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  1. Got the code, but I'm not paying another three times the ship's cost for shipping to the UK, think I'll be offering up my code to someone else as well.
  2. To add on to this; does anyone use the dice app?
  3. Of course, it's the Thunderstrike's companion ship right out of Twilight Company, still one of my favourite canon novels that no-one talks about. It's Gaunt's Ghosts in Star Wars!
  4. Hylian100

    Kill Han

    It was a long time ago.
  5. My core X-Wing stays in place with the s-foils open, but with them closed they wobble about a fair bit. Whereas my Fang was a bit stiff to start with but now moves and keeps in lace quite well. Think it would be more thematic if those inconsistencies were the other way round though...
  6. Yeah, there's no QR code anywhere in the core, your leaning is right.
  7. Happy - the model alone is gorgeous and it should be an interesting ship to build around, either using it or planning to face it.
  8. Seeing some of the reactions here makes me want to only ever play prequel factions to see the rage on the faces of certain players, who can't stand that ffg are releasing things for people who enjoy things that they don't.
  9. Ooh, do we get diplomatic win conditions now? ? couldn't resist.
  10. After last week's new Falcon reveal, I was hoping we'd get more previews for things we didn't already know.
  11. No; it has two turrets. Just that they're single laser cannons as opposed to the later quads.
  12. Back on topic, I'm on board with getting the Falcon for Scum. I'm curious to see how well the escape craft physically works (and how quick it would be to physically dock and unlock if you so desired). The 2-dice primary's nice and thematic, plus the dockable ship and other Scum shenanigans MAJE it sufficiently different from the Rebel Falcon to justify it. Now, the real question is, do I want to keep it pristine or apply some damage marks to put the Falcon in her natural state?
  13. It's almost like different people have different tastes or something crazy like that...
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