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  1. Klort

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    Shortened Barrel Attachment: In table 2-8 it has a listed price of 180, in the detailed entry however it says "Cost: 250". Kind of weird, as no other attachments have a cost listed in their detailed entries.
  2. Klort


    Not that I know of, but I once made a very basic cheat sheet in german for new players with the most basic of rules. It's not much, and still uses the old Star Wars dice symbols, but you can have it if you want.
  3. Klort

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    The "Body Guard" talent is listed in the section of the tier 3 talents, its entry however says that it's a tier 2 talent (p49). One of the characters from the gencon android adventure had Body Guard noted as a tier 2 talent, so I suppose tier 2 is correct.
  4. Klort

    Advice for new talent- Hold My Beer

    There's a similar talent in the Star Wars games that lets you suffer 2 strain before a check as an incidental. If you succeed, you add a Triumph, if you fail, you add a Despair.
  5. Klort

    multiple natural attacks

    In that case I would use either the Auto-fire or Linked weapon qualities.
  6. I don't know much about Pathfinder, but in the Star Wars game (and I think it was converted in Genesys Talents Expanded) there is a talent called Dynamic Fire: "When making a ranged attack while engaged with an opponent, the character may suffer 2 strain to reduce the ranged modifier added for being engaged by 1 for the attack. So, when firing a Ranged (Heavy) weapon, the character only increases the difficulty by 1 when engaged, and when firing a Ranged (Light) weapon, he doesn't increase the difficulty at all."
  7. Klort

    Can Ensnare be used to shut down Casters?

    As far as I'm concerned, the immobilized condition prevents characters from performing maneuvers, so they would not be able to concentrate on their following turns. However, immobilization doesn't nullify previously performed maneuvers, so ensnaring would not instantly unsummon a minion, just as it wouldn't drag a character out of cover if he previously used a maneuver to hide behind it.
  8. Klort

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    Another option would be the Entertainer from the Core Book, and swap Discipline (or another skill you deem more fitting) for Verse.
  9. Klort

    Magic House Rule Critique

    This sounds really interesting, and inspired me to quickly whip up a talent: Volatile Power Tier: 2 Activation: Active (Incidental) Ranked: No When casting a spell, may add one additional effect without increasing the difficulty. When doing so, upgrade the difficulty a number of times equal to the difficulty increase of that additional effect. Not sure about the tier, but to put it into numbers (if I did everything correctly), using this would increase your chance of success by ~5-10%, reduce the average number of threat, but (obviously) increases your chances for a despair.
  10. Klort

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    If you ask me, in SW such talents were additionally restricted by whether or not you own those specific talent trees. If everyone has access to those talents, a flat +1 damage bonus would be an absolute no-brainer as a Tier 1 talent, and thus too strong for that tier.
  11. Klort

    Fallout Theme by GM Phil

    I think it is mostly based on Fallout 4, since it has pipe guns and a whole section on synths and the Institute (which made me add a bunch of New Vegas stuff myself, but it still is a great write-up). For the super sledge I used the War Hammer from Realms of Terrinoth with an increased rarity. For the normal sledge you could just make it a bit weaker.
  12. Klort

    Leveling Magic Weapons

    Sounds a bit like the Signature Weapon heroic ability, might be worth looking into that for balancing.
  13. Klort

    Indiana Jones

    This is looking really cool. One thing I caught is that Well Read and Well-Traveled do the same thing, both grant you 3 Knowledge skills as career skills.
  14. I have put them both at 75 moneys, with both at rarity 6 and the Firebomb restricted.
  15. Klort

    Dungeon Delving and Loot

    If I get around to run another fantasy campaign using Genesys, I'll probably use a random table for when the PCs find something or succeed at a Perception check. Then, if applicable, another roll for the craftsmanship/implement materials, and a third for attachments (if the PCs roll a Triumph, for example). But, as Richardbuxton said, it's always good to listen to your players and what they have envisioned for their characters and I try to insert these items as fixed loot/rewards.