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  1. Cannot say I've done anything too similar, but I think I would play it out as a chase. So, competitive athletics checks to determine whether or not the bulls close the distance, and if they do they can attack. Then you can throw obstacles at the characters and players will probably come up with their own ideas how to escape.
  2. I was hoping for something else but Verzweiflung, it just feels so cumbersome. We usually still call it despair, or "voll-verkackt-Symbol", but that is awfully colloquial. Maybe I'll go with Patzer, that should feel the most familiar.
  3. This is very interesting, good job. I have started to translate some of the rules too, for a one-shot with some people that don't speak english well. May I ask (since I didn't see it while glancing over your work) how you translated the symbols' names? Especially despair is giving me a hard time to find a fitting name.
  4. Some ideas: -Ability to communicate with plants (e.g. make a Survival or even Leadership check to direct vines to create a ladder for the character, etc.). -Natural weapons (think Groot with extending limbs). -The species does not need food and simply relies on water and sunlight for sustenance. -They automatically trigger the burn quality when attacked with a weapon that has the quality (this is a negative trait, but you could raise starting XP in turn). -Free rank in Survival or Primal Generally, depending on the type of setting, I'd try to take inspiration from media where plant people exist (Dekus from Legend of Zelda for example, or Groot from Marvel as mentioned before)
  5. While I agree with you and would rule it the same way, reading up on it is a bit weird. On page 108, Two-Weapon Combat: "First, the player designates one weapon as the primary weapon. When making the combined check, the character attacks with this weapon." And on page 89, Vicious quality: "When an attack with this weapon results in a Critical Injury or Hit, the character adds ten times the Vicious rating to the Critical roll." Emphasis on "attack", not "hit". Even though the second hit is dealth with the secondary weapon, the attack is performed by the primary weapon. So RAW (but maybe not RAI), when doing two-weapon combat, all hits use the vicious rating of the primary weapon. In this particular example though, both weapons have the same vicious rating, so it wouldn't matter.
  6. Shortened Barrel Attachment: In table 2-8 it has a listed price of 180, in the detailed entry however it says "Cost: 250". Kind of weird, as no other attachments have a cost listed in their detailed entries.
  7. Klort


    Not that I know of, but I once made a very basic cheat sheet in german for new players with the most basic of rules. It's not much, and still uses the old Star Wars dice symbols, but you can have it if you want.
  8. The "Body Guard" talent is listed in the section of the tier 3 talents, its entry however says that it's a tier 2 talent (p49). One of the characters from the gencon android adventure had Body Guard noted as a tier 2 talent, so I suppose tier 2 is correct.
  9. There's a similar talent in the Star Wars games that lets you suffer 2 strain before a check as an incidental. If you succeed, you add a Triumph, if you fail, you add a Despair.
  10. In that case I would use either the Auto-fire or Linked weapon qualities.
  11. I don't know much about Pathfinder, but in the Star Wars game (and I think it was converted in Genesys Talents Expanded) there is a talent called Dynamic Fire: "When making a ranged attack while engaged with an opponent, the character may suffer 2 strain to reduce the ranged modifier added for being engaged by 1 for the attack. So, when firing a Ranged (Heavy) weapon, the character only increases the difficulty by 1 when engaged, and when firing a Ranged (Light) weapon, he doesn't increase the difficulty at all."
  12. As far as I'm concerned, the immobilized condition prevents characters from performing maneuvers, so they would not be able to concentrate on their following turns. However, immobilization doesn't nullify previously performed maneuvers, so ensnaring would not instantly unsummon a minion, just as it wouldn't drag a character out of cover if he previously used a maneuver to hide behind it.
  13. Another option would be the Entertainer from the Core Book, and swap Discipline (or another skill you deem more fitting) for Verse.
  14. This sounds really interesting, and inspired me to quickly whip up a talent: Volatile Power Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No When casting a spell, may add one additional effect without increasing the difficulty. When doing so, upgrade the difficulty a number of times equal to the difficulty increase of that additional effect. Not sure about the tier, but to put it into numbers (if I did everything correctly), using this would increase your chance of success by ~5-10%, reduce the average number of threat, but (obviously) increases your chances for a despair.
  15. If you ask me, in SW such talents were additionally restricted by whether or not you own those specific talent trees. If everyone has access to those talents, a flat +1 damage bonus would be an absolute no-brainer as a Tier 1 talent, and thus too strong for that tier.
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