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  1. And yes, the souldbinder cards (just like the unkindness cards) target 'a servant'. So yeah, you can use them on the raven and vice versa
  2. I'll see if I can add that. For now, you can always add them after saving the quest you are traveling to. Just remember to give yourself 1 threat token during the quest you are on your way to and not to count that when saving the quest details (because you'll get it in the tracker later)
  3. Yeah, it should work for all of them. A small bug related to the MoB + CtR setup had affected the visibility of rumors. (In non MoB + CtR campaign, which is why I didn't notice it myself yet)
  4. When I try to reply on a topic (or a pm) using Firefox, it doesn't load the WYSIWYG editor where I can input text. It only shows me the file upload field, but no textfield. Works fine in Chrome though.. (and it worked in firefox as well yesterday) Anyone else have this problem?
  5. For the Scourge, you could buy a second Zarihell and cut Zarihell herself from the base..
  6. Haha yeah! I spilled a drink over my keyboard years ago and ever so often it still types an additional letter here and there (usualy a double 0 or a double i)
  7. Site will be down in half an hour for the update guys and girls.
  8. Yes, it is each hero's turn, and the overlord's turn.
  9. "After introduction and 3 Act I quests have been completed, an Interlude quest is chosen by the heroes if they won 2 or more Act I quests or the overlord if he won 2 or more Act I quests." If I'm not mistaken I don't think there is a choice here. It's option A if the heroes won 2 quests, option B if the OL won 2 quests. Neither of them gets to choose which quest (even if they won 2)
  10. Yeah, and the above works even better with Serpent Dagger!
  11. Its about drawing shop items, not search cards
  12. The 2 missing classes Then either a big expansion with 4 more classes (preferably not hybrids) and some interesting tiles or just a campaign book bundled together with a few tiles.
  13. Well, if you only draw 3 cards, you have a lot more odds of all of them being garbage I guess, compared to 5 cards. It does give you about 15-20 more possible items while playing a campaign, and I guess the fact the 2 heroes technically should gather less gold should prevent them from buying all options, where as a party of 4 would need to split items among the party.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions and tips! The problem I guess is that the girl in our group really wants to play as the beastmaster already (cause the wolf is cute and all that), and the guy who would play Lyssa has already played all mage classes before (and we like to play with some variation in our games), and so it felt a bit boring just letting him play as an additional warrior for the group when we could use one of the hybrid classes instead. Combine that with the fact that the guy playing it has always voiced complaints like "B+G weapons suck! I want a B+R one cause they do more damage!!" Lyssa just seemed like a perfect fit for the guy Also: Savagery (or Feral Frenzy) both target 'a hero', not 'you'. So Lyssa could still use her ability to switch that extra green die, even though she herself is not the Beastmaster in this group. When the argument is made that its expensive to make the Battlemage skirmisher work (which I do agree might be largely true), I don't see how Lyssa would not be ok, but Jaes would be.. It's not like he gets free runes or something so it would be the same in that aspect. It's true that he would be a lot more powerful in the end though (but I'm just wondering if such a combination isn't too OP?) Anyway, I have told our beastmaster to take a look at Nara the Fang, instead of Tahlia. She seems like a better fit.
  15. Yes, it's still on my to do list The thing is, I've noticed a lot of 'issues' with it during construction that, with the knowledge I have now, I would do differently. And I'd rather post a good version for you guys, than have you make the same mistakes as me Also, I should propbably actually finish my box in the first place, before making final schematics.
  16. No problem! To give you guys an early update: I haven't been able to work on the site as much as I'd have liked to this past week, but Hybrid Classes seem to be working, as well as starting a CtR campaign and continuing a MoB campaign with CtR. It's just the finale from CtR that is presenting a bit of a problem, but I hope I can figure that out today or tomorrow. Otherwise, it'll be something for next year.. Also, I swear that half the time these post don't get marked when there is a new reply. I missed yours jbrantly. I'm looking towards having a few people help out and improve the code, but I don't want to just put it out there for everyone.
  17. They're working on it: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/233709-the-community-reference-guide-crrg-project
  18. Also, I just remembered that you start with 1XP in MoB, so Sahla could buy Herbal Lore right away and could remove 1 condition with certainty and possibly remove another one (and move that to a monster even) with his hero ability.
  19. Yeah, thats what I meant Skirmisher just seemed the best option, as 'Planar Weapon' turns 2 runes into one handed weapons, and Skirmisher can utilize both at the same time with its base skill. Then with back in action to further boost her health and unrelenting, she could be really good (probably the best in this party) Otherwise, Berserker was an option, but this is just based on what was recently played. Beastmaster is already in use, Champion seemed like a bad fit and marshall was played in the last campaign.
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