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  1. Yeah, I think I'll talk to my heroes again. I do think Lyssa is a viable choice though. The tainted card will give her +2 to her health, and she can get bonus health for each rune she has from one of the battlemage skills. Its true that she won't get much out of her starting weapons, but the idea would be to switch them for 2 runes, which are mostly BY instead of BR so her hero ability can come into play there, and of which she can then use both surge abilities from being a skirmisher. I think Thalia was mostly selected because she looked cool, and Roganna might become something different all together, with that player also considering being a bounty hunter.
  2. So, we are about to start a new MoB + CtR campaign, and as the overlord I was a bit unsure about the selection the heroes have made so far: Sahla as Apothecary Tahlia as Beastmaster Lyssa as Battlemage Skirmisher Roganna the Shade as Shadow Walker (might be subject to change) I think Lyssa could potentially be very powerful, as well as Roganna, but I'm afraid my heroes have very low attributes overal. Never higher than 3 in anything, which potentially means certain doom. So, is this party viable, or not? Which hero would you change to stand a better chance? (I think they want to keep the classes) And against this party, would you use Basic I or II?
  3. Since there have been a few similar topics I didn't want to start yet another one-off thread, so here is a general topic to ask the community for opinions on X party for Y campaign!
  4. Thanks. And you can use the edit button to add skills/items, but only in the current campaign phase. Older one's you can't add to without deleting the new(er) campaign phase(s). General note: I'm not going to make any promises, but I have a week off work between Christmas and New Years Eve, during which I will try and work on the site getting Chains that Rust working.
  5. If that is directed at my post, I did make a separate topic which some updates to it. Still haven't finished it though (most likely not anytime soon either given the circumstances) https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/228693-atom4gevampires-custom-descent-storage-box-wip/
  6. Just let her help you paint it, but don't actually play it with her if she doesn't like it It sounds a bit similar to what I had with my ex girlfriend. Although she was always saying she liked playing it, by the end of the quest she was always on her phone, or just seemed sort of distracted from/not completely interested during the game. Which might frustrate you (and the other players) if you are someone that takes it more seriously. I would say, you don't have to do everything together
  7. Well, that, and he felt a lot of abilities/situations in descent were 'exploity' and too many rule discussions.. We did play 4 campaigns or so, never heard him complain when he was winning/using those same exploits as a hero though
  8. I know an OL who would disagree on that (And who quit our descent group because of that)
  9. Hmmm, doesnt the LotW book say that you have to play one, then discard the others? With the new rules you could play 1, 3, 0, .. rumors before the interlude
  10. Yeah, I know what you meant, but they never do that, because those always match the printed version. (They only updated the base game rulebook because the base game had an updated release).
  11. The rules were just changed (for balance reasons I guess), and this happened after the release of LotW and TF, which is why MoR has the correct rules and the rules change was also included in the FAQ/Errata for LotW and TF. (Just like the new 2 player rule is added there for us with the old base game rulebooks)
  12. So yeah, the OL can play a rumor card before the interlude, and then choose to ignore it, reaping the rewards
  13. Well, more personal issues.. :/ I don't know when I'll feel like working on the site again. Sorry to those who are waiting on the site to continue their campaigns :/
  14. The hero performs the attack, not the image (or stone in similar skills for the Geomancer), if the hero is not adjacent, which is what 'Shadow' requires, then the surge is not needed. If the token itself performed the attack (dnno if it can, but I know a stone for example can), then the surge would be needed. So in this case, I'd say: No, no surge needed. Edit: To illustrate with the Geomancer: Terracall attack -> needs surge Cataclysm attack -> doesn't need surge
  15. Yeah, I remember also being a bit annoyed with the difference in art and sculpts, but just go with what you feel is logical. Just keep in mind that most of the 'flaps' are skin, and not clothing (like i've noticed in other paints)
  16. These are mine. Edit: Maybe this artwork (it's also in the book) makes a bit more sense of things? Basically, their skin has been ripped open and they are burning/corrupted on the inside, and wearing few tattered remains of clothing
  17. I guess the OP meant only the app because he stated: "I am not interested in head to head play" So most likely he meant "app play" instead of "campaign play"
  18. I also sought approval in advance for the D2Etracker. Which they also granted, with some requirements attached (no money for use of the tracker and no adds, add FFG copyright to images,...)
  19. Add every component from the expansion to their respective supply, as instructed by the rulebook. This also includes heroes, classes, monsters, ...
  20. I'll figure it out I guess, the option you suggested is not really an option without becoming even more tedious than you think. Somehow, from all the exceptions in this expansion, I think someone from FFG also uses the site and said to himself "what if.. we add as many special exceptions into this expansion as possible!!"
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