth...one whole portion
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    Hylian100 reacted to ficklegreendice in Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!   
    "if by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my hull."

    "And you have my torps!"

    "AND MY ASS!"

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    Hylian100 reacted to T70 Driver in FFG....you screwed up with the new Imperial Shuttle...   
    And when they give us Matt, they can include the "I'm 90% sure he's Kylo Ren" condition card. Not sure what it will do but it should be epic.
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    Hylian100 reacted to T70 Driver in FFG....you screwed up with the new Imperial Shuttle...   
    I mean you included crew cards for Kylo Ren and General Hux but miss the most important crew of all? Where's Matt? You know, Matt the Radar Technician? I can't believe you left him out of the expansion. Come on FFG, make it happen and give us a Matt the Radar Technician crew card.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Herowannabe in Kylo Ren keeps people honest, ironically.   
    So one little side effect of Kylo Ren is that it will all but completely eliminated people trying to cheat in tournaments with stacked damage decks. Can't be messing with the cards in there if there is a chance your opponent will be searching through your deck at some point.
    And oddly enough, that's pretty thematic for Kylo, too. Mind reading powers and all.

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    Hylian100 reacted to ficklegreendice in Have we seen the end of EU ships in X-wing?   
    and yet...we all recognized it
    weird how that works, eh?
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    Hylian100 reacted to WAC47 in Have we seen the end of EU ships in X-wing?   
    Maybe FFG is sticking to canon ships, maybe they're not. The important part is WE'RE GETTING NEW STAR WARS.
    New Star Wars means new characters and ships seen onscreen. It means that people's imaginations are being sparked and wanting to play in that universe. Whether or not you personally like the new material, do you honestly expect FFG to NOT make ships that appear on screen and are recognizable to current Star Wars fans, regardless of age?
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    Hylian100 reacted to WingedSpider in Who the heck is Sabine?   
    B-Wings are anti-capital ship weapons. Why do people still not get this? 
    It's not like it's an indestructible fighter capable of blowing up solar systems and written by Kevin J Anderson. It's just a prototype B-Wing with a big gun. 
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    Hylian100 reacted to VanorDM in So.... Back to Wave 9 and pretending Wave 10 is never happening please?   
    What exactly is wrong with a Tie Fighter for the Rebels? It's not like there's a generic version of it... Plus there's already the Z-95 so it's not like the Rebels don't have swarm ship.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Audio Weasel in Black Market Slicer Tools (ie holy crap I don't have to ***** about RNG)   
    Posted this in another thread on this topic, but I think it works here.
    Possibility for a fun list: one ship with slicer tools, one ship with higher PS and saboteur, and one flanker with Lando.  I shall call it " The Idiot's Array"
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    Hylian100 reacted to FlightyBombJack in Palpatine is a poorly designed card   
    The card is not poorly designed.  Composition wise it's relatively solid, adhering to the standard rule of thirds, Palpatine being slightly off center and towards the right side of the card.  The most saturated parts of the image are the royal guards directly behind him, immediately followed by the much darker guards in the foreground, which help draw your eyes across the image.  The blueish lighting and the subtle bloom and reflections on the helmets and capes help make the focus of the card pop in contrast to the much less saturated background art and characters.  My only real issue with it is the one scout trooper in the back that looks like he is looking at the viewer, it is somewhat jarring and takes focus off the purpose of the card.
    Unless you are not talking about the art design, then I got no idea.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Toqtamish in You lost me at collectible.   
    Then pass. It greatly confuses me why people, think anyone else cares what you are not going to buy. I'm not going to buy a Ford. Does anyone need to know that or care. Nope.
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    Hylian100 reacted to DarthEnderX in Hopeing for a new Vader.   
    ETA-2 Actis Interceptor Vader.
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    Hylian100 reacted to ObiWonka in X-Wing Preview Article Forum Reaction Bingo!   
    I don't think everyone's supposed to fill their entire card instantly in Bingo...
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    Hylian100 reacted to Rodafowa in X-Wing Preview Article Forum Reaction Bingo!   
    If you're anything like me (and I hope for your sake you're not) then you might have noticed certain... recurring themes that crop up on the forum in the wake of FFG preview articles for new X-Wing expansions. So I thought - given that we've got the Shadow Caster preview coming on Monday and then the mysteries of Heroes Of The Resistance and whatever GenCon brings following soon after that - there must be some way of taking this nagging feeling of deja vu and turning it into cold hard likes.
    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - This is intended as a light-hearted nod toward popular forum tropes. No personal criticism is intended of anyone who has expressed, is currently expressing or will express any of these opinions. You're not a bad person for wanting FFG to release the Gunboat. Please drink responsibly. Your investment in 3 K-Wings can go down as well as up. If your game of X-Wing lasts longer than 12 hours, please consult your doctor.
    And thus without even the merest hint of the faintest suggestion of anything so much as approaching further ado I give to you - X-WING PREVIEW ARTICLE FORUM REACTION BINGO!
    ...or, as I just realised I should have called it, "X-WINGO!"

    Comments? Suggestions? Have you got a favourite that I missed? TALK TO ME GOOSE!
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    Hylian100 reacted to WWHSD in Green dice suck and so does Concord Dawn Protector   
    You are adding an evade result. It's essentially like getting an evade token that you must spend immediately.
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    Hylian100 reacted to ficklegreendice in Fang fighter preview   
    Uh..you guys have had the interceptor since Wave 2?
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    Hylian100 reacted to Plainsman in XWing Missions are AWESOME!   
    My son and I got tired of "deathmatches" in general, no matter the point values. We started playing the missions going back to the first Core set. Then we used only the ships that were available for the Wave the mission was released. This has been very fun and rejuvenated XWing for us.
    We had a discussion tonight about wargaming in general. Through this we have finally discovered the high points and low points of our wargaming experiences. We both enjoy the tactics and the "fight" no matter the system more than using the rules to win. We fight the fight, then figure out what dice to grab to get the results! Rather than the reverse...
    Missions focus on tactics and flying rather than killing and this represents what XWing was meant to be for us.
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    Hylian100 reacted to Red Castle in Gozanti Bomber Strike   
    I'm currently trying to organise a Team Epic tournament and it made me revisit the Epic mode, more particularily the Gozanti combined with the new tools from Imperial Veterans.
    First, here is what is needed:
    -Gozanti Cruiser with Dual Laser Turret, Docking Clamps, Ordnance Experts and Vector title (to deploy 4 ships instead of 2)
    -Captain Jonus with Tie Shuttle title, Twin Ion Engine MkII, Systems Officer, Fleet Officer
    -2x Gamma Squadron Veteran with Deadeye, Homing Missiles, Guidance Chips
    -Gamma Squadron Veteran with Crack Shot, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips
    153 pts, then use more to continue equiping ship with Extra munitions, other ordnance, some crew on the Gozanti, etc
    Here is how you deploy. The idea is to first get both Gamma Veteran with Deadeye out first and then make them do a barrel roll in each direction. Then you get the Gamma Veteran with Crackshot out and take a Focus with it. As an exemple, here's what it would look like with a bank 3 maneuver:

    Then, you get Jonus out by doing a maneuver 2 speed lower, which should be green thanks to TIE MkII. By doing a green maneuver, you can then give a free TL to the third Gamma Squadron (the one that already have a Focus), then as your action, you use Fleet Officer and give one Focus to both Gamma with Deadeye. It will look like this:

    Every ship is now in range one of Jonus (Gozanti included) and can benefit from his two reroll. Then it's up to you with which Bomber you start attacking. You could start with the central one with the Plasma Torpedoes and Crackshot to strip the shields and hopefully get rid of a token or two. Both bombers with deadeye will keep their Focus if they shoot a Homing Missile, so in practice, every Bomber will have a Focus, 2 dice reroll thanks to Jonus, and Guidance Chips. That should give you very good odds to get your 4 hits for each attack.

    If you decide to deploy with a Hard 3, here is what it would look like. You would have to still do a bank 1 with Jonus, but next turn by doing a straight 1 with each bomber and a bank 1 with Jonus, you'll be back in formation.


    It cost a lot, but there is not a lot of thing that can survive that Bombing run. And since they deploy during the Epic ship maneuver, you just can't arc dodge it They'll have their shot and there is nothing you can do about it. 
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    Hylian100 got a reaction from Parakitor in Imp vet is so much fun to play ....   
    Just tried out a full-on Imp Vets build for the first time in a tournament yesterday. Got my first ever top four, previously I've only come as high as 12th.
    My build was:
    Colonel Vessery
    -Tractor Beam
    -Veteran Instincts
    Tomax Bren
    -Crack Shot
    -TIE Shuttle
    Countess Ryad 
    -Twin Ion Engine mk. 2
    -Push the Limit
    Coming in at exactly 100 points.
    I was about to write off Tomax with the Tactician, he barely ever fired my first two games, and never got Tactician off. Then in the last two he was co-MVP with Ryad, managing to stack up stress in the right circumstances to prevent K-turns and actions let Ryad swoop in behind ships and clean up, and the Crack Shot on Tomax was insanely good, it's not every day you get someone who can hit at range 3 through an asteroid with an unmodified 2 dice. And the psychological threat of infinite Crack Shot definitely helps. 
    Ryad is inasnely fun to fly, and despite her being only PS5, the sheer action efficiency and repositioning with those K-turns somehow helped her be a proto-ace hunter. 
    Vessery really needs the Twin Ion Engine mk. 2 though, in one round I flew him off the board at full health because I couldn't quite shed the stress from his 1-turn. Not sure what I'd take out to give him that upgrade though, possibly Tactician. I wanted him shooting first with the Tractor Beam to set up Tomax (which definitely helped on many occasions, reduced agility + Crack shot = bye bye ship). Plus, when Tactician worked on Tomax, it worked. 
    Anyway, I'm very pleased with Veterans, it takes two of my favourite TIE variants from the fluff and makes them even more fun to fly. 
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