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  1. No, I did not throw away the boxes And yeah, no kids, no pets either (not allowed) so if I know we will be playing within a week I'll just leave it out on the table and set up the next quest when I have some time during that week. If there is a longer pause between sessions then I usually pack it up. It also happens that I play the game at a friends house instead of at my place, so like this its pretty easy to transport it as well.
  2. I dont really see a reason to sleeve the cards (I haven't actually sleeved any game I have) They aren't handeled that much, and the people handling them aren't savages. So it seems fine. And the dice usually stay in the dice towers between games. Its only when the game can't stay on the table and i have toI put the game away that i put the dice in the box. It depends on my mood I guess if I'll put then the same face up, but I at least sort them by color every time
  3. Yeah, Which is why I was looking into the magnet setup. I had already done it for the heroes in the old version (before I reworked it) and it took forever. I've updated the original post with the storage for the monsters any2cards: If you can pay me enough that I don't have to go to my fulltime job, then maybe I could get it to you by Christmas
  4. You can find the pictures here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/228693-atom4gevampires-custom-descent-storage-box-wip/ Though it seems from reading the topic again that you are looking for something that actually has spaces for whatever is happening in your current campaign as well, so it might not be that helpful.
  5. Here are some picture of my attempt at the "ultimate" Descent storage box. It's still a work in progress, so some things are unfinished, mainly the storage for the hero figures needs work, as well as the fact that I still need to make the actual box that goes around everything as well. I have posted this in the past in an unrelated topic when it was less finished, so I thought it was time for it's own topic. (Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures by the way) Everything together This is what it currently looks like all together. I just need to create a shell to go around it. But to do that, all the internal parts need to be 100% done (so I have the correct dimensions) Level 1 This is where I keep the main cards and tokens of the game, that I need a lot. Top to bottom, left to right: Conditions, Act I Shop Deck, Act II Shop Deck, Relics, Search Cards, Search tokens, Challenge tokens, More Challenge tokens, Villager tokens, Red/Blue Objective tokens, White/Green Objective tokens, Influence Effect tokens/Sun Stone token, 2x Dice, Travel deck, City Travel deck, Secret Room cards and tokens, Rumor and Advanced Quest cards, Health tokens, 5 Health tokens, Fatigue tokens, Threat/Fortune tokens, Hero Sheets/Class Cards and Items/Hero Tokens of current campaign. The Condition cards and Health/Fatigue/.. tokens can be removed as separate boxes for easy access during play Level 2 This is has a box for all manuals and some extra things (the dice are used as health counters for monster health) as well as the 'Overlord Box'. The Overlord box stores all things related to the overlord. Its also split in 2 levels, to separate per act. Top to bottom, left to right - Level 1: Act I Monsters, Act I Lieutenants, Overlord decks/Overlord Rewards/Corrupt Citizen Cards, Plot Decks Top to bottom, left to right - Level 2: Tainted Cards/Familiar Cards/Familiar tokens, Infection tokens (can be taken out as pictured), Act II Monsters, Act II Lieutenants Level 3 Here the 'Classes and Heroes box' can be found, which stores most of the things related to heroes and classes. It also has a box with Dice Towers. Top to bottom, left to right: Warrior Class decks, Class Familiars, Scout Class decks, Mage Class Decks, Hero Familiars (The wolf fell into the wrong box it seems ), Healer Class decks, Hero Sheets. 3 Dice Towers that can easily be assembled Level 4 This is where all the Map tiles, Terrain tokens, Doors/Walls/.., and various other (less used) tokens are stored. The tiles are grouped by size and some parts are subdivided so similar tiles are grouped. Top to bottom, left to right: - Large Map tiles (bigger than 4x8) - Narrow Map tiles (max width 3 spaces) and misc tokens - Separations: Longer than 6 spaces, 6 spaces to 4 spaces, 4 spaces or smaller - Tokens: Big Lieutenants, Small Lieutenants, Proof of Purchases - Doors/Old Walls/Overgrowth/.. and their holders - End Caps - Connectors - Entrance tiles, Large connectors - Corners, 4 way connectors - Room maptiles (max 4x8) and misc tokens - Separations: Max 8x4, Max 4x4 - Tokens: Inactive Monster tokens, Crumbling Terrain tokens A better view at the seperations Level 5 This is still a bit of a work in progress, but this stores the Hero figures Class tokens, Ally tokens and cards, Hero Familiar cards. I'll have to redo it abit, because I wasn't expecting figures being as tall as Karnon, so the sided are not high enough I already redid this once before, because I underestimated the amount of heroes (The hero classes box used to be part of this level). This is mainly the reason the outer box isn't finished. I either plan to cut out circles in the white bottom for the bases of the heroes to fit in, or else use some metal plate and glue a very flat magnet to the base of the heroes, not sure yet. The Class tokens can be removed as separate boxes and given to the heroes when needed. Now I just hope that FFG doesn't release to many things that fit outside of what I have foreseen (Like the Tainted Cards) Also, here is how the condition boxes and dice towers look on the gaming table by the way, in case anyone was wondering. What do I use for the monster figures you ask? I use the Citadel Crusade Figure Case
  6. I think what he means is that normally a Druid can shapeshift into multiple things, not just a (were)wolf? So that way there is room for a class that has different mechanics and allows for more forms.
  7. If the Werewolf always has 5 speed, why doesn't primitive just say 'within 5 spaces', instead of the weird speed thing. Or do you want this to work together with terrain like Sludge?
  8. I've changed both those rumors. The unknown treasures/dangerous path shouldn't be an issue unless you start deleting quests (or accidentally select unknown treasures when you draw a rumor)
  9. I can switch out the rumor if you want. Just let me know which one you want replaced, and which one replaces it, together with a link to the campaign you are playing. Either here, in a pm or via support@d2etracker.com
  10. 1) draw first card, shuffle, draw another 2) I would say yes. It's not an attack so can be performed twice, and immobilize only blocks move actions and suffering fatigue to move. 3) Not sure 4) I believe the quest should normally state if it is removed from the map or not. or if figures can open or close it.
  11. Here is what I have in my 'OL box': 1 space for OL Cards 1 space for Plot cards 2 spaces for monster cards, separated by act. 2 spaces for lieutenant cards, separated by act 1 space for smaller cards like Servant cards, Tainted cards as well as the tokens for the Servants 1 space to hold a container that keeps the Infection tokens from the Infector deck. I'll take a picture of it tonight if you need some inspiration
  12. Take a look at the Conjurer's 'Channeling' or the Skirmisher's 'Carve a Path' it just says at the top the effect that is always active, even if the card is exhausted or whatever. And I did not forget about that. I would just write at the bottom of the Shapeshift card: Apply +1 to your Speed and 1 Shield to your defense results
  13. Can you just put it on the top of the card like other class cards do with permanent effects? Also, about the health thing. How about the Werewolf has the same health as the hero you've selected, but just suffers -1 damage from each attack? Or an automatic 1 Shield on each defense roll. That would make him less squishy, without the need for a separate value
  14. Little error in the Animist card: Amount
  15. 1) I was thinking about that, and adding some more stuff like group limits, but it's already a bit cramped as it is. 2) I was planning to, but I think there was some reason that I didn't do it in the end but I can't remember right now, I will take a look again. 3) Yeah, they are in the database, but not yet shown 4) I can add something like this, I'm just not sure about how to show their 'abilities'. With monsters it's easy, they have actual ability names. Weapons on the other hand sometimes have just whole sentences written on them that are never found on any other weapon, so it would be more work/less straight forward than the way I did it for the monsters. I'll think about it.
  16. I've improved the filtering functionality a bit. It was really wonky before I've also added traits (still a work in progress) so you don't necessarily need to visit the page from your campaign to find monsters suitable for a certain quest. (Of course, this will not take into account which expansions you might have)
  17. We just won Intro and Prey. Not going to straight out say it's the OL being bad.
  18. I think the whole idea behind calling them 'Servants' was to make sure that new decks could affect the older servants. So I'm sure it's working as intended
  19. Exactly, I felt it was relevant info seeing what the title of the thread is and stuff
  20. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/18/available-this-week-4/
  21. The existence of an intro quest is a given I think, again just from holding it against the 'one act campaign' that is MoB. I assume that when MoB + CTR is played that you either drop the MoB finale or the CTR introduction. Most likely the CTR intro, since I assume it will probably somehow tell the story of the events of MoB and the fact that many people already played the MoB finally and are waiting for CTR to continue. (It would be weird to suddenly have to drop progress if the finale would be removed)
  22. Zyla doesn't seem to be working (it has an underline, but the image wont load) Is it possible to add partial hero names as well? So that it picks up 'Pathfinder Durik' as well as just 'Durik', or 'Arvel' instead of 'Arvel Worldwalker' (just for the ones that make sense , I don't want to see 'One Fist' when writing 'One' or 'Fist' ) How about adding an option in the settings to set additional url's where we want the addon to work, like for example BGG?
  23. No, he just said that the structure of the campaign is (the same as the others in being) 5 quests long (I'm assuming the 4 was an honest mistake by not counting the intro or something). Intro - Quest 1 - Quest 2 - Quest 3 - Finale. With Quest 1 to 3 each having 2 possibilities. (This is how it is done in MoB, i'm just going based on that for this 'info') He never said there are only 4 quests
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