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  1. Sorry, because of the Corona craze I didn’t manage to put it live today. Should go live tomorrow. And I also took a week off from work, so might look into some other stuff as well
  2. Lost Legends content will be added tomorrow! Everything is prepared on my local machine, but I don't want to do it at the moment, since it's late here, and if something goes wrong I'll be in bed It should all work, except for the Elementalist's special card thingy they added, but I'll try to fix that later. About the github thing. I've already had some people in the past who offered to help, but it never amounted to anything. (No offense to those persons, it's a big project) Basically, this project was built when I was still learning a lot of code stuff. So it's one big mess, that somehow works, however, it is bursting at the seams in some points. See the homepage for example. It uses sub optimal code, combined with the site being more popular than expected = slow load times. It's also still running on an old PHP version, and half the code is deprecated, because I based this on old examples and didn't know any better. Giving github access might expose vulnerabilities (not that the site has sensitive content, but someone could break it) It doesn't have any back-end interface to add content, it's all done by me straight in the database... 😓 So github access wouldn't solve that either I was working on that in the past, just rewriting the existing code, making it work better, but that's still a lot of work. (I can't change little parts at once, because everything's connected) It's true that I myself have moved on from Descent, but it also seems most people have. (Even FFG). So at the moment, the question I have to ask myself is: Do I have the time available to pour hours and hours of my life into this again, hours that would take time away from other interests I have at the moment, and into a product that most people have left behind? And I think the answer at this moment is no. But it's not because I don't want to. I still love that so many people used and used it, and if I would have like a few months off from work or something, I would surely finish it. But my life is a lot more busy than it used to be as well, a busier job, a girlfriend, getting older,.. all makes for less time in the evenings.
  3. @Kasper Friderichsen Sorry it took so long to reply. I must admit I had many ideas to improve this box (Maybe we can discuss them?), but I also must admit that I had some time and motivation issues which caused the completion of this box to basically permanently go on hold. So, I guess it's fine if you share it. Part of the issue was that I don't have any experience with lasercutting and that I'm not used to working with Illustrator either. On top of that, making it work both for sleeved and non-sleeved was really giving me a headache. Let me know (in PM) how we can most easily get in touch (maybe through chat or something?) and maybe we can work something out.
  4. Hey all. It's true, it seems that my life is a bit too busy at the moment. I keep telling myself I should add the new classes to the site as well, and I never seem to manage to get around to it. (I also still haven't got it myself, due to a mishap at the supplier of my local game store). I also kinda moved on from Descent to be honest. I have a feeling the problem reported above might have to do with the move to the new hosting as well. Maybe if I have some free time in the near future, I can hopefully take a look at it.
  5. Ok, I'll see if I can find them. It seems Descent is pretty dead around here. The guy from my local game shop was pretty surprised when I asked when the new expansion was arriving, and told me he hadn't sold a copy of the base game in like 2-3 years.
  6. I've recently checked with a few of my usual boardgame stores and none could give me an estimated release date for Lost Legends. So I don't know when it will be out in Belgium. And I can't add them unless I have the cards. Unless there is a complete overview of them already somewhere?
  7. Can you try adding the rumors again @juanv200327 and @Geolino01?
  8. Here is a new screenshot of an improvement (still a bit work in progress) - old page: http://d2etracker.com/stats_attributes.php
  9. By the way, here is a screenshot of one of the coming improvements (just ignore the missing images):
  10. Weird! Can you give me the ID of your campaign? (its in the URL) Maybe I can fix those values for you. (Let me know exactly what I should alter)
  11. That seems to be another issue related to the migration (see above) I'll fix it asap
  12. It's back online. The restore was only executed during the night (gotta love my new hosting 😕 )
  13. Thanks. There are some issues between the PHP version/ MySQL version compared to my old hosting. But on this new one, I can't find where (if its even possible) I can change a certain mysql setting. I've changed the query, and the error seems to be gone. I did a db restore, just to be sure. I'm waiting for that to finish and i'll put it back online
  14. Site should be back! ROAV? Redjack's Overlord Automation Version, or something? Second thing is probably an option (i was planning to add in in the past but it never happened. First up is just fixing/improving the old crappy code. Like making it so the homepage doesn't take 10 min to load because I never anticipated so many people to use the site
  15. Ok, so it should hopefully be working again tonight. I can't fix it now cause I'm at work where FTP is blocked Anyway, I've spent the past 5 days improving the website a bit here and there, and then I found another thing to improve there, and there, but also there, and here, and... So yeah, the site launching this evening (+- 7 hours from now) will still be the old one. But I'm working on an improved version, dnno if and when it will release, because as you can see, it's a bit like going down a rabbit hole
  16. Well, getting my domainname transferred was a pain in the *** it seems. Even though I went through the steps to speed up the progress, it still took 5 days. But now I've run into trouble with setting up the site on my new hosting. (Well not the site itself, but creating a space for it on my hosting) I've contacted support, and hope to hear from them soon.. 😕
  17. Hi all, it's been a while. The site will probably be down one of these days (might even be today). My hosting company is calling it quits, so I'll have to move the site to a different hosting. I will try to reply to some of the mails I have received but haven't gotten around to answering yet. Don't know when the expansion is coming out, but when it does, I'll do my best to get that implemented as well. Other than that, as you might have guessed, I'm not really actively working on the website anymore.
  18. Hi! Unfortunately, real life stuff got in the way again, as it often does. So, not much progress to report at this point, but I hope I can pick up this project again soon!
  19. Yeah, I know, I was just wondering about a hypothetical situation where I did not own all the content in Descent and was looking at this one separately
  20. Sorry for the necro, but I'm going through all the topics I've missed during my inactivity. Great guide obviously! However, I'm kind of 'confused' with your write up of Unkindness: Going by your guide I would obviously purchase Ill-Omen, however, since (if I remember correctly) Call of the Ravens does not count towards the two 1xp cards you need for a tier 2 card, I don't see what other card you would recommend getting. Beneath the shadow: Investment not worth it Beware: Inferior to other cards in the class, Absolutely non essential purchase Feast: This card competes with other better ones in the class What better ones are you referring to then for Feast? (If you keep in mind that buying Call of the Ravens and Ill-Omen aren't enough for tier 2) Out of those 3, which one would you recommend to acces the next tier?
  21. Since monsters don't heal that much: Maybe make the ability about damage instead. Ability: Each time a monster within 5 spaces suffers damage, it suffers an additional damage. Feat: Action - Roll a blue die for each monster in line of sight, each time the result is not an X, the monster receives a condition of your choice. or Feat: Action - For each monster in line of sight, perform a willpower/knowledge test, if you pass the monster receives a condition of your choice.
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