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  1. Interesting development for the D2E tracker, I hope they won't affect decisions made in the past
  2. Sorry guys, personal life got in the way a bit the last couple of weeks. (And as I said, Chains is a bit harder to implement with the campaign and hybrid class stuff.) I hope I can continue working on it this week. Apologies!
  3. Those filters could be implemented yes. I'll keep it in mind next time I work on it.
  4. Well, I also played MoM, and for some reason, the change bothers me a lot less there. Maybe because I felt that was a more thematic game than a really competitive one like Descent is.
  5. Finally got my copy of Chains. Will take some time to figure out how to do the hybrid classes and the MoB only / MoB - Chains combo / Chains only campaigs
  6. 1. The black lines on the map count as "wall", so you couldn't have performed that move. The "(the black edge of a map tile)." shouldn't be there, (or at least, shouldn't be the only thing there, since it is correct, but not exhaustive) 2. It would be 2 spaces maximum i believe
  7. An expansion box for RTL would be the dumbest idea ever. What would it offer that that would be unique to that sort of watered down version of Descent, that couldn't be used in the real base game? If it offers any tiles, monsters, heroes, classes,.. they might as well add a campaign because otherwise they might alienate/anger their original players.
  8. bestial ˈbɛstɪəl/ adjective of or like an animal or animals. "Darwin's revelations about our bestial beginnings" synonyms: animal, beast-like, animalistic; More savagely cruel and depraved. "bestial and barbaric acts"
  9. I think Campaign books would really be useful.
  10. "Wrong Target" also seems a bit of an uncool name. Maybe 'Misdirection' (though that sounds familiar. I'm starting to think it exists already as a name, maybe in a plot deck?), or Saving Bond or something. For Wide Spread, maybe "Binding Aura" or something
  11. Exhaust this card when a monster performs an ability that affects you and is not an attack. That monster also suffers the effects of this ability. This would be able to 'reflect' abilities like Howl and others
  12. I am talking about the english version only... Read the quest rules, if they ever talk about being placed on a token, it's just 'place it on the token and when a figure is already on it, place it adjacent. I don't see why they suddenly felt the need to write something completely different if it meant the same
  13. Why cant they just use the same wording everywhere. Why not just actually write "on the secret room or else adjacent spaces" or whatever they write in 99% of the quest rules (if applicable). But I guess that would make things too easy.
  14. What? Edit: To be clear, to my knowledge (and after a doublecheck of the rules book just now) no such rule exists. It's most definitely not correct, but I guess you know that any2cards
  15. No, a few (around 10) heroes are still missing from the H&M kits. Varikas is one of those. 'Technically' the conversion kit is not supported no, but nobody is stopping you from playing with Varikas and just selecting a different warrior in the app I guess.
  16. So if I attack an adjacent space with my bow I'm also doing a melee attack? Or am I hitting him on the head?
  17. Look at the DJ-XX numbers for every expansion. The whole list of these has also been posted a few times before
  18. When I started the box I left some room for expansions to add stuff. But as you can see, I'm already at the maximum amount of conditions now (I for one am happy that CtR just comes with Terrified again ) And it's funny that you would say that, people always tell me like "dude, you should be interior designer or something" when they visit my place. But I'm not. Maybe I should think about a career change some day The only real background I have is that I used to be and Environment Artist in the video game industry I guess that gave me a bit of an eye for what looks good or not. It also allowed me to make a concept for the box in 3D modeling software, which was also a great help obviously.
  19. Well, after 2 years of use, everything still looks like it is mint condition imo, so I just never saw the need for sleeves (It also seemed expensive) It's not like your are shuffling the cards that much (not like a normal deck of playing cards anyway), and the fact that my table has felt on it prevents too much friction on the cards? Maybe next time we play someone will destroy some card and I'll be like "Why didn't I listen!!" but so far it all seems fine Chaoticus, I can provide some plans yeah, though the ones I have are a bit outdated so I'll need to update them first. And yeah, you need special glue for that, otherwise it will eat into the foam. The gaming table is custom made by myself as well by the way
  20. I have been playing around with the idea of having the box lasercut from wood or something, since it's now made from foamboard that I manually cut, so its not 100% perfect in some places and I guess it does/would damage easily. I just have no idea what a project like this would cost (and I haven't gotten around to checking that with some local company here), nor do I know how much work goes into the process of creating the 'template' that will work for that. Otherwise I guess it would be relatively easy to create duplicates I guess
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