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  1. Where can I find it? You can find the campaign tracker at http://d2etracker.com. What is it? The Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent, does exactly what you can expect from it's name. It allows you to track the campaigns you are playing in Descent: Journeys in the Dark - Second Edition. It also provides players with relevant information when needed. For example: when you've selected a quest to play, any known FAQ or Errata will be presented to the user, as well as a list of all monsters that can be used for that quest, and more! No more manually comparing the little icons on the quest page to every monster card. On top of that it shows statistics for every aspect of descent. You can view the balance of a certain quest, find out which heroes are the most popular, which items are bought most often, .. How do I use it? - coming soon - Frequently Asked Questions Will you add functionality to save after the first encounter, for those of us who can't play a quest in one evening? As much as I would like to, it is just too difficult to implement. Saving a quest is relatively easy, each quest has a very limited amount of data to save, and it's more or less the same data. Saving between encounters adds too many extra variables and so many of those are different for each quest. What platforms is the tracker available on? At this point, it is just a website. There are no plans to develop this into an app at this point. The site has been optimized for use on mobile devices as much as possible. Is this an official Fantasy Flight Games website? No, this website is in no way affiliated with FFG. They did give me permission to create this website as long as it stays not commercial and unofficial, and allowed the use of their artwork as long as it is used functionally, and has the FFG copyright visible. Can I track multiple campaigns? Yes! Every user can create multiple groups of people that play together, and each of those groups can track multiple campaigns. Can multiple users edit the same campaign? No! Each campaign is linked to one user. Known issues The rewards for the mini-campaigns (Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens, Manor of Ravens) are incomplete. The extra xp for the overlord, more xp in case of same relic, .. doesn't work. Fixed issues Hero overview page stats now correctly shows a speed that is lower than the max speed when it is forced by an item, also a small text was added to indicate this is still work in progress Missing special objective added for SoN - The Incident Missing special objective added for SoN - Respected Citizen Missing special objective added for SoN - Prison of Khinn Fixed incorrect follow-up quests to HoB - Prison of Khinn Playing a rumor that is in play is no longer required before moving to the interlude (as ruled in official faq/errata). Fixed a bug where Act 1 instead of Act 2 items were available for purchase when a rumor was played directly after the Interlude. The 'Lone Knight' travel encounter can now be completed without selecting an item. Universal cards that cost more than 1xp can now be purchased without having to purchase 1xp cards first. Fixed an issue where the Finale selection of Labyrinth of Ruin was linked to Fire and Brimstone instead of Tipping the Scales. Multiple theming and UX improvements. Added the hero images for Bonds of the Wild. Added a new banner. Fixed an issue where the 'Start New..' button wasn't working on mobile. Add a missing 'Open Group' to encounter 1 of the 'Hearts of the Wild' quest. Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of group members. Fixed a bug where a defeated Plot Deck Agent was not returned to the player after the quest it was defeated in was deleted. Fixed a bug where a rumor quest could not be selected again after it was deleted. (Message me if your campaign has this issue, I will fix it.) Fixed a bug that prevented blocked monsters to become available again after a quest they were blocked in was deleted. Fixed an issue which prevented selection of Serena's 'Silent Protector' as plot deck. Made a separate tab for Heirs of Blood in the quest statistics. Added Heroes, Monsters, Rumors and Cards for Bonds of the Wild (but hero images are still missing at the moment). Added changelog to the website Fixed a bug where an empty quest or rumor could be submitted. Fixed a bug that occurred when an expansion was selected as story, and the same expansion was the only other expansion selected. Fixed a bug that caused rumor cards featuring a quests not to be displayed in the 'Rumor Cards' box. Improvements were made to the homepage. Improvements were made to the mobile version of some pages (Homepage, Campaign overview, group overview, hero details,..). Fixed a bug that caused 'First Blood' to not be shown in the statistics. Fixed a bug that prevented submission of the edit skills/items form. Fixed a bug that allowed Corrupt Citizen cards to be return during the edit skills step. Improvements to error reporting of the login page. Added more hero and class statistics.
  2. Alright, I assumed the token thing was the case, we played it that way as well. The rules state "As an action, a hero may attempt to scramble over a boulder while adjacent to the objective token by testing awareness. If he passes, he moves to any empty space adjacent to that boulder, ignoring any figures or obstacles that would normally block his way." So, if the spiders fill up the empy spaces adjacent to them, i would assume they can't move to spaces further away, cause they aren't adjacent? The ignoring any figures part seems to be for spiders that are on the boulders I would think. Although then the 'obstacles' part is weird. If it indeed means next empty space, then a scenario like this would be possible: ----------------- E S B B B E E E S B B B H E ----------------- The hero would, with one awareness check, be allowed to jump over 3 boulders and a spider to reach one of the empty spaces on the left...
  3. I have some questions about the first encounter of Death on the Wing. Can a spider that is on top of a boulder be attacked by heroes adjacent to that boulder? I assume the answer is yes, but I'd like to make sure. And how about ranged attacks? Also allowed I'm guessing. Also if spiders are positioned behind the boulders like this.. ------------ E S B E E E S B H E ------------ (E = Empty space, S = Spider, B = Boulder, H = Hero) .. the hero can't climb over the boulder using awareness right? He is not allowed to move to the empty space behind the spiders and his only option is for him, or another hero to smash the boulders, correct? Third and last question. The rules state that the quest ends when all boulders, so objective tokens, are on the map. What happens when adding the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion to the campaign? This expansion contains extra objective tokens, if those get added this encounter will take twice as long, and it already took 2 hours or something. Thanks! Our playthrough: We played this quest yesterday as our first Act I quest. This is only our second campaign we're playing after we quit the first one just before the interlude, because someone new joined our gaming group, so our turns might not have been spent in the most optimal way. I was playing the Overlord (With just the basic deck, and the first plot card from Merick's deck, not that that one was used.) I placed a master Ettin on the Fire Pit The heroes were Grisban as Berserker, Tomble as Thief and Shiver as Runemaster. I managed to stall the heroes long enough in the Fire Pit with my Ettin (Used throw a few times to seperate Thomble for the rest so he couldn't add another heroes defense pool. The game ended because all boulders were placed on the map. In the end the heroes almost made it, because I wen't a bit easier on them. But Grisban, being at full fatigue and only having 3 movement, didn't make it to the exit after removing a boulder on the last turn (before I placed the last boulder) Took a lot longer than I was expecting from such a small map. And the heroes won Encounter 2 of the quest, by the way.
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