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  1. Where can I find it? You can find the campaign tracker at What is it? The Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent, does exactly what you can expect from it's name. It allows you to track the campaigns you are playing in Descent: Journeys in the Dark - Second Edition. It also provides players with relevant information when needed. For example: when you've selected a quest to play, any known FAQ or Errata will be presented to the user, as well as a list of all monsters that can be used for that quest, and more! No more manually comparing the little icons on the quest page to every monster card. On top of that it shows statistics for every aspect of descent. You can view the balance of a certain quest, find out which heroes are the most popular, which items are bought most often, .. How do I use it? - coming soon - Frequently Asked Questions Will you add functionality to save after the first encounter, for those of us who can't play a quest in one evening? As much as I would like to, it is just too difficult to implement. Saving a quest is relatively easy, each quest has a very limited amount of data to save, and it's more or less the same data. Saving between encounters adds too many extra variables and so many of those are different for each quest. What platforms is the tracker available on? At this point, it is just a website. There are no plans to develop this into an app at this point. The site has been optimized for use on mobile devices as much as possible. Is this an official Fantasy Flight Games website? No, this website is in no way affiliated with FFG. They did give me permission to create this website as long as it stays not commercial and unofficial, and allowed the use of their artwork as long as it is used functionally, and has the FFG copyright visible. Can I track multiple campaigns? Yes! Every user can create multiple groups of people that play together, and each of those groups can track multiple campaigns. Can multiple users edit the same campaign? No! Each campaign is linked to one user. Known issues The rewards for the mini-campaigns (Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens, Manor of Ravens) are incomplete. The extra xp for the overlord, more xp in case of same relic, .. doesn't work. Fixed issues Hero overview page stats now correctly shows a speed that is lower than the max speed when it is forced by an item, also a small text was added to indicate this is still work in progress Missing special objective added for SoN - The Incident Missing special objective added for SoN - Respected Citizen Missing special objective added for SoN - Prison of Khinn Fixed incorrect follow-up quests to HoB - Prison of Khinn Playing a rumor that is in play is no longer required before moving to the interlude (as ruled in official faq/errata). Fixed a bug where Act 1 instead of Act 2 items were available for purchase when a rumor was played directly after the Interlude. The 'Lone Knight' travel encounter can now be completed without selecting an item. Universal cards that cost more than 1xp can now be purchased without having to purchase 1xp cards first. Fixed an issue where the Finale selection of Labyrinth of Ruin was linked to Fire and Brimstone instead of Tipping the Scales. Multiple theming and UX improvements. Added the hero images for Bonds of the Wild. Added a new banner. Fixed an issue where the 'Start New..' button wasn't working on mobile. Add a missing 'Open Group' to encounter 1 of the 'Hearts of the Wild' quest. Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of group members. Fixed a bug where a defeated Plot Deck Agent was not returned to the player after the quest it was defeated in was deleted. Fixed a bug where a rumor quest could not be selected again after it was deleted. (Message me if your campaign has this issue, I will fix it.) Fixed a bug that prevented blocked monsters to become available again after a quest they were blocked in was deleted. Fixed an issue which prevented selection of Serena's 'Silent Protector' as plot deck. Made a separate tab for Heirs of Blood in the quest statistics. Added Heroes, Monsters, Rumors and Cards for Bonds of the Wild (but hero images are still missing at the moment). Added changelog to the website Fixed a bug where an empty quest or rumor could be submitted. Fixed a bug that occurred when an expansion was selected as story, and the same expansion was the only other expansion selected. Fixed a bug that caused rumor cards featuring a quests not to be displayed in the 'Rumor Cards' box. Improvements were made to the homepage. Improvements were made to the mobile version of some pages (Homepage, Campaign overview, group overview, hero details,..). Fixed a bug that caused 'First Blood' to not be shown in the statistics. Fixed a bug that prevented submission of the edit skills/items form. Fixed a bug that allowed Corrupt Citizen cards to be return during the edit skills step. Improvements to error reporting of the login page. Added more hero and class statistics.
  2. Yep, if I remember correctly Just start a Mists campaign, after that ends you will be asked if you want to continue the campaign with Chains.
  3. It should be working again (I hope it stays that way this time )
  4. The issue is that session data (a variable that keeps your data stored when you log in) can't be written, because apparently, the disk is full. But according to the backend interface I have for the hosting, it's not. I've now contacted my hosting service, and hope it can get resolved that way.
  5. The issue has been resolved (I think). Can the people who had trouble loggin in please verify if this is the case?
  6. I'm still alive. But yeah, Descent is kinda on the back burner for me at the moment. (Also haven't visited this forum in quite a while), though I still want to support the tracker. (and I should read up on the latest other issues in this thread) I have been looking into the login issue, but it's just very strange. I haven't updated the code of the site in quite a while, so I would assume the code itself is not the issue. On top of that, I myself (and other people if looking at the recently updated campaigns) can log in just fine. Which makes it hard for me to pinpoint the issue if I don't experience it myself. Sadly, I haven't had the time to delve into this issue extensively, which is why it's taking a bit longer as well.
  7. Since there have been a few similar topics I didn't want to start yet another one-off thread, so here is a general topic to ask the community for opinions on X party for Y campaign!
  8. Here are some picture of my attempt at the "ultimate" Descent storage box. It's still a work in progress, so some things are unfinished, mainly the storage for the hero figures needs work, as well as the fact that I still need to make the actual box that goes around everything as well. I have posted this in the past in an unrelated topic when it was less finished, so I thought it was time for it's own topic. (Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures by the way) Everything together This is what it currently looks like all together. I just need to create a shell to go around it. But to do that, all the internal parts need to be 100% done (so I have the correct dimensions) Level 1 This is where I keep the main cards and tokens of the game, that I need a lot. Top to bottom, left to right: Conditions, Act I Shop Deck, Act II Shop Deck, Relics, Search Cards, Search tokens, Challenge tokens, More Challenge tokens, Villager tokens, Red/Blue Objective tokens, White/Green Objective tokens, Influence Effect tokens/Sun Stone token, 2x Dice, Travel deck, City Travel deck, Secret Room cards and tokens, Rumor and Advanced Quest cards, Health tokens, 5 Health tokens, Fatigue tokens, Threat/Fortune tokens, Hero Sheets/Class Cards and Items/Hero Tokens of current campaign. The Condition cards and Health/Fatigue/.. tokens can be removed as separate boxes for easy access during play Level 2 This is has a box for all manuals and some extra things (the dice are used as health counters for monster health) as well as the 'Overlord Box'. The Overlord box stores all things related to the overlord. Its also split in 2 levels, to separate per act. Top to bottom, left to right - Level 1: Act I Monsters, Act I Lieutenants, Overlord decks/Overlord Rewards/Corrupt Citizen Cards, Plot Decks Top to bottom, left to right - Level 2: Tainted Cards/Familiar Cards/Familiar tokens, Infection tokens (can be taken out as pictured), Act II Monsters, Act II Lieutenants Level 3 Here the 'Classes and Heroes box' can be found, which stores most of the things related to heroes and classes. It also has a box with Dice Towers. Top to bottom, left to right: Warrior Class decks, Class Familiars, Scout Class decks, Mage Class Decks, Hero Familiars (The wolf fell into the wrong box it seems ), Healer Class decks, Hero Sheets. 3 Dice Towers that can easily be assembled Level 4 This is where all the Map tiles, Terrain tokens, Doors/Walls/.., and various other (less used) tokens are stored. The tiles are grouped by size and some parts are subdivided so similar tiles are grouped. Top to bottom, left to right: - Large Map tiles (bigger than 4x8) - Narrow Map tiles (max width 3 spaces) and misc tokens - Separations: Longer than 6 spaces, 6 spaces to 4 spaces, 4 spaces or smaller - Tokens: Big Lieutenants, Small Lieutenants, Proof of Purchases - Doors/Old Walls/Overgrowth/.. and their holders - End Caps - Connectors - Entrance tiles, Large connectors - Corners, 4 way connectors - Room maptiles (max 4x8) and misc tokens - Separations: Max 8x4, Max 4x4 - Tokens: Inactive Monster tokens, Crumbling Terrain tokens A better view at the seperations Level 5 This is still a bit of a work in progress, but this stores the Hero figures Class tokens, Ally tokens and cards, Hero Familiar cards. I'll have to redo it abit, because I wasn't expecting figures being as tall as Karnon, so the sided are not high enough I already redid this once before, because I underestimated the amount of heroes (The hero classes box used to be part of this level). This is mainly the reason the outer box isn't finished. I either plan to cut out circles in the white bottom for the bases of the heroes to fit in, or else use some metal plate and glue a very flat magnet to the base of the heroes, not sure yet. The Class tokens can be removed as separate boxes and given to the heroes when needed. Now I just hope that FFG doesn't release to many things that fit outside of what I have foreseen (Like the Tainted Cards) Also, here is how the condition boxes and dice towers look on the gaming table by the way, in case anyone was wondering. What do I use for the monster figures you ask? I use the Citadel Crusade Figure Case
  9. Then again, in the Shards of Everdark topic there was a question about Trident + One Fist heroic and there it was ruled by FFG that the movement points couldn't be used..
  10. Yeah, It's what I do (sorting them alpabetically). To be clear, here is where you can access the monsters available per quest on my tracker: When you start a quest, before doing the travel steps, you can press the "View Quest (or rumor) Info" There you will get an alphabetical dropdown for the monsters available for a quest. : The links (Encounter 1, Encounter 2,..) will even take you to a customized version of my monster characteristics page ( with the monsters limited to those available for that encounter. Then you can either pick the ones you want by looking at that page, or just get the cards based on the dropdown and look at the actual cards Hope that helps.
  11. And if you use it to track your campaign it will even tell you exactly what monsters you can use when you start a new quest (doesn't help RtL players though)
  12. And yes, the souldbinder cards (just like the unkindness cards) target 'a servant'. So yeah, you can use them on the raven and vice versa
  13. I'll see if I can add that. For now, you can always add them after saving the quest you are traveling to. Just remember to give yourself 1 threat token during the quest you are on your way to and not to count that when saving the quest details (because you'll get it in the tracker later)
  14. Yeah, it should work for all of them. A small bug related to the MoB + CtR setup had affected the visibility of rumors. (In non MoB + CtR campaign, which is why I didn't notice it myself yet)
  15. When I try to reply on a topic (or a pm) using Firefox, it doesn't load the WYSIWYG editor where I can input text. It only shows me the file upload field, but no textfield. Works fine in Chrome though.. (and it worked in firefox as well yesterday) Anyone else have this problem?
  16. It was a bug, it should be fixed now!
  17. 5 Times, once during each turn (4x heroes, 1x OL)
  18. For the Scourge, you could buy a second Zarihell and cut Zarihell herself from the base..
  19. Haha yeah! I spilled a drink over my keyboard years ago and ever so often it still types an additional letter here and there (usualy a double 0 or a double i)
  20. Site is back online. Have fun in CtR (finally!)
  21. Site will be down in half an hour for the update guys and girls.
  22. Yes, it is each hero's turn, and the overlord's turn.