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  1. Basically, Steelhorns' Heroic feat. It moved Tristayne away from the Ironbound. Attacked for 6 damage, rolled 0 shield on the defense die. Then Challara, Brightblaze and Lindel finished him. Brother Gherrinn didn't even take a turn. Did I mention these guys barely played Descent before? (Only 2 of them played 2 quests or so in the past) I guess I should be happy they weren't "smart" enough yet to search any tokens before finishing Tristayne off. Also, it's probably in the CRRG (but a bit too lazy atm): A corrupted villager that hasn't moved off the map still counts as a "villager on the map" for reward purposes right? Didn't even get the **** corrupt citizen card, lol!
  2. Well, @any2cards, I'm sorry if this bursts you bubble, but But that doesn't stop it from looking good However, it does come with some downsides, one of them that its a bit damage prone. That was one of the reasons I was looking to have it lasercut out of wood. Also, to get rid of the "hand made look" because I for one am annoyed by imperfections quite easily, and that would hopefully remove most of that So really, if it eases your concerns in any way: What I currently have planned would only lose some of its "hand made look". In all other aspects, it should hopefully improve upon the original product. It'll be made out of wood I'm improving the layout or design some of the compartments, based on my own experiences with the box now (I might even ask for feedback on the board during my design process) The new version will now also fit sleeved cards I have a really cool idea for the outside of the box, which I hope I can realize and which I hope you guys will like ... The only reason I'd do a kickstarter (or something similar) is because there is a bit of an initial investment to this. And yes, it's true, the box does not currently store the monster figures, there are just too many of them! (And the different sizes are an issue as well) However, who knows what the future will bring Maybe a separate box? (I still store them in an Citadel Crusade case at the moment)
  3. @Psymia What does your caliper say about the width of the dice? (I don't have one nearby at the moment) 16mm? Is that accurate? (Would really screw me a bit, because 15mm would have been ideal )
  4. Yeah, that's the main issue I'm having at the moment. (And why I'm not starting one yet) I don't really have an idea how much the final product would cost, so I can't really ask for funds then (I have a very rough estimate of the company I was planning to work with, but don't know in how far that's reliable)
  5. Here is a random wip shot from 3ds max I'm adding some improvements to the box as well, based on some grievances I had with my original design. Maybe I should start a Kickstarter or something
  6. Thanks, an could you measure, approximately, what the height of the Act I shop deck is when sleeved? (Normal it seems around 22mm give or take)
  7. I'm home from work in an hour, the sooner I know the measurements, the faster I can continue work on the redesign
  8. Ok, maybe let me know those of the third party ones as well (can't make sure it fits every possibility, but I can try) It would also be nice to know the difference in height between a non-sleeved Act I shop deck and a sleeved Act I shop deck for example
  9. I guess I'll have to contact my hosting company for that info (I'm not that familiar with server stuff tbh).
  10. Any "sleevers" out here that could help me with some measurements? (and that have all the expansions)
  11. Oh, I thought you were going for Queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFDcoX7s6rE
  12. Good thing you were extra clear, cause I almost thought you didn't want one Also, glad to see you're still around as well!
  13. So this box is sort of finished now, you can see more pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/avu4u7f7rsmmih6/AAC-St8pYw9oZthZT9E3plA7a?dl=0 Now, since a few people have been asking if it was for sale and stuff. If I had a lasercut version made, would you be interested in that? Yes Yes, if if there was a version for sleeved cards No
  14. After a long period of inactivity, I'm sort of working on the tracker again. I'm aiming for a pretty significant overhaul/redesign, so if you have any feedback, feel free to leave it here. I've also noticed that a lot of pages (including the homepage) seem slow as ****, so I'll need to do something about that anyway. Can't promise anything though!
  15. Yep, if I remember correctly Just start a Mists campaign, after that ends you will be asked if you want to continue the campaign with Chains.
  16. It should be working again (I hope it stays that way this time )
  17. The issue is that session data (a variable that keeps your data stored when you log in) can't be written, because apparently, the disk is full. But according to the backend interface I have for the hosting, it's not. I've now contacted my hosting service, and hope it can get resolved that way.
  18. The issue has been resolved (I think). Can the people who had trouble loggin in please verify if this is the case?
  19. I'm still alive. But yeah, Descent is kinda on the back burner for me at the moment. (Also haven't visited this forum in quite a while), though I still want to support the tracker. (and I should read up on the latest other issues in this thread) I have been looking into the login issue, but it's just very strange. I haven't updated the code of the site in quite a while, so I would assume the code itself is not the issue. On top of that, I myself (and other people if looking at the recently updated campaigns) can log in just fine. Which makes it hard for me to pinpoint the issue if I don't experience it myself. Sadly, I haven't had the time to delve into this issue extensively, which is why it's taking a bit longer as well.
  20. Then again, in the Shards of Everdark topic there was a question about Trident + One Fist heroic and there it was ruled by FFG that the movement points couldn't be used..
  21. Yeah, It's what I do (sorting them alpabetically). To be clear, here is where you can access the monsters available per quest on my tracker: When you start a quest, before doing the travel steps, you can press the "View Quest (or rumor) Info" There you will get an alphabetical dropdown for the monsters available for a quest. : The links (Encounter 1, Encounter 2,..) will even take you to a customized version of my monster characteristics page (http://d2etracker.com/stats_monster_attributes.php) with the monsters limited to those available for that encounter. Then you can either pick the ones you want by looking at that page, or just get the cards based on the dropdown and look at the actual cards Hope that helps.
  22. And if you use it to track your campaign it will even tell you exactly what monsters you can use when you start a new quest (doesn't help RtL players though)
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